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    Best Buddies

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    We used to be best buddies – but now we’re not!

    Is that song stuck in anyone else’s head?

    My kids are best buddies and I LOVE IT.

    DSC00323 DSC00324

    These boys literally cry at night if they don’t go to bed together at the same time in the same bed. They are buddies. They got a drawing book at the last book fair and Packer wouldn’t let me draw with him. Only Benji. Another day Pack got mad when Benji went to a friend’s house because he felt like he was losing his friend. Another time Packet built a ‘museum’ upstairs and Benji had friends over. I heard Benji tell his friends several times not to mess it up cause Packer had spent like three days making it.

    DSC00256 DSC00422

    Best buds – Rose yells for Cali every morning and won’t get out of bed until Cali comes and helps her. Cali and Rose always give each other big hugs. They play house and nurture each other. The girls watch Tangled and act it out together. In primary Rose gets scared and Cali comforts her. They really are best buddies.







    These two are still young but I’m hoping the gender difference won’t matter too much and they can be buddies.



    Sometimes they switch up who their buddy is for the day. These two play really well when they aren’t too tired.


    And these boys have been practicing puppet dancing and other crazy moves, be sure to request a show next time you are over at our place.

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    March Madness

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    I love ncaa march madness. I love watching hours and hours of basketball. But it is not uninterrupted march madness. Life goes on. Kids play and eat. Family comes to visit and we all eat green food for St Patty’s Day. We’ve had a mix of summer weather and some rain. We’ve watched Frozen and played games. The basketball madness starts up again tomorrow. I am excited for that but I am more excited to see what life brings our way next…


    Rose and Ellie on their Tuesday play date.

    DSC00419 DSC00421

    dancing kiddos

    DSC00429 IMG_20140301_091143

    I’m addicted to Baller Beats. Ben is addicted to Hearth Stone. and Packer makes up his own games.

    IMG_20140302_193535 IMG_20140303_234429

    Ray thinks he is big enough to wander the yard. Here he is in the neighbors yard with the big kids 🙂


    Dutch oven dinner anyone?? yum


    And the girls finally got us out to fly their kites 🙂

    IMG_20140315_143945 IMG_20140315_144140

    Ben took an hour on a Saturday to go to the driving range with his brothers.


    We made lots of Green Food on March 17th:

    IMG_20140317_182413 IMG_20140317_183910 IMG_20140317_194135

    Millie is a big mouth smiler and trying to move on her tummy… and she always has a toy close by…

    IMG_20140318_133204 IMG_20140318_154836

    We bought Frozen the day it came out and have watched it many times since…

    IMG_20140318_165756 IMG_20140318_190447

    Wiggle cars are fun for all ages.


    Millie can hold her own bottle when I run out of time and she’s starving…


    We made it to the school fundraiser and the boys made fun 2 liter bottles again this year.


    Ryan and the girls came down for a Friday night sleep over! Brady slept over too and Joel and Megan played with us both days…

    IMG_20140322_013540 IMG_20140322_015852 IMG_20140322_101731 IMG_20140323_190810


    This is what I see out my front window… I love when they play outside. I love that there are lots of neighbors to play with. This makes me excited for summer.


    And that is the end of my pictures.

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    Dinosaur Museum

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    We went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point on Monday because the kids didn’t have school and we hadn’t been since the big boys were little boys. and We finally used all the money on the Thanksgiving Point gift card that Ben got 3ish years ago!

    They had a “tinker” room at the beginning that we enjoyed. It was lots of science type games and seeing how things work with wind and electricity and spinning and movie making and our favorite was the Shadow box. The kids liked looking at all of the dinosaurs and bones and they loved playing in the water and sand. They also loved digging for bones at the end.

    DSC00383 DSC00387 DSC00392 DSC00394 DSC00396 DSC00398 DSC00403 DSC00405 DSC00406 IMG_20140310_121334 IMG_20140310_130245

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    Spring is in the Air

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    We have had warmer weather! We love the sun. We love being outside.

    Our new location is great for letting the kids have a little more freedom on their bikes.

    DSC00347 DSC00350 DSC00354 DSC00356

    Packer finally caught the bike riding bug!

    DSC00408 DSC00410 IMG_20140314_115735 IMG_20140314_115825

    We’ve also played lots of card games with these girls and had a few tears learning how to lose…


    DSC00367 DSC00375

    and we’ve had a few runny noses…


    And we set up the xbox in the basement.

    IMG_20140303_192001 IMG_20140303_194545


    And even when the weather is beautiful we still spend lots of time in the kitchen taking care of these munchkins:


    IMG_20140313_123708 IMG_20140313_123718 IMG_20140313_123723 IMG_20140314_123518

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    6 Months!!


    Millie is 6 months old! She is roughly 20 pounds and 23 inches. OK – INSERT – my nurse was new and in over her head. She was frazzled the whole time and to say it nicely she was clueless. I did overload them with 3 appointments at one time BUT with the regular nurses it would have been fine. I just weighed and measured Millie here at the house and she is 17 pounds and 25 inches.

    IMG_20140307_120410 DSC00371

    She Still LOVES the bumbo as all of these pictures will show – that’s where we get lots of smiles.

    IMG_20140302_194757 DSC00359 DSC00334

    She is a good sleeper but she has decided to go to bed early like at 6:30 or 7:30 and then she wants to spend the 2-6am hours snuggled in my bed. I love snuggles but not all night long. I tried a bottle before bed last night but that made her gassy and in my bed even more.


    Millie can still only roll from back to stomach. She is still SAFE on the couch. She likes to chew on her toys and hold on to toys or blankets. She sucks her thumb when she gets tired. She scratches her face all the time :(. She does not get swaddled. She does have a nap time Minnie Mouse in her bed that she seems to enjoy listening to to fall asleep.


    I love my Millie Marie. She really is a good baby. The girls help “take Care” of her and even Raymond likes his “Mil girl”.


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    February is Over!

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    February is over!



    Cali has been learning dance and gymnastics moves from her cousins.

    a sunny day!

    a sunny day!

    Wednesday was beautiful. We got sun burns. I was outside from 11:30am until the sun went down and it felt wonderful. We kicked the soccer ball around. Benji and I played a little baseball. Ray didn’t want to be left out.

    selfie's with a baby are always cuter

    selfie’s with a baby are always cuter

    I can’t believe how big she is getting. She still has jowels and chubby hands and fuzzy fuzzy hair.



    I told Raymond that I was going to sit down and watch the USA hockey game. Next thing I know he was bringing me all of the hockey sticks and goals so that we could play. That Sunday he got the uncles to play hockey with him. We keep holding our breath that at least one of our kids will really love sports 🙂



    Rose loves games right now. She and Cali are relentless in asking me to play with them throughout the day. Their favorite is still Spot It but they enjoy Apples to Apples and Candyland, Fibber and Disney Headbanz.


    packer project

    The king of projects was back at it this week – Packer built this “City” with all of his favorite toys. I’m pretty sure he has a similar “city” in the neighboring cousins basement.

    playing with dad

    playing with dad

    It won’t be long now until she’s running around with the rest of them!

    IMG_20140225_100804 IMG_20140225_100811

    The girls really wanted haircuts and they really needed them so I just got the scissors out and went for it. I’m afraid Rose is losing her curls – this was her first trim so I was very hesitant. She has some curl left but not like she used to.

    look at that fuzzy hair

    look at that fuzzy hair

    Her favorite spot is still the bumbo. SHE LOVES IT.

    get out of the bathroom!

    get out of the bathroom!

    Raymond is trouble! He is. He is always looking to explore and get into things. My other kids were angelic in this department and he is not. He learned how to open doors this week so now nothing is safe: the game closet, the bathrooms, the front door and the worse one, the pantry! He raids the pantry whenever he gets hungry and looks for treats!

    DSC00320 DSC00321

    I think we’ve got a toy/baby stuff problem going on in our family room! One more reason we love our new bigger house. Good bye February

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    Cub Scout Cake Eating Contest

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    We went to Benji’s Blue and Gold celebration this week for cub scouts.Actually we are the Wolf Den Leaders so it’s kind of our thing too. Instead of the traditional dinner we did a cake decorating contest and cake eating contest. Benji was awarded scariest cake for his little monsters.

    IMG_20140225_152538 DSC00305   DSC00309

    The boys had fun shoving cake into their mouths…

    DSC00314 DSC00319 IMG_20140225_200322 DSC00318

    Cali and Packer got  to do the cake contest too:


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    Shaelyn’s birthday party

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    My niece turned 19 last week so we had her over for Sunday dinner. She is at BYU and is getting ready to put in her mission papers! She brought a boy and we let Sean and Brady and Casey and Joel and Megan come 🙂 We love having so much family close by.

    IMG_20140223_175940 IMG_20140223_194550 IMG_20140223_194619 IMG_20140223_194627


    Look at that full kitchen table! That is one of the main reasons we wanted to move. Our new kitchen is great!

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    Baby Over Load

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    Baby over load – But they are soo cute! I love these cute little babies and I love it when life slows down just a little bit, just enough for me to sit and snuggle and enjoy them.






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    homework is horrible

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    This is the first year that homework has been a struggle. Benji hates his Cursive and hates that I make him do the full 20 minutes of reading. He was reading at night but has decided he doesn’t like that as much.
    Packer just doesn’t like homework. He is so burnt out by the time he gets home that he truly cannot focus. Problem is he NEEDS to focus. He NEEDS homework. He needs help on his reading and he needs help on spelling. I’ve tried to let him wait until after dinner but it just doesn’t get done if we do. So we will keep plugging away because really homework isn’t horrible. Packer is learning a lot from it. Both boys do better in school when we do better with homework.



    and then there is Cali who like to give herself homework. She just started bringing home word group papers from preschool and she asks me to listen to her read almost every day. She is catching on fast. I think she will be reading very soon.



    Doesn’t Cali look so old here! 5 years old is big time 🙂 The boys are in the background checking their chores.

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