Month: September 2010

    My last day of 30!


    This is it – my last moments/hours of being 30. Ben gave me an early birthday gift of a “free night”. He took the kids and I got to do whatever I wanted. Being 2 days away from my due date I didn’t want to do much but I did find a cute outfit for new baby and I took a bubble bath.

    Driving home tonight on 1800 North – either they NEED some street lights or we can document that in my 30th year of life I lost my night vision. I made it home fine, without incident, I just kept thinking how dark it was and really hard to see the road.

    I’m in nesting mode. Not so much having a clean kitchen and bathrooms and house but more into organizing and getting projects done. A few on the list have been…. getting the concrete poured in the crawl space, cleaning the garage so that Ben can park his car in there again, making a blanket for the baby (I make one for each kid and then put the sewing machine away for another 2 years), re-caulking the bathtub that I messed up a year or 2 ago, getting out baby clothes, cleaning out the hot tub and installing the new timer, … that’s all I can remember right now. There are a few more things to get done but I wouldn’t mind if the baby decides to come before then.

    We are officially in baby waiting mode. Our calendar is clear and we are just waiting for her to come. Today it feels like she wants to come – She has been stretching all day. I keep telling her that if she wants more room then she just needs to be born. I hope she is listening. In the mean time I am enjoying my 3 children and the free pass to laziness that comes with pregnancy πŸ™‚

    cookie time

    Jammie Time

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    Getting Excited


    What's this little girl going to weigh?

    When will Dad and Mom get to meet her?

    Will she look like Benji?

    Will she look like Packer?

    Will she look like Cali?

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    We are back in the thick of soccer season. Ben is coaching Benji’s team again! They have a lot of the same kids from last year and are having a lot of fun. Benji still hasn’t learned to go to the ball – his first step is always backwards. BUT he loves being out there and loves being on the team. He loves that they have a new color jersey this season and he lives for the snacks. We had a half time talk about going to the ball as fast as you can even if other guys are going for it to. He made a conscious effort and did get 3 or 4 touches after that.


    Benji is #5 this season.

    Ben just started up our indoor family team as well. I am obviously on the bench this season but I love going to the games and watching and just enjoying soccer.

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    Joy School

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    We had Joy School at our house the last 2 weeks – Here are Packer and his friends taking their rest time on the stairs. They thought they were so big.


    Cali loved being a part of school and threw a huge fit this morning when she didn’t get to go with Packer to school.

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    Splash Pad

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    We had never been to the Lehi splash pad so we went and ate lunch there and the kids loved it… we aren’t ready to put our swim suits away yet!

    all 3 kiddos

    brave boys

    cute Cali

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    Hancocks – Then and Now

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    July 2010

    September 2010

    The Hancock’s came to visit a couple weekends ago. Erica and I were in Heaven Saturday morning playing BIG Boggle and then again on Sunday we managed to get another big game going!

    The kids just loved playing together. They picked up right where they left off – hopefully that’s how it will always be. They are all such good friends.

    July 2010

    September 2010

    It has been fun having the same due date as Erica but I think it would be safe to say that we are both ready for these babies to be born. ( and yes Erica I am hiding behind you in this last pic – sorry πŸ™‚ )

    Thanks for coming Hancocks!

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    My WALKS

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    I was playing basketball and soccer twice a week until half way through this pregnancy and then I just quit everything. The other day ( two months ago) I was literally out of breath after going up my little stair case in my house – NOT ACCEPTABLE. So I’ve started walking….

    the first day I took Packer and Cali in the stroller and walked 2 miles – I wore my flip flops and came home feeling like the bottoms of my feet were bruised. So next walk I put my nice new running shoes on that I used to wear daily until summer hit and by the end of that walk my toe nails were killing and I almost had a heal blister! OUCH. My Chaco flip flops have been deemed my best walking shoes for now – especially now that I can’t reach my toes to tie my shoes! Anyway – making an effort to have  a healthier pregnancy has been good for me. I haven’t had high blood pressure at all this time and I just feel better.

    Cali loves our walks! She used to hate the stroller so this is a great break through. She now goes out in the garage and sits in the stroller and ‘asks’ to go, actually she throws a huge fit until we go… so if you see her and I walking down to the corner and back you know that she was ready for a walk and not me. Another good sign for Cali is that she has started pointing out babies – every time she sees a baby she points to it and says baby and is very interested – I’m seeing this as a good sign since little sister will be here soon. She can also do grocery stores again! For the last several months I have avoided shopping when at all possible because you are guaranteed a huge fit if she is with you. everything from Not staying in the cart to having to eat whatever she sees – NOT FUN – so – she is better now πŸ™‚ I can return to shopping and not rely on Ben so much πŸ™‚ until this new little baby comes in a week and then I’ll rely on him more – sorry Honey!

    Cali loves dress ups and babies now!

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    pics from the other camera


    We went to a wedding in Idaho back in August for Ben’s cousin. We had a great time with family. I wanted to get a pre-baby picture of our family.

    Here we are:

    I always have squinty eyes - otherwise a good picture

    Love our little Family

    And a few more shots from the day:

    Benji and PJ

    Packer being a Loner

    Cali heading for the play ground

    My first time seeing the Rexburg Temple

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