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    State Wrestling/ Season End

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    State Wrestling Tournament was January 26th and 27th! I went and watched Packer wrestle on Friday. Ben and Grandpa Netty cheered and coached. He wrestled 5th-6th Grade bracket, 60-64 lbs. His first match up was against the guy that won the bracket. Packer survived the first round and then he got pinned. His 2nd guy pinned him in the first round 🙁 Packer was excited to be there though and proud of his hard work and improvement.

    Benji wrestled early Saturday morning. I wasn’t there to take pictures 🙁 I decided to go to the Temple with Shannon instead) Ben and Grand[a Netty were there. He wrestled in the 7th, 8th, 9th grade bracket at 104-108. He got beat pretty bad on both of his match ups.

    Ray wrestled Saturday evening in the Kindergarten 40-43 bracket. They did a round robin and he beat all 3 guys! He pinned the first 2 and then won by points on the last one! Ben and I and Grandpa Netty and Michelle and Udine were there to watch.

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    Flag Football Champions

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    Benji loved learning football! He scored a touch down in the tournament and caught the extra point in the championship. He mostly played lineman but he just loved learning the game and doing exactly what coach told him to do.

    His team ended up winning their bracket. I believe they were the winner of the losers! so CHAMPIONS. We had the team come over last night after they won. Ate pizza and played arcades and celebrated the season.


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    Wrestling Season

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    Soccer ended on the 28th and Wrestling started on the 30th!
    The big boys go to practice Monday – Thursday – 4:30-6:30. Ray signed up this year and he goes Tues and Thurs from 6:30-7:30. So besides the lack of family dinner time its fun to have them pushing themselves and working hard.

    First Practice:

    After practice wrestling:

    Raymonds first tournament! Check in. Go. 2 point reversal. Get him on his back. He WINS!

    I like to come and watch and the kids come and “watch” or play toys, or color, or eat, or wander around and make friends…

    Ray’s 2nd match was really hard and he cried in the middle and didn’t want to finish but he stuck it out. And beat the next 2 guys and ended up with a 1st place out of the 5!

    Benji was at a BYU Pow Wow so he didn’t get to wrestle in this tournament.

    Packer worked hard but got beat all 3 times. He stayed tough and never got pinned! 4th place for him.


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    These guys are buddies. They are opposites in a lot of ways but they get each other and they stick up for each other. They do most things together around here. I love it.

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    Back to School!

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    First Day of School 2017

    These kids are growing up! !st, 3rd, 5th, 7th!

    I love that these guys are best friends!

    Benji saying goodbye as he catches carpool to Jr High and Rose saying hello to the big 1st grade all day school!

    Cousins! This is the morning crew – the rest of the neighbors are on B track this year.

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    Scout Camp

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    Benji had his first year of scout camp this year! We got home from the cruise Saturday night and he left Monday morning!


    He worked on 6 Merit Badges while he was there. He did Astronomy, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, Woodcarving, Rifle Shooting, and Swimming.

    On Wednesday night Ben went up for parents night and had dinner and campfire with the boys:

    His leaders said he was fun and responsible!

    He was pretty proud about doing the Polar Bear swim at 6:30am:


    and something about going out with Ryan and trying to sink other canoes:


    That’s about all of the detail that I know but he said he had a great time!


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    Benji is 12!

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    Benji had a birthday! 12 years ago I became a mom! We became parents. I was so ready!

    We celebrated on Thursday with friends and then the next Thursday with family so we drug it out pretty good. We partied and played and enjoyed Benji. This was his first friends party – EVER. He had no idea what he wanted for his bday. He knew he didn’t want clothes or electronics and he trusted us with the rest! funny kid.

    He earned his Faith in God from primary. He moved out of 11 year old scouts. joined the Deacons, received the priesthood, got his temple recommend! Turning 12 is a big deal! Benji is so ready to move on. He still loves rules and does anything to obey. He is kind and looks out for others and he is turning into a good leader!

    We got him a bike! and Fablehaven books, rubix cubes, PIT, and Harry Potter Game.

    All of the presents were a hit. He was excited to see how nicely a NEW bike rides. And we got the house ready for the party:

    and then grabbed Kong Cones cause it was a HOT day:

    Grandma and Grandpa stopped by and gave him a pocket knife!

    friends came over around 7:00! Pacen and Seth and Nathan were out of town but he had a blast with Ty, Hyrum, Ryan, and Tommy. They got wet out back and waited for it to get dark for an outdoor movie!

    A week later we had all of the cousins over and did the slip n slide again and Ben made an obstacle course for them and timed to see how fast they could do it!

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