Month: March 2010

    our temporary Jungle Gym

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    My children enjoyed having an empty entertainment center in our front room for a month while we looked to give it a new home.  I am happy to have found a buyer on KSL and to finally have it out of the house! Some pictures of the fun…

    the boys side is blurry - sorry boys

    mischief maker

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    Mother of the Year Award goes to… ME!

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    It’s 12:00 noon. Kid is still in pajama’s. Siblings are also not dressed. But, hey, he was having a blast, digging in the garden, coloring his diaper with chalk and his socks even match his shirt!

    ps – 2pm, we are all dressed and presentable and look like a family that has it all together πŸ™‚

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    Two Firsts!


    First time BYU has actually won a first round NCAA tournament Game since 1993!!  Thank you, it is about time. I almost gave up and quit cheering but I pulled myself together. We survived the first overtime and then we had it. Whew – stressful morning πŸ™‚

    AND Cali is sporting her first pony tail today!! She is 15 1/2 months and finally has enough hair to almost do something with it. She won’t leave any bows in but we will see how long this pony can last…

    Cute Cali Girl…  Shy Girl… 

    I'm not to sure about this.

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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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    Our tradition is GREEN dinner! Yum. Ben’s Family growing up carried out the Irish tradition of Cornbeef and Cabbage but I’m not to anxious to go there – sorry. We are anxiously keeping up the tradition of Grandma Nettesheim’s Green Lime Cake for dessert and I noticed at least 2 of Ben’s siblings had their green cake ready to go for tonight also. YUmmy YUM.

    “We have to eat green bananas because it is St. Patrick’s.” thanks Packer πŸ™‚

    Benji out ate his parents for the first time last night – he pounded three tacos!!

    “yum yum! This is soo good.” who knew kids love grilled cheese for dinner?

    Cali has a hard time at the grocery store – so much good food and she loves to eat. She grabbed a yogurt and popped a hole in the top, she proceeded to use her finger as a spoon and was content the rest of the trip. And finished the whole thing when we got home.

    Benji Loves his Pre School!

    That’s the latest around here. Ben is off to SCOUTS and I am thinking Baths and the TMNT movie for me and the kids πŸ™‚

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    Those two words don’t go together well very often but they are starting to and they did on Saturday at the Lehi pool. Benji went on the big water slide with Ben! and then he begged me to go on it with him again! What? It was loooooong and Dark and I couldn’t stay sitting up BUT he loved it. To my Eldest brother Mike – I report that Benji did his one brave thing for the day, you should be proud.

    We love the lazy river whirlpool and the baby area – so much fun!

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    15 months


    Cali is officially walking! I’m not saying that she always walks but she can walk and does it without anyone’s help or prodding.

    My other big news is that I was finally smart enough to ‘hide’ the Lite Brite! I have been picking up 100’s of little pegs, 100’s πŸ™‚ of times a day for 100’s of days. I’m done. I put it away yesterday and I don’t plan on revealing it again for a long time. I am so proud of myself. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

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    Another Busy 10 Days


    My mom and Brady drove out here last Wednesday: Brady needed to come see all of us Utah people and tell us about his mission and my Mom got to come pick up her mom here in Orem for a birthday trip to Alaska! We loved having family here and getting to play everyday. Without giving a day by day, here are some of the details: The kids loved all of the attention from Uncle Brady and Uncle Joel. We played sooo many games of Dominion – we may have ODed, maybe not though – I’d play right now if anyone wants to πŸ™‚

    Brady has that missionary spirit about him still – he was very kind and helpful the whole time he was here. He took the boys to the Park and wore them out. They came home telling me how high Brady could kick the soccer ball – impressed. And Cali even liked him.

    We went geo-caching for family home evening. I have no pics but I wanted to document it because it was the first time that the boys really got into it. They were on a treasure hunt and so excited to find the treasure and a few “dinosaur” bones along the way. And who knew that the Maceys frozen yogurt is as good and as good of a deal as their soft serve.

    no pictures at Maceys but these are from our picnic in our living room yesterday…

    Mikila also visited over the weekend and got sucked into the Dominion Games, the Hancock’s got sucked in to. BYU lost to New Mexico πŸ™ but we dominated our soccer game, everyone scored! On Tuesday I went to the airport and picked up mom and Grandma from their Alaska trip. That night we had all of Mom’s family over to our house!! And my brother and his family came down from Eden so we had a super fun Pizza Party and got all of the details about Grandma riding the dog sled in Anchorage πŸ™‚

    Cali with cousins, Brinlee and Skylar

    Grandpa Johnson

    The DogSled Ride!

    Mom and Brady left on Wednesday so we got our day to relax and catch up on sleep. Oh yeah – and we got a new niece on the 1st of March!

    Scarlett Robertson

    Today has been fun. There was no school so we went to the Lehi pool with the Falabella’s and the Hancock’s. I drug all 3 of my kids around with life jackets on and we really had a good time. I REALLY need to teach them how to swim though or I need an extra arm. Benji has improved so much since last summer and Cali is a water baby. She just took off in the baby pool. Packer was my lap child today – probably because some kid thought it would be fun to nail him with that water shooter right when we walked in and were putting our stuff down. He was nervous the whole time after that πŸ™ oh well.

    And then we came home in time to build Jolly the Snowman at lunch time with Dad! Winter is here and so is the weekend. Should be a fun relaxing one.

    Packer loved the Pickle Nose

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