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    Pioneer Day – JULY 24, 2014

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    Thursday was our Utah Holiday – we celebrate the Pioneers coming and settling the valley. Ben doesn’t get the day off because he doesn’t work for a Utah company. Somehow the kids ended up talking me into a trip to Trafalga. We went down to the Orem one and did 3 rounds of miniature golf – one inside course and both of the outside courses. The movies were broken but we still had a good time on a hot day:

    IMG_20140724_131406 IMG_20140724_134024 IMG_20140724_135426 IMG_20140724_140512

    That night we went up to Pete and Amanda’s house and hung out in the backyard and watched everyone else’s fireworks! The kids had a glow stick, jump on the trampoline, play in the grass fun night while we enjoyed the view and the visiting:

    IMG_20140724_211632 IMG_20140724_211638 IMG_20140724_211645

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    7 Peaks

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    We went to 7 peaks again this week! That’s what you do when you have a pass! and when you have Cousins that you want to go with. Emily and her kids and Jamie and her kids came this time. It’s hard to stick together and get everybody where they want to be BUT the kids had a great time.





    Packer loves this Racing Slide and the first couple of times the life guards let him go on it but then the mean life guards took over and they called him out on being an inch too short 🙁 He was SOOO SAD. I was MAD cause I knew he was safe and he finally had the courage to do it but can’t until he grows a little – sorry buddy.

    Benji also found some courage and went on the TALL yellow slide! Carter and Cody convinced him that it was mostly the same as the racing slide so he went for it. He liked it – but only did it the one time 🙂












    We got home and crashed!



    And Millie took a little snooze in the car and then climbed all over the place 🙂


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    Middle of JULY – just us doing our summer thing… Packer learned to do the crazy loom… my wave runners are still waiting to be  tested! unbelievable!

    DSC01076 DSC01053

    Millie is on the bathroom wall… make sure and look at that and not the dirty toilet next time you visit.

    IMG_20140630_162530  IMG_20140711_163013

    These two and their Skylanders – did you know there is  a new one coming out just in time for Christmas!!? That will be 4 Christmas’s in a row for these boys and their new Skylander games.

    1404760572931 1404760601314

    I put a new battery in Ben’s car and I still need to fix my mirror 🙁

    IMG_20140710_104535 IMG_20140710_111950

    Brady babysat for us a few nights! We got to see Divergent and Planet of the Apes. The kids love when Aunts or Uncles baby sit. We also took advantage of Free Slurpees on 7-11 day

    IMG_20140710_225228 IMG_20140711_140108

    This boy is pretty cute with his trains!

    IMG_20140711_162514 IMG_20140711_162529

    We went to 7 peaks with a bunch of Netty cousins! I only got pictures of the babies – everyone else was busy playing.

    163July2014 IMG_20140716_164038

    And Last Night we had a family dinner at Ben’s parents house and celebrated Emily and Udine’s birthdays!!




    IMG_20140720_195102 IMG_20140720_195333 IMG_20140720_195457

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    Camping in American Fork Canyon

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    We went camping over the weekend! Ben and I took the kids and every camping item we own and went 30 minutes up the road into the winding canyon. We went to the free area past Salamander Flats with no water and no toilets! We found our spot and within 5 minutes the kids were COVERED in dirt! Millie was eating EVERYTHING. We set up camp and explored the area and then started baking in the heat of the afternoon.

    IMG_20140717_121758 IMG_20140717_130933 IMG_20140717_154457 IMG_20140717_155507

    It was too hot to sit around in our campsite so we drove down to Tibble Fork Resevoir and put our feet in and walked around the shore. Millie napped the whole time so Ben watched us from the car.

    IMG_20140717_173209 IMG_20140717_173306 IMG_20140717_180208

    Back at camp we started a fire so that we could make our pudgy pie pizzas for dinner. They were delicious. We also roasted some corn in the fire – so yummy. It was hard trying to make individual pizzas for all of these hungry kids. We did burn a few. And Millie did need constant attention to keep her out of the dirt.

    IMG_20140717_193324 IMG_20140717_193328 IMG_20140717_193347 IMG_20140717_193423 IMG_20140717_202443 IMG_20140717_202450 IMG_20140717_202834 IMG_20140717_202842

    The boys were SOO excited about the little orange tent. I thought they would be too scared to use it but they proved me wrong. They loved it. I did have to get up at 2:30am because Packer had gotten out to get a drink and Benji wouldn’t let him back in because the zipper was stuck and they needed help 🙂 I was happy to go save my little boys! We tried the smore’s in a waffle cone that night- and they were DELISH! Luckily my brother Joel showed up at just the right time and he helped all of the kids roast the gooey yumminess.

    IMG_20140717_213640 IMG_20140717_213725

    As we sat around the campfire that night Ben and I realized that we had never been camping by ourselves with just our kids – we are always with family or friends. It was a good day for our family. It was good to be able to give attention and help each child and not lose them in a crowd of cousins. Packer LOVED being with just Benji. These 6 little people wore us out but we love them so much and to see the fun they were having made it all worth the work.

    IMG_20140717_213742 IMG_20140717_224402  IMG_20140717_224410

    Friday morning Ben took the kids on a little nature hike around camp. They loved the butterflies. I got some breakfast started and we filled our tummies.

    IMG_20140718_080833 IMG_20140718_084809

    We ended up with all three of our tents set up because the girls thought they wanted to sleep in one. They got to nervous the first night but they did sleep in it the 2nd night. They were too exhausted to be scared. After breakfast we hung out and read a few stories and explored and tried to find shade. There wasn’t any shade so we had to go find some.

    IMG_20140718_110159 IMG_20140718_110438

    We drove down the mountain to the turn off and then UP to Silver Lake. The really curvy roads were not fun. Raymond was our only barfer. The 3 miles up on a dirt road was pretty adventurous and had a great view of the lake we had been to the day before.

    IMG_20140718_122640 IMG_20140718_125013

    We found a beautiful spot with some shade and put our feet in the water and had a picnic and got ANNOYED BY HUNDREDS OF DUMB FLIES!!

    IMG_20140718_132305 IMG_20140718_133829

    So then we went around to the sunny shadeless side of the lake and there were NO FLIES and it was actually pretty nice. We wished we had brought fishing poles and chairs and a raft… next time.

    IMG_20140718_133918 IMG_20140718_142613 IMG_20140718_145051 IMG_20140718_145955

    We made it back to camp and we huddled in the shade of our umbrella while Ben started our Dutch Oven Dinner. Jamie and her kids arrived shortly after and started setting up camp and making a fire for tinfoil dinners. Mom and Dad Netty showed up next and cooked their dinners. Matt joined us. And as we finished dinner Pete and Amanda and kids showed up and then Udine and his boys. We ended up with 7 tents and lots of Happy Dirty Cousins. We played Bocce Ball and explored and ate…

    IMG_20140718_164044 IMG_20140718_181802

    IMG_20140718_181921 IMG_20140718_182049

    After Dinner Jamie got out her Guitar and campfire music and we had a little campfire singing. Mom and Dad had to head home and then we sat around the fire and told stories about the Nettesheim childhood. There were lots of fun ones and the kids were very intrigued. We also roasted marshmallows of course and one by one I put the kids to bed as they got toooo tired to go on 🙂

    IMG_20140718_201219 IMG_20140718_201230IMG_20140718_202937

    Saturday morning we tried to keep kids quiet as long as we could but that was only until 7:30. Millie had been crazy baby in my bed all night so that was no fun (the main problem was I have just finished nursing her BUT she just wanted to nurse back to sleep all night – not good timing) but the other kids slept great. I made some HC for everyone and then we started packing up camp and let the kids play. We had a big breakfast with all of the cousins and then we really started breaking down camp. Millie was being beastly tired but wouldn’t sleep. We had to have lots of help packing up but were glad to have Nieces and nephews and Sister in Laws to help out a ton. After we were 100% packed up we drove up the road to Cascade Springs. We hiked through the springs and enjoyed the morning before loading back in the dusty van and heading home. Oh Yeah, Brewer was with us the whole time – he ENJOYED the adventure and did really well.

    IMG_20140719_112219 IMG_20140719_113332 IMG_20140719_114919

    We got home in the early afternoon and it took everything we had not to crash and nap… But we got everything unloaded and put away and laundry started – definitely the WORST parts of camping. WE BATHED for days to get all of the DIRT off and Ben even mowed the lawn and grocery shopped before we crashed on the couch for the night. CAMPING really is an adventure. We are glad we put in the effort and made the memory. Maybe we will do it again soon 🙂

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    Hancock’s were Here!

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    We spent 4 days with Erica and the kids! Our kids are still good friends even though Than and Erica picked up and moved back to California (yes – I’m still bitter)! I’m always a little surprised how well the kids get along and are not shy with each other. They really are more like cousins – the little ones think they are cousins 🙂

    They came early Monday morning and we went to the pool that afternoon!

    image (1) image (4) image (5) image (7) image (8)

    These 2 girls are 1 day apart and they were too cute this trip. They played hard… and they do not know how to apply “a little bit of make up” – O’well 🙂

    image (2) image (3) IMG_20140707_133726

    We mostly just let the kids play.

    image (9) we did lots of dishesIMG_20140707_185424 Camry was awesome and wins most accommodating childIMG_20140708_233059 3 nights of slumber partiesIMG_20140709_194638 Pacen turned 10!

    IMG_20140709_225837 Erica and I played a little old school Dr Mario!!

    A few more pool pictures:

    image IMG_20140707_152844 IMG_20140707_152908

    And the older kids got to hang out with Cosmo at the Jimmer Bball camp:


    And we got to go to Xtreme Sports in Provo for Pacen’s birthday! The kids loved it. They were much braver than I thought they would be and they were completely entertained for the 90 minutes.

    IMG_3460 IMG_3463 IMG_3464 IMG_3471 IMG_3477 IMG_3513 IMG_3516 IMG_3520 IMG_3523 IMG_3554 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3561IMG_3431 IMG_3433 IMG_3449 IMG_3459 IMG_3482 IMG_3494 IMG_3496 IMG_3506 IMG_3511IMG_3534 IMG_3539 IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3564 IMG_3569 IMG_3579

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    Millie is 10 months old today!

    DSC01178 image (6) IMG_20140704_180541 IMG_20140707_190239

    She learned how to pull herself up to standing this week!

    She is almost done nursing.

    She is getting fast and she gives CUTE smiles and cute “Da Da Da’s”.

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    HAPPY 4th of JULY!

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    Happy July 4th! We LOVE the USA!

    IMG_20140703_101951 IMG_20140704_180003 IMG_20140704_180028 IMG_20140704_180413 IMG_20140704_180752 IMG_20140704_182537

    We had a great day with our kids and 2 nephews. We hung out at home and went to the pool. We watched world cup soccer and  ate Kong cones. We went to Matt and Jamie’s for a delicious BBQ and Ben made watermelon slushies. We played a game of 7 wonders while the kids played and then we went to the school to see the city fireworks. We met up with Pete and Amanda’s family there and just enjoyed this beautiful and free country. Our kids actually Enjoyed the fireworks instead of crying and plugging ears so it was great.

    IMG_20140704_211752 IMG_20140704_211937 IMG_20140704_215154 IMG_20140704_221956

    On Saturday we did some recovery from a busy week. We took the kids to In and Out and they loved it. We also went to Toys R Us because Gma and Gpa sent a gift card for benji’s bday!

    image (2)

    DSC01186 IMG_20140705_112628 IMG_20140705_144551 IMG_20140705_162346

    We woke up Sunday morning with 2 sick kids 🙁 so… we cancelled our family game night and had another relaxing evening at home with feverish kids all over me. We did introduce them to “Parent Trap” so that was fun.


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    Our Week with Carter

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    kong cones

    kong cones

    baby kong

    baby kong

    Carter got to spend the week with us while his family all went to different camps. He lives in CA so it was fun to get some time with just him. He and Benji and Packer played LOTS of Skylanders and King of Tokyo. They loved the pool and just hanging out. Carter wanted to treat everyone to Kong Cones so we hit Maceys twice.

    How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the drive in!

    How to Train Your Dragon at the drive in!

    We went to the PG pool twice. Packer LOVED the slide and Benji realized that he could do the diving board! Carter was a good influence to help them push themselves. We went again on Friday with Camden and they loved it. Cali was swimming pretty good without her life jacket and Ben took all of the kids on the slide so it was a success.

    101_0014 101_0016 101_0018 101_0022 101_0025 101_0028 101_0033-001 101_0017

    I guess Carter and Cam were camera Shy at the pool. But on Thursday we went down to the BYU Bean Museum and Dinosaur Museum. We checked out all the animals and then we got to go pick Cam up from Basketball Camp. Carter was not camera shy – he was the photo bomber 🙂

    IMG_20140703_160024 IMG_20140703_160656 IMG_20140703_162727 IMG_20140703_164358 IMG_20140703_164741 IMG_20140703_164757

    We picked Cam up from camp and headed home. That night there were lots of neighbors doing fireworks so we went out and laid on the grass and played with glow sticks until super late. On Friday we hung out at the house and went to the pool and got Kong Cones and had a Barbeque and watched fireworks at the school. Then I woke the boys up at 4am and we drove down to Provo to pick up the EFY boys and I dropped them off at the airport. It was nice to see my nephews and be able to help them out. Living in Utah brings these opportunities and I love it.

    IMG_20140703_220508 IMG_20140703_220801 IMG_20140703_220913 IMG_20140703_220830  IMG_20140703_220850 IMG_20140703_220840

    Thanks for the fun week CARTER and boys!


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    SUMMER hAs OfFiCiAlLy BeGuN

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    Summer has officially begun at our house because Packer is done with Reading School!! I am excited. A – because he did really well and went up 4 reading levels in one month! and B – I don’t have to set my alarm anymore and wake kids up! … that’s what summer is all about right? sleep in and wake up when your body is ready to wake up.

    IMG_20140625_082629 IMG_20140625_082621 IMG_20140703_132419

    Packer read 100 books during the month!

    DSC01079 DSC01086   IMG_20140625_180753 IMG_20140630_162530

    Millie is getting so big. She is all over the floor and I can’t keep up with the cleaning. She finds every “little” thing that gets left out and ignores the big things. And we will be adding her to the baby bath wall very soon!

    Ben and Cali went to 7 peaks for dad night!!!


    We have Zucchini from the garden! and it makes delicious bread!





    The kids were riding their bikes quite a bit  but now the heat wave is here so it has slowed down. We got Benji a BIG bike – it’s a mountain bike and a little too big but its been fun watching him learn to ride it. And Brewer is having a fun summer – Pluto came to play the other day, and Hersey and Pickles and Moki and the neighborhood dogs have all been over.

    IMG_20140626_180620  DSC01052

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    Egger Boys! Sean! Ryan! & Kids! Joel! Megan! Brady! Kevin! Liz! & Kids!

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    June 29th was a party day at our house. It was Benji’s official birthday! But first I got up at 1am to welcome Braden, Bryce, Camden, Carter and their friend Brady who flew in from Hollister. They all came out to go to  EFY and Basketball camp while their parents and sister went to Girls Camp. First thing Sunday morning-  Benji opened presents!

    DSC01154 DSC01158 IMG_20140629_091756 IMG_20140629_091838

    We all went to church and then family started coming over to hang out! Sean and Anthony came. Then Ryan decided to come at the last minute and surprise us all! Joel and Megan came and Brady and Monique. Then kevin and Liz stopped  in for the night on their drive home from Liz’z family reunion! 20 kids and 11 adults!! Another Stay-cation!


    We had more cake and ice cream for the birthday boy.

    DSC01161 DSC01165 DSC01168 DSC01170

    And we ended with a big cousin sleepover! I love when family comes over. I love that even though I didn’t settle in CA I still have lots of opportunities to see my family.

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