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    off to a rough start

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    can you hear me crying?

    Cali was playing very nicely this morning until she fell down with the bat mobile and gave herself a bloody lip ๐Ÿ™ Then she started following me around the house and I ended up smashing her fingers in the door and then caught her in the eye with the zipper on Benji’s coat! that was all within 5 minutes as we were trying to get out the door to take Benji to school. The picture is not from any of these accidents though… if you zoom out you’ll see that Packer has the Thomas train and she wants it. Life is hard.

    i want Thomas

    Ben came home from his Wisconsin trip with Green Bay Packers gifts for all…

    Benji had a jersey but it was #4 Favre and he figured out that #4 is not in the team anymore so he needed a new number.

    Cali is our little sports fan and was over due fir a girlie jersey.

    Packer already has a jersey so he got snuggly jammies.

    "GO PACKERS" a fan already!

    Ben had a blast with his siblings and parents. If Emily could have come it would have been the whole family!


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    Single Mom


    5 year old

    3 year old

    Almost 2 year old


    Today I am so glad to not be a single mom. Ben is out gallivanting around in Wisconsin ( I can only say that because its usually me that does the gallivanting- He and some of his siblings were able to fly out and surprise Rick for his 40th!)ร‚ย This weekend without him has given me a newfound respect for women that have to raise kids on their own or that have husbands that work out of town a lot. Some situations seem to require 2 adults… So you are sitting in church. Baby is not content so she is in your arms. almost 2 year old is trying to share your lap with baby, 3 year old is trying to kiss 5 year old who doesn’t want to be kissed. 5 year old is laying on bench to get away from kissy 3 year old who is now loudly whining because 5 year old won’t let him kiss him….. MOm doesn’t have a free hand to reprimand and when she tries 3 year old bursts into tears explaining that he just wants to give his brother a kiss!!! ahhhh, 3 minutes later 5 year old needs to go to the bathroom so I send him out, and almost 2 year old follows him so next thing ya know mom is grabbing everything and everyone and heading for refuge. The main portion of sacrament meeting was spent in the mothers lounge!… ร‚ย I’m glad every Sunday isn’t like that one.

    So Sunday was a day of survival ร‚ย and we survived. Saturday I took the kids to Trafalga Lehi because we are now proud owners of the pass of all passes… and today is going smoothly so far ร‚ย – Cali has only thrown 2 huge fits (thats good for her) and now Diego and Lalo are here to play so my boys are happy.

    I love that when Packer found the Nutcracker he went and got the can of peanuts and proceeded to "crack" the already shelled and halved nuts.

    I love this little dress on my baby girl

    caught in th act... she is just starting to roll on the ground during her fits.

    This guy is just full of faces lately - its interesting watching your baby become a real kid.

    one more of the cute baby

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    We HAD friends Again!

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    that's A LOT of little kids

    And we all loved having our friends back… The Hancock’s came for the weekend and we PLAYED. I love that when we get together we have a 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 year old and now 2 newborns!!

    chill time

    I love that Pacen and Benji match right down to their shirts coming up to show their tummies and Cali is trying so hard to be like them. And true to life Packer and Camry are in sync.

    Claira, not crying like in pic #1

    Probably the most calm 2 year old around – this girl knows how to entertain herself and she talks like she’s 3.

    Gentry and Rose - 1st Pic Together

    Rose meets Gentry for the first time – I had to put this pic cause my baby is smiling.


    1 month old babies are hard to photo shoot – they just don’t get that we want them to stay exactly how we placed them and it would be nice if they’d smile ๐Ÿ™‚ – BUt We Tried Anyway…

    sweet little girls

    Rose is one day older, a hat size smaller, ร‚ a pound lighter, an inch shorter, and a few shades whiter!

    you talking to us


    This was just the beginning of a busy month – I like busy months. We said good bye to the Hancock’s late Saturday night :(, Rose and I made our first appearance at church and LOVED it, and we got to spend the evening with our local Netteshiem family which now includes Emily and her family!! We are excited to have them close by again. Oh ya, did I mention that BYU won, Utah lost, and the Packers won so it was a GREAT football weekend. bye

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    4 days of Halloween


    THURSDAY 10/28 – CornBellys

    We went to Corn Bellys again this year! The kids loved it. It was COLD but they didn’t care at all. Rose slept through it all and I was the only one requesting hot chocolate by the end of the night. We went with some of the cousins and had a great NIght.

    Benji and his Balloon Penguin!!!

    Packer at the Snake maze

    Cali and MIa in the Hay

    Luca, Benji, Diego, Lalo, Packer

    the younger half of our crew

    On the bouncy train ride

    just say the word haunted and Benji will jump

    FRIDAY 10/29 – Costume Parade at School, Great Pumpkin MOvie Night

    POWER UP - Red Ranger

    We went to our first school event. It was not that cool. I had the 3 youngins and no stroller and they were running late and Cali was in charge cause I didn’t have her strapped in to anything and… WHEN WE SAW BENJI AND HIS FACE LIT UP it was ALL WORTH IT !!

    There's our Kindergartener

    That night was our Great Pumpkin Movie!! We had a great time with neighbors and friends. Glad that everyone came and missed those that didn’t make it. This was our 6th year doing this Halloween Get together!

    SATURDAY 10/30 – Trick or Treat

    Ready to Trick or Treat

    Nacho, Witch, Red Ranger, Wolverine

    It was another rainy trick or treating night but… the kids went and loved it. I am happy to report that LaNell was able to get Cali into her witch costume so we did not have a Spiderman this year – I was 99% sure we would have 3 little supers but I am glad that we had one girly girl out there with Dad and brothers. I stayed home and passed out candy with Rose and Lan and we finished the night with the cousins.

    we wore orange and called it good

    We had our last adult soccer game on Saturday so my siblings came over before trick or treating. We ate Pizza and celebrated Bradys 23rd! My brothers tried to get Cali to ride the broom… and we definitely need one more picture of Nasty Nacho…

    SUNDAY 10/31 – Halloween Day

    Carving Time

    By Halloween Day we had done it all and just relaxed. We carved our Pumpkins on Tuesday night and actually started early so we weren’t up until midnight like last year. Packer wanted a scary face. Benji chose Iron Man. Cali and I did word ones and Ben did the one elaborate one this year. We had a fun Halloween weekend and now we are ready for the Holiday Season ( Yes, Ben turned on his Christmas music November 1st)

    Proud Pumpkin Owners

    Pumpkins 2010

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    1 month old

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    My baby is already a month old! In honor of the big day I let her wear her first real outfit – not just a comfy jammies:

    at her 1 month mark she has just started to get some chubby cheeks. She is outgrowing all of the newborn clothes and the 0-3’s fit now. Her eyes are really looking blue and she is a super content baby and a SUPER good night time sleeper. SHE IS A KEEPER.

    In other news:

    We had FHE last night and talked about Loving Everyone like Jesus does. FOr an object lesson we handed Benji a bag of Chocolate chips and told him he could either eat them all or he could show love and share them… ร‚ย He shared and gave each of us 4 chocolate chips and then he ate his 4 :). Next we handed the bag to Packer and gave him the same choice – – he started eating the chocolate chips soo fast. After downing atleast 15 of them I asked if he would share with me so then he gave each of us 1…. Not sure if he got the whole concept, I think he stopped listening after the whole ‘you can eat them all’ part ๐Ÿ™‚ ร‚ย  ร‚ย  Ben and I were both trying so hard not to laugh as he downed the chocolate.

    Late last night Ben and I were in on our bed finishing the world series and the MOnday night game and just hanging out. Our room is across the hall from the boys so after they had been in bed for over an hour Ben started playing “Angry Birds” on his phone and from across the hall we hear… ” I know what game you are playing Dad!” Benji – what? I could barely hear the music. This 5 year old is obsessed with anything electronic. Everyone else was asleep and he was claiming to have a stomach ache so we let him come and chill with us for a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ben is a man of his word… Since the day we got the dog it has been his dog. He feeds him, bathes him, cleans up after him, trained him… Well, right as Ben walked in the door from work last night the dog threw up! He never does that! My first instinct was to yell for Ben to come clean up after his dog… He came, cleaned, and didn’t complain. Then I felt bad… WELCOME HOME FROM WORK Honey ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I wanted to Thank the Giants for giving me a reason to not have to do my hair this week – I pulled out my old dusty GIants baseball hat and wore that all week. I don’t watch a lot of baseball and haven’t really followed the Giants since Candy Maldonado, Jose Uribe, and Will the THrill Clark but it still felt like my team when they won it all last night. Well done guys.

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    Dear Pumpkin Smashers


    My pumpkin got smashed on Saturday night ๐Ÿ™

    I’m glad it was mine and not one of the ones that my kids were attached to.

    And thanks for at least waiting until October 30th to smash it, so we only missed it for one night.

    I’m really only sad because now I have to buy a new pumpkin light for next years pumpkin.

    And Benji just can’t figure out why anyone would smash someone’s pumpkin… I don’t know Benji – but I must admit that my friends and I might have done the same thing as teenagers so… sorry to the moms, dads, and kids that I offended all in the name of stupidity and really not thinking things through to the consequences of my actions.

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