Month: June 2008

    Thank You Dad and Ryan!

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    Some of my family came to town this last weekend for Tracie and Johns Utah reception, as we sat around on Friday night I mentioned the idea of rebuilding the back steps of our house,…Now – any of you that have been to mine and Ben’s house in the last 2 years are well aware that we need a new back porch! So we were excited and amazed when my dad and Ryan started talking through the project, made a Home Depot list and the next morning we were off to the store!!…

    ready to start building

    All torn down and ready to start building.

    All Framed

    Framed, 100 times sturdier than the last one! What are Ben and Joel up to??

    Ben at work 

    Ben wanted proof that he really did help with his porch, atleast a little bit!

    Packer Man

    Packer loved being outside and loved using the Hammer and loved being in the middle of it all.

    Master Minds

    The 2 master minds. Ryan and Dad deciding on one more detail. They didn’t even write any plans down!

    Scrub Work

    I got to do the scrub work – tearing apart the old deck.

    Final Touches

    Final Touches! AND IT IS DONE! We love our new back steps! Thanks again to all who helped.

    New Deck

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    I have a 3 year old!

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    Today was Benji’s birthday! It was an exciting day for the whole family because he was so excited. He had a party with some of his cousins on Saturday night and loved the attention and phone calls that he got today. I can’t believe our little guy is already 3 – time flies when you’re the parent.

    computer is not cooperating so pictures will have to come later 🙁

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    Temple Picture Collection

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    For many years now I have made it a point to take a picture of myself in front of each temple that I go to – so when we went to the Sacramento Temple for Tracie on June 13th it was my first time at that Temple so I asked Ben to take my picture for my collection. As these pictures might tell – a few of my brothers had a hard time letting me be the only one in the picture! Nerds!

    Hi Kev anyone else want in?

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    The 2nd Trip to Oroville ( june 2008)


    Today is June 20th. I just got back from my 2nd trip to Oroville this month. In fact I have spent all but 3 days this month in Oroville with my parents and other family members – what a fun time. I don’t think I’ve seen my family this much since before I got married so it was great.  Tracie and John got married – the Temple was awesome and the reception was great – lots of good friends and family made it perfect – Welcome to the Family John!

    The Wedding Kids

     Boys and Bride

    Cute matching Cousins

    Jana and Tracie

    The Cake

    the wedding crowd

    Robertson Family Program

    Tracie and John

    I also got to spend more time than usual with friends and that was fun to play with them again. Really the only down fall of the month has been the 14 of 21 days that I was away from my husband. Contrary to what Mikila might tell you I am still very much in love with him and missed him a ton. 🙂

    Netty Family

    Some of the Robertson Families:


    Kevin and Liz

    Josh and Mal

    The Joel Fam
    Some fun things I learned on my vacation: Anika taught me that a PT Cruiser might cost you 100,000 dollars! LaNell who has swim suit issues: would like me to tell the swim suit makers of the world that we would like to keep those things in close to us and not hanging out for all to see 🙂 I was impressed with Kevins goal that he scored in his soccer game BUT not surprised when he showed up limping on a Fat ankle the next day – maybe the over 30 club really can’t handle competitive soccer any more! Most of all I learned that I still have really good friends that go all the way back to primary and Junior high days – and I am determined to get us all together for a  Lake Oroville camping trip next summer. Lets do this!

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    Our First Trip to Oroville ( this Month)

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    On Saturday night I decided that it would be a good idea to jump in the car the next day and drive to Oroville California with Erica and her kids. It was graduation week for my twin siblings, Shannon and Sean, so I wanted to be there for that. The Tracie and John wedding was also less than 2 weeks out so I wanted to help prepare for that … and that is exactly what I did. We spent a week at my mom and dad’s house and I had a great time with my parents and siblings that were home. It was especially nice to spend some one on one time with the youngest 3 –  Shannon, Sean, and Kelsey, since I haven’t lived at home fo rthe past 10 years its fun to see them grown up and getting their own personalities.


    The Graduates: Las Plumas Class of 2008. Shannon was Co-class President and MC at the graduation. Sean was Top Ten in his class. Congratulations guys! We Loved Being There for it.

    Chillin on the Porch

    Packer spent most of his time right here on Grandma’s front porch. His cousins Payton and Carter joined him often. He was entertained by Triskit the Mouse, The Flying Pig, and the flowers. He also decided that if anyone left the house then he wanted to leave also. This made it tough because someone was always leaving, needless to say he learned to throw some good fits.

    Cousins Hot Tubbing

    Benji’s favorite part was going in the Hot Tub. We used it like a swimming pool and Benji did some of his best swimming. He would see his cousins do some cool jumps and back flops and would follow right along with them. Good swimming Benj!

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