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    Another fun weekend

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    I play soccer on a women’s indoor team and the games are usually on Friday nights. I love that I get to play on this team but it does mean that our Friday nights are hard to schedule. This past Friday we decided to head up the canyon with the kids for a quick picnic. We had just enough time to eat our dinner and go on a short hike. Then I hurried everyone along so I wouldn’t be late to my 7:40 soccer game 🙂 The kids loved it. Packer proclaimed many times how awesome nature is! They all just enjoyed being out and with the family. They collected leaves, sticks, rocks, and anything else that looked cool. We should definitely go more often… maybe if we just bought the season pass for the canyon we’d go more, or maybe not…






    I ran to my soccer game and let my amazing husband finish out the evening and put the kids to bed. After the game I got to go out for shakes and fries with the girls and pretend I was young again. Very fun. Soccer is in full swing so we did that from 8 to 1 on Saturday and then I was exhausted so we had a lazy afternoon before taking the kids to cousins night. Ben and I shopped and went out to dinner that evening. Then on Sunday we got to go to the stake center for the Brigham City Temple Dedication! It was neat to take part in the dedication and to do something out of the ordinary. Then we spent the afternoon with my brothers. Ryan has mastered my moms chicken noodle soup and I won the rook game so it was a good way to spend the day. In the evening we celebrated birthdays with the Nettesheim’s. We had tons of dessert and lots of discussion. We came home a little warn out which is a sign of a fun weekend. Today the kids get out of school early and the Packers play tonight so the fun continues.





    This was Cali’s response to the big hole in the ground toilet. She was definitely not risking sitting on that thing and falling in! (good thing she’s wearing diapers so it didn’t matter.)


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    two babies

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    Rose has been so sweet with Ray Ray this week. She plays with him and shows him how toys work and today she was crawling around with him and needed her clothes off because Ray’s clothes were off…

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    Benji lost a Tooth!

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    Benji is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. He has been watching his friends, classmates and younger cousins lose their baby teeth over the last few years. He has waited patiently for his turn. He wiggled and pulled on that tooth all day Sunday but it held on. Tonight he had a starburst right before bed and loudly exclaimed that his tooth was out! We paused the BYU game and the whole family celebrated, I’m not sure why it is so exciting but it was. I have no doubt that it will be the talk of the morning as well. Childhood is awesome. Parenthood might be even better. Yeah for losing teeth!



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    Chubby Cheeks

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    On Sunday Night Sean and Joel took a picture of Raymond (top picture) and in my head I could see that picture. Like I remember having one just like it of Benji so I finally got on the computer to see. I found the picture of Benji  (middle picture). Benji was around 5 months old, 20 pounds and we were visiting Than and Erica in Michigan. They are the same pajamas and Ray is 7 months 20 pounds so I tried to reenact the picture again last night (bottom pic.) but this is as close as I could get. It’s actually pretty tough to squeeze the baby’s cheeks, get him smiling, eyes open through the flash and take the picture. Anyway, I love my cute chubby babies, all 5 of them!

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    Student of the Week

    Benji came home from the second week of school with this award! He got to go to the BUG lunch with the principal! Benji is a people pleaser and that includes teachers.  We love how he is always on task at school and we don’t have to worry about him. Whatever the teacher says is law!

    BUG Lunch with Principal Sorenson

    Packer got his first homework and he loves it. He comes right home from school and gets started. I love how he wrote so many little S’s on this page and you can see how hard he was trying and how it is really difficult for him to make the letters.

    Packer’s Kindergarten Homework.

    Cali is loving school as well. I love that they are so excited and uninhibited at this age. They don’t really worry about being right all of teh time. She  is pretty young for learning her letters but she is trying.

    Cali’s Painting – i almost never do paints at home so it is a treat when they get to paint at school.

    One more Benji Award. His teacher had a lot of really nice things to say about him. He is excellent!

    The Bee Excellent Award from Benji’s Teacher.

    Homework Hour at our house.

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    Raymond is 7 Months

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    I was late on immunizations so Ray went in for a 7 month instead of a 6 month. He weighed in at 18 pounds 11 ounces and 26 inches long. He is a healthy little boy. He just started crawling on his 7 month mark. He can’t go far but he can go. Last night he crawled over and got his bottle out of the diaper bag. The other trick he is working on is crawling to sitting up. He has done it once or twice but has not mastered the self sit. He loves to eat anything that we let him. He is still a good sleeper and we just love him to pieces.

    2 weeks ago – thinking about crawling.

    Rose had some snacks and Ray wanted them SO bad. He was throwing himself up ion top of Rose and trying to steal them. It was funny.

    the thumb is just too cute

    I CAN CRAWL!!!!

    found my bottle

    moms phone is also good motivation to crawl

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    Football season has started! No, none of us actually play, we just really enjoy watching the NFL and College Football. This year we had to re-order our cable TV so that we could see the games – it is that important 🙂 The Hancock’s came and stayed with us for a few days at the end of August for the BYU home opener. SO fun. The BYU win and the Visitors. They are the biggest BYU fans I know.  The only pictures I took of their visit were at the splash pad. We went on a school day morning so noone was there and the kids loved having the place to themselves.


    Claira, Cali


    Packer, Benji, Camry


    On Thursday we had Michelle and Pete’s families and Ben’s parents come over to watch the Packers beat up on the Bears. It’s fun to have something that we are all passionate about and can enjoy watching together.

    Rose, Ben, Cali, Ray

    Ray, Packer, Cali

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    More Back to School Pictures

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    I like the school schedule. I love summer but taking a break from school is what makes summer so awesome. My kids enjoy school and we all do well with a schedule so I feel like it is a win win situation at our house. We had 3 different first days of school this year so I took a billion pictures and felt the need to post more.

    Benji 2nd grade


    Packer Kindergarten


    Cali Preschool


    Rose Wishing she could go to School


    One of the first days that Benji went to school the kids were so excited for him to come home. When they saw him come around the corner they ran down the street and met up with him. I love this picture of the three of them walking home and talking about school:

    Home from school! Mom watching from the porch. I love that my kids can walk to and from school!


    And because my blogging world stopped on Packers back to school days here are a few more of my big kindergartener…

    Packer and Luca First Year at Manila!


    All lined up! waiting for the teacher! and all the parents on the other side crying and/or rejoicing.


    I think he did this pose last year too.


    Packer is very sweet and he is STILL loving kindergarten!

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    I wish I could say that my blog has simply been having issues and I haven’t been able to post and that is true BUT I haven’t even thought about posting because I have an almost 4 year old daughter who has decided to revert back to BABY status. She is no longer potty trained which is the biggest issue and puts me in a bad mood daily. She also throws fits, asks for sippies, doesn’t listen, and she told me that I have 3 babies now! So it has been a long month and there is no end in sight at this point….

    Maybe her first wasp sting changed her into a monster?!?

    Cali is a very good big sister to Raymond.

    And she just peed her pants again as I type this! ahhhhh! this is exhausting.  I have tried positive reinforcement and negative punishments, and nothings is working. At this point I have given up. I am in ignoring stage, hoping the problem will fix itself or at least give me some time to regroup and power up for another round of potty training. Luckily life does go on and we have had plenty of fun amid the tantrums of our eldest daughter.

    The sun still rises (and I enjoy watching it come over the mountain when I happen to look at the right time).

    Skylanders is still a favorite for the boys.

    Love this outfit. So ugly it’s cute.

    Packer decided to change the family room into a LIBRARY one day!!

    Library was a success. We did lots of reading for 3 days.

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