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    Robertson Week

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    Over the years we have established the week between Christmas and New Years as Robertson Week. Our Robertson family is expected to come together, in Oroville, and cram into the house and enjoy time as a family. I LOVE THIS WEEK. We had a great time this year. We drove on Saturday the 26th and came home on Saturday the 2nd. The week is always a blurr because we are up late and playing hard and entertaining each other and just having fun, all while sleeping on some sort of make shift bed with lots of kids in close proximity. It’s wonderful.

    IMG_20151226_072735 IMG_20151226_131604

    Road Trip! Taylee and Kylee road with us 🙂 The weather was clear and we made it in our usual 11 hours. I did read and sleep for as much of the trip as the kids would let me.


    Tommy and Ray opening gifts from the Grandparents


    Millie being a ham and opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa – duckies and an outfit!


    Cali’s Loot from the Grandparents

    IMG_20151226_212026 IMG_20151226_212437

    Benji and Packer got similar gifts as their cousins. guns and sling shots and shirts, Rose and Cedar opening their Barbie’s!

    IMG_20151226_212504 IMG_20151226_212514

    Christmas is Chaotic with this many people – but the FUN outdoes the CHAOS. We had Garbage BAGS that couldn’t even fit out the door.

    IMG_20151226_214416 IMG_20151226_215436 IMG_20151227_163142_01

    The Men all got Fanny Packs! and Ben got a Green Bay Jacket from Jarsh – it was the first sibling exchange gift because Josh had to leave early – it was special! 🙂

    IMG_20151227_172059 IMG_20151227_172125

    My oldest Siblings, that don’t have babies right now, were very helpful to those of us with lots of babies right now. I love that everyone helps me.

    IMG_20151227_193011 IMG_20151227_193054

    And then there was a cousin gift exchange.

    IMG_20151227_193819 IMG_20151227_194751

    and nails were painted and Grandpa held Tiago late into the night so that I could play Nertz 🙂 and we helped Brady apply for a job.

    IMG_20151227_202239 IMG_20151227_234652 IMG_20151227_234700 IMG_20151227_234714 IMG_20151228_000925

    We went to the church and played basketball. The kids are getting older so we had lots of people to play.


    This was our first year spending the week at Kevin’s house now that my parents have moved. It was nice having more space and a garage and a fun yard.


    All of the adults went to Hula’s!

    IMG_20151228_184325 IMG_20151228_190512

    Tiago got to meet Eliza and play with Aunt Kelsey.

    IMG_20151228_221223 IMG_20151229_102204

    The kids did a play for their older cousins.


    And we played at the park. I do love California winters! Football and kickball 🙂

    IMG_20151229_133122 IMG_20151229_133141 IMG_20151229_133202 IMG_20151229_133206 IMG_20151229_133221-001 IMG_20151229_133243

    And Ben made Benoganoff  for everyone! (especially for Mikila)

    IMG_20151229_181510 IMG_20151229_181514 IMG_20151229_181519 IMG_20151229_181523

    Each night we played games and colored and visited. We let the kids stay up late and hang out and we stayed up later.

    IMG_20151229_194906 IMG_20151229_195012 IMG_20151229_195015 IMG_20151229_195028 IMG_20151229_195055 IMG_20151230_003814 IMG_20151230_004027

    One afternoon Jaydn got a guinea pig so we all went to the pet store and played with the animals.

    IMG_20151230_160757 IMG_20151230_161945 IMG_20151230_162050 IMG_20151230_162112

    And the guys of course had to go to Hula’s AGAIN :), and Ryan and Mary were here by this time…

    IMG_20151230_180413 IMG_20151230_200701

    Girls table, ready for dinner… and Ray was ready for dinner…

    IMG_20151230_180507 IMG_20151230_180512

    More HELP with kids: Christy with the babies and Kelsey entertaining all of the kids with Simon says.

    IMG_20151230_180526 IMG_20151230_193042 IMG_20151230_193104

    Nertz and girls shopping with my sisters and Ben’s salsa is always a favorite…

    IMG_20151231_001908 IMG_20151231_103153 IMG_20151231_121426

    The guys took the kids to the church again while we shopped:

    IMG_20151231_124958 IMG_20151231_181304 IMG_20151231_181321 IMG_20151231_200959 IMG_20151231_203434 IMG_20151231_203443

    NEW YEAR’s EVE: Pinata in the garage!!

    IMG_20151231_205732 IMG_20151231_210016 IMG_20151231_210209(1) IMG_20151231_210442 IMG_20151231_211035 IMG_20151231_212028 IMG_20151231_212132

    Tiago playing with Aunt Mary:


    Ben and I taught Mom and Dad how to play Bounce Off:


    I lost at Nertz playing against Mikila and Amber:


    These girls love Sean’s fiance, Jana:


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016!

    IMG_20160101_000202 IMG_20160101_000213 IMG_20160101_000516

    We were all exhausted and then we stayed up even later…

    IMG_20160101_001412 IMG_20160101_013446 IMG_20160101_021814

    And then it was already time to go home 🙁

    I’m sure I missed some stuff so I’m posting now. To BE CONTINUED:

    SPLENDOR was the game of the week, and Incan Gold. I love Tracie’s Pineapple Hair!


    The kids LOVE the trampoline – even if it is cold (California Cold)


    And the playground was great! These kids were going non stop all week.

    We even had exploring to do and the barn to check out.


    Michael really is the baby whisperer 🙂


    even the kids were into the gaming this year:


    Ice Cream with the Cousins!


    I did win the BOUNCE OFF tournament, and us Utahans that had been playing for a month already did have the advantage.



    Maybe I am the baby Whisperer, but it’a an unfair advantage when you are the mom.


    I got to see Katie and Katie for a few minutes!


    and then the front porch diaper box was full and we knew it was time to go home 🙂 (6 kids in diapers)


    a long day in the car, Ritz are my friend! (I think the Hancock kids call them Jana crackers)


    Taylee and Kylee were troopers in the back seat with Millie. All of us slept a good chunk of the drive (except the driver) and we were just grateful for clear roads and a van that runs well.

    Until Next Year!


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    Christmas Day 2015

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    Tiago’s First Christmas!



    We started the morning around 7:30. We told the kids they could look at their stockings but couldn’t touch anything until everyone was awake. IMG_20151225_080919 IMG_20151225_081054 IMG_20151225_081340


    And then we took turns opening gifts. A couple from Ben and I and a couple from Santa! Christmas morning is the BEST!

    New Sweatshirt for Benji

    Benji had nothing on his Christmas List except Skylanders. He said we always pick him cool stuff. New Sweatshirt!

    GI Joe's for me!

    GI Joe’s for me!

    #1 on Rosie's list: Take Care of Me Lambie

    #1 on Rosie’s list: Take Care of Me Lambie

    Arcade Circuits for Packer

    Arcade Circuits for Packer

    Cali just wanted a stuffed Elf!

    Cali just wanted a stuffed Elf!

    another princess christmas

    another princess christmas



    Glitter Glide Castle

    Glitter Glide Castle

    There was so much snow!

    There was so much snow!

    The new toys were left for an hour or two while we cleared the driveway and played in the snow

    The new toys were left for an hour or two while we cleared the driveway and played in the snow

    snow face

    snow face

    snow ball fight with Ben

    snow ball fight with Ben



    Drawing a map for his OzoBot

    Drawing a map for his OzoBot

    Tiago enjoying his Jumper

    Tiago enjoying his Jumper

    one of my gifts

    one of my gifts

    our princess collection ( I admit to liking these as much as the girls)

    our princess collection ( I admit to liking these as much as the girls)

    Still EXCITED on Christmas Day! Kids are the best.

    Still EXCITED on Christmas Day! Kids are the best.

    Princess land all set up.

    Princess land all set up.

    Ray asked Santa for Umi Zoomi Skates!

    Ray asked Santa for Umi Zoomi Skates!

    In the afternoon we headed over to Ben’s parents house for dinner. We had a delicious Christmas dinner and visited with family. The kids talked about gifts and played games. We all Face Timed with Rick and Jen’s family. We played Pie Face and came home around 8:00 to finish packing our bags for California.

    Playing Pie Face


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    so much anticipation in this house!!!!!!!!!!!


    We went to McDonalds at noon with all of the cousins!

    IMG_20151224_131509 IMG_20151224_131517 IMG_20151224_134135 IMG_20151224_140515

    We let the kids open their gifts from each other.

    IMG_20151224_143142 IMG_20151224_144336 IMG_20151224_144348

    Around 6:00pm Mom and Dad Netty, Falabellas and Wrights came over to celebrate and hang out!

    IMG_20151224_195356 IMG_20151224_195508 IMG_20151224_195521 IMG_20151224_195658 IMG_20151224_195706 IMG_20151224_195729 IMG_20151224_195829 IMG_20151224_195855 IMG_20151224_200014

    Nativity. The kids have taken over the nativity and it always makes us smile and remember the reason for the season.

    After everyone went home we opened our new Christmas Jammies!

    IMG_20151224_212439 IMG_20151224_212703 IMG_20151224_212812

    Took some fun pictures!

    IMG_20151224_213047 IMG_20151224_213145 IMG_20151224_213302

    Checked the Santa Tracker, and set out the cookies! Tucked the kids in bed and watched the Snow Fall 🙂


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    IMG_20151222_195331 IMG_20151222_195340

    Ben and I went on a date night to Crescent Superband. Spencer Walgren is on the far right. The Christmas music was GREAT.

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    1st Day of Christmas Vacation

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    We got a few chores done Monday morning and then the kids were getting antsy and it’s cold outside and… I made a quick decision that it was a Trafalga day so we went at 11am and stayed until after 2:00 and wore everyone out.

    IMG_20151221_131029 IMG_20151221_131002 IMG_20151221_122224 IMG_20151221_132608

    I broke the mirror on my van pulling into the garage >(


    Benji went to wrestling.

    We had basketball skillz class in the basement.

    I made tacos.

    Rose and Cali taught FHE about Christ’s birth!



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    Robertson Christmas Party 12/20/15

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    We had a Robertson Christmas Party at Joel and Megan’s house. We had a fun/fancy dinner. First the adults SERVED the kids and then the kids served the adults. It ended up being super fun. Our Family, Joel’s Family, Ryan’s Family (15 kids) and Shannon, Sean and Jana (9 adults).

    IMG_20151220_170904 IMG_20151220_173458

    They had fun ordering and then asking for lots of beverage refills 🙂

    IMG_20151220_174753 IMG_20151220_174927

    And then it was our turn to be served…


    the menu


    Somehow we convinced the kids to give us shoulder massages post dinner 🙂 and they sang and danced for entertainment.

    IMG_20151220_194456 IMG_20151220_194517

    We ended the night with 2 tired babies.

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    We went to watch cousin Julia do her gymnastics. The kids loved playing on the equipment there. Cali and Rose are interested in joining but I’m still holding out to make them soccer and basketball players like there momma!

    IMG_20151219_120954 IMG_20151219_121441 IMG_20151219_121448 IMG_20151219_122319 IMG_20151219_121404 IMG_20151219_122548

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    School Concert 12/18/15

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    The kids sang with their classes for the school concert. They all really enjoy singing, especially when it’s Christmas songs!

    BUT my other children were so HARD!

    the gym was HOT

    Millie can’t sit still

    Ray was tired

    Rose is shy and emotional so if someone tries to help me she freaks out.

    EVERYONE HELPED ME and I still barely survived.

    Michelle took Tiago the ENTIRE time.

    Julie saved me a seat.

    Rebecca let the kids have more room back on her row.

    Strangers let Millie lean on them and push them and wipe sour patch stickiness on them.

    I love watching the older kids sing but I disliked trying to control the younger kids in that environment.

    IMG_20151218_133119 IMG_20151218_134059

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