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    little witches


    Halloween 1981

    Halloween 2010

    I love that we were both witches! I had just turned 2 and Cali was 1 month away from turning 2.

    up close comparison

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    Packer is the king of Scissors. He really just can’t get enough of them. His face is so intense as he tries to make his creations. I love these pictures of him.

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    It’s been a sentimental few days. I just feel like life is going SOOO fast and I can’t slow it down. A tiny part of me looks forward to not changing diapers throughout my day but those thoughts are out weighed by far by thoughts of my little ones getting independent and making their own choices and eventually leaving for college and missions and starting their own lives. On date night Friday night Ben and I turned the radio on in the car and it was Brad Paisley singing, “Anything Like Me” – I think thats what kicked off the emotions and thinking about how fast time flies and looking at our kids and where there future is going to lead. The other night I tried to hold Benji – he climbed up in my lap and we rocked for 30 seconds until he got bored but he barely fit – he’s almost to big for that ๐Ÿ™ I got my hands on some old family pictures over Christmas from when I was a baby which also added to my sentimentality.

    My mom with her first 4 kids - I wonder if she feels like this was just yesterday... now these guys have 13 kids between them.

    My brother Kevin and I rocking in Grandma R's kitchen.

    This is when I was turning 2 - I've been told that I was quite a bit like Cali, interesting that she's been my hardest child...

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    Rose’s Heart


    12 pounds 13 ounces and 23.5 inches long

    Rose went to the cardiologist yesterday to see how the 3 holes in her heart were doing. She went when she was 2 weeks old and now it has been 3 months since that first appointment. The EKG and Ultrasound looked really good – meaning, they can’t see the holes anymore! They did say that she was really gassy so it was hard to get a good look at the top of her heart, and for that reason they want to see her in one year just to be 100% sure that she is in the clear. From a mothers point of view she seems super healthy and happy and has been a really good baby. She tries to talk to Ben and I every night before bed and we love it. She obviously doesn’t say any words but she will go back and forth with you just making sounds for quite a while. 3 1/2 months have flown by and it’s hard to imagine life before Rose anymore. For the Monday Holiday Ben had to work but I still wanted to do something fun with the kids so while I played basketball, Brady took the kids to Krispy Kreme for donuts! and then we picked up Aunt Kelsey and we all went to the indoor swimming pool in Lehi. It was lots of fun. I spent most of the time taking care of baby or atleast staying close to the car seat but Rose did go swimming for the first time and liked it, until she got hungry. The pool day was a success – only because I ended up having 4 college kids there helping with my 4 kids – that my friends is the way to go to the pool ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rose's First Swim! She's getting TOO big!

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    Last Night


    Last night was cousins night at our house! We babysit for one Friday and then we get to drop our kids off for the next 3 Fridays. I had a soccer game at the beginning of the night so Ben was on his own with 17 kids (sometimes 19-21 if all of the cousins come). Anyway – he handled them like a champ. The kids were all really good until the last hour – luckily LaNell was here to help me hold babies…

    This is a true friend - she does come for dinner and shakes but also helps out more than she should ๐Ÿ™‚

    The night before last night I was worn out – so… Ben took the kids to a movie!!(Megamind at the cheap theater) and I got to chill on the couch with baby Rose and relax. After putting the kids to bed I came downstairs to find this…

    I love seeing little baby on a big couch - they are just so small and dependant and I love it. But if you look closer you'll see what I thought was funny...

    My relaxing evening on the couch included all of these items!!

    Who doesn’t need their netbook, tablet, PSP, cell phone and home phone right next to them just in case ๐Ÿ™‚ and paper and pencil – (i’m still old school that way.) Like I said I had a relaxing night – surfing the web, playing Rock Band on the PSP, Fruit Ninja on the Tablet, texting a few peops, brainstorming for my lesson on Sunday ร‚ย – all while sitting in one spot on the couch with my baby ๐Ÿ™‚ ร‚ย  ร‚ย Cali and Packer wanted to hold Rose before bed. I can now officially say that Cali has adjusted to having a little sister. She is so much happier.

    my girls

    Packer is Mr Kisser

    The Night Before that…

    Cali Got her first Crazy hair in the bath picture!

    LaNell was over again (before a basketball game), and helping too much – I gave Rose a bath in the sink and then Cali wanted to be like Rose so Lan gave Cali a bath in the sink. – Cali’s hair is on the verge of long and flowing. LaNell and I won another basketball game that night while Ben stayed home with the kids and played with his new toy…

    The FREE phone!!

    Did I already blog about his new phone???? Well he won the new Google phone by making a ginger bread version of the phone and then making a video of himself “unboxing” it. So a 400$ish dollar phone, no new contract and he is loving it, all of those family gingerbread houses paid off!

    BYE (i don’t remember what we did the night before that, and you probably don’t care ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    ps – GO GREEN BAY!!

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    It’s a Pillow – It’s a Pet…


    Pillow Pets seem to be one of the crazes this Christmas. We got Packer one a few months ago for potty training and you couldn’t find them in the stores. Then all of a sudden they are EVERYWHERE and every child has one, does yours????

    movie time

    crazy time

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    The Gunny Bag

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    THE Gunny Bag

    It is my week to teach Joy School for Packer and his friends and ironically it was on “Order” – something anyone that knows me, knows that ร‚ย I am not so good at… but… nonetheless we talked about order and goals and had a really good week. Today I introduced “The Gunny Bag” – which is a bag that likes to eat any toys that are not in order. He eats the toys that are left out but if there aren’t any toys then he cries and cries. Anyway – it was super cute and super fun and the kids all LOVED it and loved making him cry except for Packer – HE WAS SCARED. He sat in the corner of the couch and cried and whined until Gunny went back in the closet. He was literally shaking. (I guess I made him a little to scary for my wimpy child.) In the middle of the class I had to pull out the Care Bear pillow case and put the eyes on it so that my child wouldn’t be terrified. Anyway, I’m glad my week of teaching is over for the month. Maybe I can get some order restored around here – you know the post Christmas, find a place to put all of the new stuff kind of order. ร‚ย Here’s one more picture of Packer and his Joy School class…

    Joy School Pals

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    I love that Rose loves to be wrapped up tight.

    swaddled tight

    I love this picture of my littlest girly.

    Last week we went and visited some friends that used to live in our ward. Avery was Benji’s first little non family friend – they were both being super shy.

    Avery, Packer, Benji

    and I love that Packer and Cali started playing “chubby cheeks” all by themselves – fun!

    chubby cheeks

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