Month: October 2016


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    Erica invited us to their neighbors Fall Festival and the kids got to ride the horses!!!!!

    img_20161025_103551 img_20161025_103717 img_20161025_104009 img_20161025_104239 img_20161025_104701 img_20161025_104758 img_20161025_105230 img_20161025_105710 img_20161025_105713 img_20161025_105719 img_20161025_105910 img_20161025_110313 img_20161025_110321

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    Fall Break!

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    We took it easy this Fall Break BUT we still did a lot and came home tired and stayed up late.
    I loved not waking up to an alarm and the kids actually let me stay in bed until 9am all 5 days!! Millie came in for her 6am snuggles and Ray comes in at 7:00 and snuggles on the floor – I just have a blanket there waiting now.

    Wednesday Night: watched HOLES. Packer read the book and had been wanting to see it.

    Thursday: We went to the Zoo! then ate at Carl’s Jr. That night we went to P&A’s and watched the Packers and the BYU and hung out with them!

    Fall Break = Lots of People wherever you go!


    I love the Monkeys:

    190october20162 img_20161020_112625 img_20161020_112940 img_20161020_132537 img_20161020_132548

    New and Improved play ground:

    img_20161020_115831 img_20161020_120902

    The Eagles Nest:

    img_20161020_123220 190october20163

    Cats – the little kids chased him back and forth 🙂

    img_20161020_134045 img_20161020_134058


    img_20161020_140111 img_20161020_140122

    The kids are always obsessed with the statues!

    190october20161 190october20164 img_20161020_141434

    Heading Home:


    Game night with Pete and Amanda!!

    img_20161020_185058 img_20161020_220553

    Friday: We cleaned the Garden area and the Garage! We had Nutella Waffles! We went to the Lehi pool and swam! and then out to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe! Then came home and watched the newer crazy Alice in Wonderland – Rosie’s choice.

    img_20161021_122927 img_20161021_122955 img_20161021_161004 img_20161021_190623 190october20165

    Saturday: We cleaned the basement. We played soccer with Pete and kids. We went to CORNBELLY’S! and came home and ate Ramen and Hot Chocolate at 10pm.

    img_20161022_173227 img_20161022_175446 img_20161022_175733 img_20161022_181106 img_20161022_181553 img_20161022_181608 img_20161022_185152 img_20161022_193857 img_20161022_194017 img_20161022_194406 img_20161022_200111 img_20161022_201941 img_20161022_204039 img_20161022_204150 img_20161022_204433 img_20161022_204441 img_20161022_204542 img_20161022_215913

    Sunday: CHURCH! naps. Dinner. AFV. and watched Harry Potter number 4. (and Kelsey moved in!)

    Monday: rainy day at home. We played everyone’s favorite activity: like Candyland, Zoo, Pictureka, circus, family coloring . We prepped Halloween costumes, played with the Hancocks and cleaned the house 🙂 We finished the night and the fall break by picking out carving pumpkins and sliding with Tiago 🙂

    img_20161024_121243 img_20161024_135342 img_20161024_135438 img_20161024_135611 img_20161024_140903 img_20161024_170227 img_20161024_191934 img_20161024_192210 img_20161024_192218 img_20161024_192428 img_20161024_201104 img_20161024_201116 img_20161024_201131 img_20161024_201204 img_20161024_201238 img_20161024_201245

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    Red Ribbon Week

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    Monday: Wear Red ( no pictures)

    Tuesday: Mustache Day

    img_20161018_072945 img_20161018_122334

    Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day


    Rose got to go to the park with all of the other Kindergarteners for a field trip! (Jamie took pics for me)

    image20 image-2

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    My Favorite Park

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    We went and picked Gus up to play for the afternoon. We stopped at the park by their house. I’m loving this park. We only stayed for 30 minutes but the kids had a lot of fun.

    img_20161019_140628 img_20161019_141227 img_20161019_141234

    Gus loves Cali and he played in the bedroom with Rose and Ray for a long time. He must think our house is pretty crazy 🙂 BUT you should have seen his face when we had strawberries and pancakes for dinner – that was a happy Nephew! I loved it.

    img_20161019_151106 img_20161019_154356

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    I am so blessed. I have had such a good month. I just posted about my miscarriage which I am so bummed about and still have a lot of raw emotions. But ultimately I have 7 healthy children and haven’t had to deal with loss at a greater scale than early miscarriage and losing elderly grandparents so I AM BLESSED. Overall I can’t help but feel thankful for all that I have.

    My mom and Tracie have been in town from the 5th until the 17th. When they are here I get to see them and Joel and Megan and Kelsey and even Sean and Shannon and Grandma and my aunts, and cousins and … It’s just a family time when mom is here and I LOVE IT. It was a blessing to be surrounded by them and by all of my Netty family during the miscarriage.

    This last weekend Nathaniel set up a birthday trip for Erica to go to Las Vegas with a few of us friends. It was perfect timing for me to get away from the daily chores and stresses of motherhood.  I could easily see how great my life is. I had fun being carefree and middle aged and reconnecting with high school friends. I got 2 whole days of only worrying about myself!! I don’t think that has happened in the last decade. I felt blessed to be able to have that time and it was healing to get away.

    Life is good. I have so much.

    at the beginning of the month we watched general conference. Shannon and Tommi came and spent the day with us! Shannon is always fun and she loves to color as much as I do.

    img_20161002_102121 img_20161002_104926 img_20161002_105022

    Rick and Kris went to Wisconsin for a few weeks and when they got back they brought Rose a birthday present and played with the kids! My inlaws are awesome. I got a present also and couldn’t hold off 🙂

    img_20161003_194120 img_20161003_195936 img_20161003_200231 img_20161004_230330

    Tiago brings a smile to my face daily and sometimes hourly 🙂 He loves to “play” the arcades and he thought he should use a piece of the kitchen cabinet to play hockey with! He is so happy.

    img_20161004_113705 img_20161004_121656 img_20161007_112000 img_20161012_092913

    Dagny Robertson was born October 3rd! I got to go see her and the awesome parents. Dagny is adorable and Joel and Megan are so fun. I love having them close by.

    img_20161004_203323 img_20161013_000241

    We had a tooth fairy visit and I got my monthly trip to the temple in early this month!

    img_20161004_213542 img_20161005_105023

    Tracie and her 3 kids came to play with us on the evening of wednesday the 5th! I love having Tracie here. We chat and let the kids be crazy. We play Nertz and try to get a project done or a problem solved. Cedar, Bren and Hadley are the same ages as Ray, Millie and Tiago so they all have fun. (Tracie had to chase Bren and the Mini Cooper all over while she taught him how to drive :))

    img_20161005_192925 img_20161006_105344 img_20161010_090551

    Millie is still full of SASS. I wanted a picture for Grandma and this is what I got! Later that day after she had peed her pants I caught her out on the 4 wheeler!!

    img_20161006_105428 img_20161006_105432 img_20161007_155523

    Look at this fun Friday night! Family Date Night. Benji babysat 🙂 And the next night we got in some family gaming!

    img_20161007_192222 img_20161008_211722

    Sunday we got to have Mom and Grandma and Shaelyn, Sean, Kel, Tracie and Joel!

    img_20161009_191814 img_20161009_200138 img_20161009_200152

    Tracie doesn’t let me be too lazy. Rose learned how to ride a bike since Cedar was learning 🙂 and we went to the park a bunch.

    img_20161010_122319 img_20161010_182630

    PUMPKINS from our garden!!

    img_20161010_192208 img_20161010_192317 img_20161010_192333 img_20161010_192343 img_20161010_193240

    And STORY TIME for FHE!

    img_20161010_193908 img_20161010_194700 img_20161010_194727

    and we finished the evening with coloring and baseball on in the background.


    October 12 is Tracie’s birthday so we had to celebrate! Shakes and Donuts and the park! Siblings and Mother Dear.

    img_20161012_125227 img_20161012_125324 img_20161012_130259 img_20161012_144751 img_20161012_175456 img_20161012_185406

    Tracie’s turn to read the bedtime stories!

    img_20161012_191829 img_20161012_192451

    and then we let Benji babysit again so that we could go to cousin Colby’s birthday Dinner!


    On Thursday the 13th we all went to say Hi to Diane and Susan. Susan is healing from knee surgery. Diane is the best Color-er of all 🙂


    Friday was Dads and Donuts! and what an awesome Sun Rise!


    Friday morning I left on my get away with LaNell. We met Erica at the Airport and got to Vegas at 1:45. We met up with Angelee and – Katie came and picked us all up!

    img_20161014_104050 img_20161014_152337 img_20161015_154243

    We went shopping and then ate Thai food and hung out at Katie’s house.


    image17 image18 image14

    On Saturday we shopped some more and went and saw “Sully”. We ate Mediterranean food. Tons of food and tried lots of new stuff.

    img_20161015_154253 img_20161015_163046

    That night we went to the Boyz II Men concert at the Mirage. It was a fun concert. Lots of good laughs and fun songs to sing along with. To bad we forgot our spoons!

    img_20161015_193523 img_20161015_201919 image image13 image1

    After the concert we headed out to find a Knob Hill Chill and then we called it a night.

    img_20161015_212853 image8 img_20161015_223103

    Sunday morning we got up and headed home. It was such a fun trip and break from being mommy. It was short and sweet and I loved it.


    EVERYONE survived without me for those 2 days: I left Saturday instructions for Kelsey to come help Ben get all the soccer games done right 🙂 and I did come home to 3 toilet paper rolls that needed my specialties for replacing them! and LOTS of empty boxes in the pantry…

    img_20161014_093831 img_20161017_001132 img_20161018_121443

    Millie did cut her hair minutes after getting home from church! argggh! I think she missed me the most but…

    img_20161016_165050 img_20161016_165614 img_20161017_162811

    Sunday night we had all of my family over for Sunday dinner again! John was here too. And C-way. And Kel, Tracie, Mom and I got to finish the night and their vacation with some NERTZ.

    img_20161016_200727 img186850474

    Needless to say – I was exhausted on Monday morning when our house guests left and kids went to school and Ben to work. Luckily moms have the best job for days like that. We cleaned and snuggled and RESTED. And that night we made caramel apples for FHE.

    img_20161017_190523 img_20161017_190954 img_20161017_191258 img_20161017_191301 img_20161017_191335 img_20161017_192621 img_20161017_192759 img_20161017_195543 img_20161017_195609


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    sometimes in life we deal with Loss. This is one of those times for our family. It’s not fun. It hurts. It’s sad. But we grow a little closer to God and to each other. We are more kind and learn to deal with hardship.

    I started bleeding late Friday evening. Saturday I had bleeding and a constant headache. Sunday morning (10/9/16) I had the full miscarriage. I was 10 weeks and 6 days. Upon miscarrying it appeared that it may have been an empty sac or a Blighted Ovum. That’s what I determined with my untrained eye.

    Our kids knew about the pregnancy and were excited. They had just started to tell their cousins and friends. They made announcements in their classes at school last week. They are sad. We’ve told them what is going on and that we lost the baby. The 3 oldest have been very sad. They have expressed concern and cried and tried to be helpful. They are of course asking when I will get another baby in my tummy.

    Honest answer, I don’t know that I will. My body and mind are tired.

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    Demolition Derby 2016

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    The DERBY happened – barely. We bought tickets for the 14th – and then they changed the event to the 1st… which is Rose’s birthday! and General Conference and soccer games and… we decided to make it work and we had a great time with the Thal’s.


    we also convinced Kelsey, Shannon and Tommi to come with us!

    img_20161001_174129 img_20161001_181749

    Shannon was hilarious cause she was so nervous! The cars are loud and a little dangerous. You just don’t know how they are going to get hit and what might happen so it is pretty intense.

    img_20161001_184026 img_20161001_185747

    Ray plugged his ears the whole time, as expected. And Colbie snuggled up next to Rose right when we got there.

    img_20161001_194817 img_20161001_200725

    The storm was raging all around us but we barely got sprinkled on.

    img_20161001_202424 img_20161001_214509

    The DERBY was LONG – like started at 6pm and wasn’t done until 11:00! They had like 13 different heats. Mini cars, Trucks, Heavey weight and light weight and medium. They smashed over 100 cars throughout the night!


    And then Sean Thal won the competition and took the trophy back home for the 3rd year in a row!! We were so bummed we didn’t even take a picture 🙂

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    Soccer Season is here

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    we have 5 soccer players this year!!
    Ben is coaching 4 of the teams.
    Ray is on a team with a friend.

    img_20160910_084018 img_20160910_084034 img_20160910_090932 img_20160910_104701 img_20160910_151812 img_20160910_162645 img_20160917_104142 img_20160924_093219 img_20160924_115315 img_20160924_135548 img_20160924_141359 img_20160924_161008 img_20160924_161010 img_20161001_124921

    So our Saturdays usually start with a 9am game and we finish at 4 or 5 pm. They are full days but we enjoy watching and coaching and seeing cousins and friends and the little ones all love the different play grounds. Ben is a great coach. All the kids love him cause he’s so positive and fun. He spends Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights coaching! luckily it’s only a 7 week season 🙂

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    Rose is 6!

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    Rose had quite the birthday bash this year! She and Gentry wanted a combined Alice in Wonderland party. Ever since we went to Disneyland in May, Rose has liked Alice because that is her Disney Character.

    img_20160930_155028 img_20160930_155516

    On Friday she and Gentry had 4 little friends over, Ellie, Cami, Lila, and Addison, and 10 siblings! Erica and I planned a Mad Tea Party and they pinned the smile on the Chechire Cat and painted the Roses Red and played Croquet. It was a fun party. The kids all dressed up and the older ones made themselves costumes and everyone had lots of fun.

    img_20160930_131839 img_20160930_132302 img_20160930_155129  img_20160930_155721 img_20160930_162238 img_20160930_162719 img_20160930_162829 img_20160930_162906 img_20160930_163246 img_20160930_164725 img_20160930_164821 img_20160930_170834 img_20160930_171157 img_20160930_172300 img_20160930_172336 img_20160930_172445

    After that party LaNell and I grabbed some Taco Bell and then all of the Nettesheim cousins came over for party #2. This one was much more low key. We left out the previous party games and just let them play and entertain themselves. We had cake and ice cream and they watched Alice in Wonderland to end the night.

    img_20160930_190222 img_20160930_190248 img_20160930_190254 img_20160930_200140 img_20160930_200220 img_20160930_200649 img_20160930_200849 img_20160930_201109 img_20160930_201125 img_20160930_202020

    Rose was a very happy and very tired almost 6 year old. She woke up on Saturday morning, HER REAL BIRTHDAY, and played in a 9am soccer game. She scored 5 goals! We watched conference and went to soccer games all day and then finished by going to the Demolition Derby in Ogden that night! It was a LOOOng derby but the kids had fun and we came home around 1am exhausted.

    img_20161001_095927 img_20161001_104306 img_20161001_104713

    Rose is loving being a big kid. She loves to go to school. She loves having friends come over. She is a great helper for me in the mornings. She is good at playing games and is competitive in sports. She is really a great peacemaker and friend.

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    The Old Lady had a birthday

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    I’m 37! I guess I feel 37, somedays. And I’ve accomplished most of the things I hoped for by this age and I do have the worst kink in my neck EVER so I must be 37 and not 27 anymore 🙂


    I cut my finger pretty good the night before but I was able to push through and work on the puzzle anyway 🙂

    img_20160929_081003 img_20160929_083823 img_20160929_092718

    I had a great birthday. I got to open gifts with my kids before school and then by 8am I was working on my birthday puzzle with Ray and Rose. They got bored of my puzzle and did their own but Ben surprised me by not going to work! He helped with the kids ALL day and I did my puzzle all day. It was heavenly. Erica came later that morning and stayed most of the day working on the BYU Stadium puzzle with me. Abbie brought queso enabling us to not need to stop for a lunch break 🙂 and Michelle stopped by later in the afternoon. I fielded phone calls from family throughout the day and it was perfect.

    img_20160929_100210 img_20160929_145352 img_20160929_150910 img_20160929_153644

    Benji had a soccer game at 5:30 so Erica took the kids to her house and Tiago and I got to go watch Benji and Ben do their soccer thing. We grabbed the kids and went to In and Out for dinner! By the time we got back we had just enough time to blow out some candles and get the kids in bed. I worked on my puzzle until Than and Erica came over and helped me finish. And that is how I chose to spend my day 🙂

    img_20160929_192637 img_20160929_195820 img_20160929_195858 img_20160929_213902

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