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    Benji is 12!

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    Benji had a birthday! 12 years ago I became a mom! We became parents. I was so ready!

    We celebrated on Thursday with friends and then the next Thursday with family so we drug it out pretty good. We partied and played and enjoyed Benji. This was his first friends party – EVER. He had no idea what he wanted for his bday. He knew he didn’t want clothes or electronics and he trusted us with the rest! funny kid.

    He earned his Faith in God from primary. He moved out of 11 year old scouts. joined the Deacons, received the priesthood, got his temple recommend! Turning 12 is a big deal! Benji is so ready to move on. He still loves rules and does anything to obey. He is kind and looks out for others and he is turning into a good leader!

    We got him a bike! and Fablehaven books, rubix cubes, PIT, and Harry Potter Game.

    All of the presents were a hit. He was excited to see how nicely a NEW bike rides. And we got the house ready for the party:

    and then grabbed Kong Cones cause it was a HOT day:

    Grandma and Grandpa stopped by and gave him a pocket knife!

    friends came over around 7:00! Pacen and Seth and Nathan were out of town but he had a blast with Ty, Hyrum, Ryan, and Tommy. They got wet out back and waited for it to get dark for an outdoor movie!

    A week later we had all of the cousins over and did the slip n slide again and Ben made an obstacle course for them and timed to see how fast they could do it!

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    Benji is done with 11 year old Scouts! We just had a court of Honor and he got his Tenderfoot and 2nd Class. He has only a few more requirements to get his 1st class and he earned his first merit badge: First Aid.

    Benji got called up to teach the bowline knot and then they had a race. Ben won. Benji took 2nd.

    Packer finally received his Bear badge and we had a fun game of water kickball.

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    Love This Guy

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    So I dropped Benji off at Scouts the other night… As he’s getting out of the car I tell him goodbye, “Have fun my friend. Be good.”
    And then he says. ” I will Mom. I Love you.”

    I love you! I love that he tells me that. I wish that I said it more. I think I say it to my kids often but in that instance I didn’t and he did. Benji is a great oldest sibling/first child.  I LOVE my kids.

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    Soccer Benji

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    Benji has played for 7 years now! He is starting to get some good ball control and sense for the game. He is still SOOO small out there – especially since they played with 12 and 13 year olds and he is still 11. It’s fun watching these older guys and fun seeing Benji when he’s not afraid to shield and be the first to the ball. His strengths are passing and seeing the field.

    He had lots of guys on his team from the previous years like: Conor, Austin, Cannon, Brandt, … and this year he got to play with PACEN!

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    6th Grade Walk! and Hope of America

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    Benji is done at Manila!

    He is excited. He and Seth. But he didn’t want me to run around and find his friends (Tye, Hyram, Ryan,..) and get pictures…


    Some of his best friends even though they are not 6th graders:

    Hope of America Award! at the Dance Festival Benji got awarded the Hope of America! His teacher loved that he always participated in everything! I want a well rounded young man when all is said and done so that made me proud.

    Benji also had really good grades all year. A’s in everything and he did it all on his own. Once in a while he would ask me to help get supplies for big projects but that’s about it.

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    Benji – Benvolio

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    Benji was in his Class play – Romeo and Juliet! He did great. Memorized all of his lines and had fun.

    So now, we are not going to play the Clarinet in 7th grade – instead he wants to do Drama and Chorus!!!!

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    Grade Up Day

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    Rose got to go to school from 9:15-1:15 and visit all of the 1st grade classrooms and teachers. She loved it! Benji got to be her and Ellie’s 6th grade buddy! He loved it. Rose loved walking home with all the neighborhood kids.

    This year they didn’t get split into their new classes and see who their new teacher might be so… we all just have to wait to find out. We are getting a new Principal and Vice Principal this next year so…

    Ray is getting excited to go to Kindergarten!

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    The Backpack

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    I bought a couple of 10$ backpacks at Walmart 8 years ago. Benji started using 1 of them in Kindergarten and has had the same back pack EVERY year of Elementary school!! The zipper just broke this last week 🙁  He’s finishing out the last 3 weeks with a new backpack.

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    Piano Recital

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    Benji, Packer and Cali had their 1st piano recital!

    Benji played William Tell Overture, Packer played Twinkle Twinkle and Cali played Yankee Doodle.

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    6th Grade Film Festival

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    Benji got to go to the Film Festival at Water Gardens!! He had a great time doing something different and exciting with his school friends. They got to ride in the Limo with friends from the back of the theater to the front, came in on the red carpet, bought treats and then watched their  films. All 6th graders were in groups of 5 or so kids and made scientific 3 minute movies. It was pretty neat for Benji to be there and his 4 best buddies all came and he got to hang with them! Then he grabbed a Kong Cone with Tye before coming home.

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