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    Annette and Tom came to visit!

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    My parents came! They went home this morning after 4 days of fun. They were kind of busy getting Grandma Johnson settled at her new care center and trying to clean out the old house. But they did sleep at my house so we got to hang out quite a bit. We enjoyed every minute that we got with them!

    Friday Night: They came, and Ben and Tiago and I left to the RSL game. My parents took care of the kids most of that evening. We watched a great come back win with Pete and Amanda!

    IMG_20160826_200451 IMG_20160826_201256

    On Saturday: mom went to clean, Ray and I went to preschool, and Ben and Dad and the kids worked on the motorcycles. Then Dad worked on Kelsey’s car. Then we hung the pulleys in the garage for the kayaks! Ended up being a productive Saturday!

    IMG_20160827_104415 IMG_20160827_133912 IMG_20160827_133918 IMG_20160827_134019 IMG_20160827_140314 IMG_20160827_141646 IMG_20160827_144545 IMG_20160827_150100 IMG_20160827_150714 IMG_20160827_150718 IMG_20160827_153825 IMG_20160827_163328 IMG_20160827_163344

    That night we met up with all of the Utah siblings and their spouse, fiance or friend. We went to Chinese Food and had TONS of different dishes to share. After that we rode the motorcycles and then had a 4 Square Tournament πŸ™‚ Yes, we are silly. Yes, everyone played:Of course us Robertson kids and Mom and Dad, Ben, Megan, Jana, Tommi, Kelsey A. We played a little Lazer Tag and then came in and took it easy and cooled off.

    IMG_20160827_180436 IMG-255199675Β IMG_20160827_194939 IMG_20160827_200349 IMG_20160827_202523 IMG_20160827_203207

    Sunday we had everyone over for Sunday dinner. Shannon didn’t make it but Grandma Great and Shaelyn did!

    IMG_20160828_172337 IMG_20160828_173850 IMG_20160828_173857

    and Cali lost another tooth!


    On Monday my parents worked at Grandma’s house again and went out to dinner with moms siblings – so we had a pretty chill day. Packer still has no homework so he’s making mini arcade projects. Tiago is still dancing and making us laugh during FHE and yes Millie needed to match Tiago… We’ve got lots of little munchkins but they are SO fun and keep us SUPER busy. And we started SOCCER PRACTICES. Later that night we let Benji and Packer babysit and we snuck over to Joel and Megans house for some games and eats.

    IMG_20160829_151043 IMG_20160829_151103 IMG_20160829_194515 IMG_20160829_195710IMG_20160829_195739

    Tuesday: I got to go to the City Center Temple with my mom! Dad babysat!!

    image(15) image(16)

    That afternoon my parents went to hang out with my dads siblings! We had a normal afternoon/evening. I tricked Millie into a nap. Rose walked home with cousins! 2 more soccer practices…

    IMG_20160830_134248 IMG_20160830_153728

    And that evening Ben got to go help load the truck with a bunch of Grandma’s stuff to give to the California kids. We ended the night with one last game of ROOK.


    And that was it. My parents left this morning and had an uneventful drive home. I tried to get the house clean, get the kids dressed in the morning JUST BECAUSE, Visited with my Visiting Teachers, and made a trip to Walmart while Ray and Rose played at Ellie’s house. Benji needed help with lots of homework and then Tonight was Soccer practice and Piano lessons and Benji had scouts. We are busy but I am liking the schedule.

    IMG_20160831_084846 IMG_20160831_084849 IMG_20160831_113246


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    pretending it’s still summer…

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    Erica invited us to the park! I couldn’t get over how cute Tiago was in his BIG shoes and his HAT – adorable! All of the kids thought they were so BIG.

    IMG_20160824_093226 IMG_20160824_093641 IMG_20160824_093645 IMG_20160824_093924 IMG_20160824_102916 IMG_20160824_103003 IMG_20160824_103615 IMG_20160824_103918

    We went to the PG pool the first week of school. It was EMPTY and we loved it. We are trying to go one more time because we are fish adn we need to swim and we need to keep practicing that diving board!

    IMG_20160824_165944 IMG_20160824_170002 IMG_20160824_170012 IMG_20160824_170344 IMG_20160824_170350 IMG_20160824_170404 IMG_20160824_170424 IMG_20160824_170431

    Tiago mastered the slide this summer! He would do it all by himself, over and over again. So fun to watch!


    This is my morning crew. I was dying because Rose wasn’t looking in the first picture and then I got her to look but everyone else looked away πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160825_094814 IMG_20160825_094818


    IMG_20160825_101816 IMG_20160825_111855

    Shaelyn came back to BYU, so we got to see her and Christy! and the rest of our utah fam chilled a little bit. It was a quick visit but we love FAMILY time.

    IMG_20160825_114431 IMG_20160825_224257 IMG_20160825_224451

    and this picture is just too funny not to post… I was helping Tiago get this corn cob started because the kid loves corn and… it was cold and the butter wasn’t melted and … it was gross.


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    IMG_20160827_093058 IMG_20160827_103427

    Ray is doing Waterford UPSTART preschool! Β It’s the one Rose did last year. All at home on the computer. He is excited and so am I. He’s done 3 days and is doing great.


    Rose and Ray will miss each other in the afternoons but they are both excited about school!

    IMG_20160829_122318 IMG_20160829_122327 IMG_20160830_122710


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    DSC05738 DSC05739

    We have been counting down to Kindergarten since the first day of summer! Rose was soo ready and soo excited to go to school. We decided to do afternoon Kindergarten since Rose is our best sleeper inner and my best morning helper.

    We took pictures before… and of course the younger siblings needed pictures also.

    DSC05740 DSC05743Β DSC05733Β DSC05760

    Millie is such a silly little girl. She hopped right up there and shook her bum at the camera!

    We had to get pictures with Gentry! These 2 girls were born a day apart and they are great friends. Not in the same class πŸ™ but excited for recess πŸ™‚

    DSC05770 DSC05771

    Ray will miss Rose the most. He follows her every where and they play a ton.

    DSC05774 DSC05778

    and Millie needed pictures with her “people”…

    DSC05779 DSC05781

    Here they all are: they play together a lot.


    Then it was finally time to walk to school. (after another round of pictures cause we were so early!)

    IMG_20160829_122323 IMG_20160829_122327 IMG_20160829_122330

    We all walked and dropped her off.

    IMG_20160829_122534 IMG_20160829_123147 IMG_20160829_123155

    Rose had no fears. She ran right up and got in line. Ellie is in her same class! but we didn’t get a picture yet.

    IMG_20160829_123512 IMG_20160829_123536 IMG_20160829_123727 IMG_20160829_123850

    We picked her up after school the first day but she informed me that we don’t need to come because she can walk with Ashlyn, Anna and Ellie!!

    Day 2: still smiling!

    IMG_20160830_122659 IMG_20160830_122704 IMG_20160830_122710

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    Cub Scouts!

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    Packer finally got awarded his WOLF:


    Benji got his Webelos Badge and Religious Knot and Aarow of Light!

    IMG_20160825_192410 IMG_20160825_192643 IMG_20160825_192848

    image (2)

    and then they all enjoyed the Bike Rodeo:

    IMG_20160825_194456 IMG_20160825_195429 IMG_20160825_200443 IMG_20160825_200446 IMG_20160825_200457

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    Do the “-Ago, do the “-Ago”

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    Tiago is our entertainment. He loves music and always throws his hands in the air. We find ourselves hovering around him doing the “Ago” Dance and laughing.

    IMG_20160822_191320Β IMG_20160822_193745 IMG_20160822_194043 IMG_20160822_194045 IMG_20160822_194539 IMG_20160822_194543

    This dance was after an inspiring FHE about education and doing good in school!


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    First Days of School! 2016-2017

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    School has Started! 2016-2017 school year is here. We have a 6th, 4th, 2nd, and Kindergarten – ALL at the SAME school!

    IMG_20160822_073940 IMG_20160822_073954 IMG_20160822_074001

    Benji has Mr. Bagley, Packer has Miss Witt, Cali has Miss Leavitt.

    IMG_20160822_074042 IMG_20160822_074332 IMG_20160822_074345 IMG_20160822_075246

    and the 3rd day!

    IMG_20160824_074512 IMG_20160824_074522 IMG_20160824_074552 IMG_20160824_074604 IMG_20160824_074607 IMG_20160824_074632

    AND we are off to a good start with some of our back to school goals! We are getting up early. The big kids read to the little kids in the afternoons. We have been doing our scripture reading before school. And I have been getting all of the kids ready for the day even if we have no where to go! Big Goals!!

    IMG_20160822_142054Β IMG_20160822_142134


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    Raymond and Dad

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    Ray got to go spend an evening with his DAD. The kids love this tradition. He was bouncing off the walls – feeling special all day. He got to go Bowling! 2 games!! and then they got milk shakes!!!

    IMG_20160823_190853 IMG_20160823_192154 IMG_20160823_192924 IMG_20160823_195227 IMG_20160823_195247 IMG_20160823_200946

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    just a little Brookfield WI Ward Youth Reunion ’93-’95

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    Ben and his high school friends got together for a little reunion. A few people were in town and quite a few of them actually live here in Utah now. Lots of them Ben hadn’t seen for 20 years! and most I had never met.

    FB_IMG_1471838276399 FB_IMG_1471838289141 FB_IMG_1471838292771
    I should let him write this post cause I think he REALLY enjoyed catching up with everyone and reminiscing. It was fun to meet everyone that came. I’ll attempt to name them now:


    Darren, Janae, Joanna, Megan, Jenna, Brock and his wife, Aaron and his wife, Clayton and his wife, Ben and I, Sean and his wife.

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    I am SOOO EXCITED! We went to the RSL game on Saturday night and BENJI! babysat for us! from 7-10:30! He got all of the kids in bed and everything was perfect. Do you know what this means!!!!

    We took Tiago to the game to make sure that it would be a good experience and it was! He did awesome babysitting and it was an awesome RSL game – they pulled off the win against the top ranked team in their division! Shannon and Kelsey were pretty fun too πŸ™‚

    IMG_20160820_201843 IMG_20160820_204417 IMG_20160820_204512 IMG_20160820_230618_01

    This summer was the turning point for me. I was able to leave some or all of the kids with Benji for short amounts of time. I felt like I had so much FREEDOM πŸ™‚ I often went to the grocery store during nap time. once I took the girls shopping. I even got my tires rotated and oil changed on time!! It’s a whole new world. But now he’s back in school πŸ™

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