Month: May 2017

    Soccer Rose

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    Rose had a good year on the Teal Tornadoes. She got to play with Ellie and Gentry and she knew Elle from last year. She was even friends with the boys by the end: Mikey, Matthew, Beck, and Jett.


    Rose is very aggressive on the field. She goes for the ball and pushes her way through the group. She had lots of goals this year. She is usually the shortest one on the field but she plays hard and makes up for it.

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    Soccer Ray

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    Raymond!! Ray was very good this first year of soccer. He wasn’t afraid to get in and get the ball and he scored lots of goals every game.  He could almost score at will. One game he was tired and wanted to know when it was over. I said not until he scored 3 more goals. So, he went and scored 3.  His team didn’t practice much but he and Noah Drake started to become friends by the end, and the twins and coach Derek were fun to play with.

    Coach Derek, Brady, Corbin, Ivy, Lila, Max, Noah, Ray, and Will


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    Last Day Party #2

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    at 1:00 on Friday was the neighborhood PARTY


    We played hard until about 4:00. and that’s right when Tiago woke up and Kelsey came home so we played some more:

    and then Ben got home and I was so tired but he wrestled the kids and watched a movie with them before bed.

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    6th Grade Walk! and Hope of America

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    Benji is done at Manila!

    He is excited. He and Seth. But he didn’t want me to run around and find his friends (Tye, Hyram, Ryan,..) and get pictures…


    Some of his best friends even though they are not 6th graders:

    Hope of America Award! at the Dance Festival Benji got awarded the Hope of America! His teacher loved that he always participated in everything! I want a well rounded young man when all is said and done so that made me proud.

    Benji also had really good grades all year. A’s in everything and he did it all on his own. Once in a while he would ask me to help get supplies for big projects but that’s about it.

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    Kindergarten Field Day

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    I went to field Day with Rose. It was fun to see her in her element having a good time with school friends.

    Rose and Cammi. They met at Discovery park the week before Kindergarten started and they hit it off. Then they ended up in the same class! Now they are friends. Play dates and all!

    Rose and Gentry and Gabriella and …

    It was fun to see Rose in action. She didn’t need me at all and she had lots of little friends to go between.

    at the end of the day I brought her and Gentry home and took a last day picture!

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    Soccer Parties

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    The last week of school was also the last week of soccer so Ben decided to do soccer parties at the house instead of practice!

    So for 4 nights in a row we had the soccer friends over! We made Popcorn and Kool Aid and turned the arcades on!

    We also ran around outside and played Laser Tag. All the kids seemed to enjoy it:


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    End of May

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    Tea Party with ellie

    Mini arcades are fun too – right Lily?

    and dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Pete, Amanda, and Lily

    My soccer Saturday crew

    and watching coach Ben do his thing

    Ice Cream for goal Scoring!

    Crazy Kiddos:

    Our first go at Soccer Tryouts! Cali had a busy week!

    My hike with the cub scouts:

    Tiago, Alice and Tweedle Dee

    Cali got the Fabulous Friend award in her class!

    Summer nights are already kicking in!

    Tiago sleeping with his bottle under his shirt? and the kid LOVES chips

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    Madre and Michael

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    Mother and Michael came to visit.

    They stayed for almost a week and we had some fun. Mom spent a lot of time with her sisters and mom since Carol is still very sick. But we did play Nertz and shop and eat plenty of ice cream and visit with the other Robertson’s and they came to the dance festival and graduation and everything that was going on with end of the school year. They left the Friday morning that school got out.


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