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    Brewer is on the naughty list!


    Brewer is a really good dog, BUT… He has been on my naughty list the past 2 weeks!


    St. Nick left a few dog treats in Brewers stocking on the 6th. A few days later we woke up to a chewed up stocking and the dog treats gone. Not cool.

    Fast forward a few days. We had some dental chew sticks for the dog and had left them out on the desk. Upon coming home from the store I discover the package empty and chewed up on the floor!

    Now Ben and I are starting to wonder what our perfect little puppy is capable of so we left a piece of chicken on the edge of the table before we went to church… Do you think it was there when we got home three hours later? NO. It was long gone. He NEVER eats off of the table. Our dog is being bad.

    We like to let him stay in the house when it is cold and wet but he might be losing that privilege. I set him up for failure again today when I left to run some errands. I took a before and after picture of the table top see what he was up to while I was gone….




    He failed.

    My only excuse for him is that the vet said that he was over weight so we are feeding him a little less food AND apple season ended at the same time… Meaning that the apples from the neighbors tree are always on the ground so Brewer eats a ton of apples during the fall. Now the apples ended at the same time that we cut his portions so he is a hungry doggy.

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    Pre California

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    I went to California last week! I have a deal with myself that if Ben is going to be gone then I can be gone also. So Ben went to scout camp and I took the kids to CA. LaNell came with me because I CANNOT make the drive by myself and we had a wonderful trip minus a few long hours of screaming in the car. Anyway, rewind another week before last week and that is where these pictures are coming from:

    slip n slide

    We had a free Saturday and spent it at home doing a few chores but mostly just being home as a family. The kids did the slip n slide and then took the cold hose in the hot hot tub and played for hours. Rose wore arm floaties and couldn’t quite relax with them.

    floatie Rosie

    Cali loves the camera and she loves swimming

    Packer practicing his snorkel

    The next day we got to pick my niece and nephew up at the airport. Shae is 17 and Braden is 14. They got to go to EFY this year so we spent Sunday evening hanging out with them before they went to BYU for the week. We also spent time with the Nettesheims that night for Ellie’s birthday.

    Taylor, Braden, Brady, Kelsey, and Shaelyn

    Joel took this random pic of Brewer waiting for us to get home Sunday night. He's a good lookin dog.

    A few more random pictures:

    Our backyard Tree that we love.

    Each of our children have enjoyed this swing.

    Rose chewing on a rag - she loves to do this after every meal - weird - but whatever.

    Our cute thumb sucker.

    Summer is going way to fast. It just started but I can already see the end…

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    Affordable Dog Sitter/Kennel?


    Does anyone know what to do with a big black lab while we go on vacation? We usually have a family member watch the dog but we are all vacationing together this time. ANy suggestions would be appreciated.

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    The Fly Eater

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    (No the fly eater is not Packer 😉 ) We have 4 horses in our backyard – like 30 feet from the house – so with the horses come lots and lots of flies. We also have a broken screen door. So this is a deadly combination for a house full of flies. Our dog is A Fly Eater! I thought dogs are supposed to clean up after you eat and keep the floor clean – our’s doesn’t do that very well , BUT he has been eating flies like a crazy man and I love it. Thank you Brewer!

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    Month of May


    I haven’t posted all month! Maybe I’m not cut out for this Blogging world! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

    Packer made the big move to a Big Boy Carseat and is loving it. We love watching him dance in the car.

     Big Car Seat

    My brother Josh and his wife Mallory and Baby Payton came to visit at the beginning of the month! You might note that their 6 month old is the same size as our 1 year old – hmmm – -maybe we are short parents 🙂

    Payton and Pac-man

    Summer is finally here so we spent a Saturday in the yard getting it cleaned up and “making the sand box cool”. Benji and Packer are loving the sand box and as long as I don’t mind Packer eating all of the sand then it is hours of unsupervised fun.

    New Sand Toy

    Ben has been waiting for the weather to warm up so that he could get the garden started. It’s been a little rough with bad weather, the dog chewing the soaker hoses and some sort of animal has taken a liking to all of the pumpkin plants so few have survived :(  But … we are determined to have a salsa garden and a few pumpkins at Halloween 🙂 Good work Ben and happy 33rd Birthday!

    Bens Garden

    I got a new Vacuum! A Dyson DC14 Animal Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum – I love it and I love that it actually gets the Dog Hair out of my house!

    Pac loves his Puppy

    May 16th and 17th was our ward father and sons campout! I tried to convince Ben to take BOTH of his sons but he didn’t quite go for that. So Benji and Dad went to the little Sahara desert and had a good time in the sand dunes. Though I did hear that on the way home Benji said “Dad, that was fun, but next time Mom should come too.” How sweet. It was less than 24 hours but Packer and I missed them.

    In The Tent 

    Benji PLayed Flashlights in the tent for a good 45 minutes before falling asleep 🙂

    The Sand Dunes 

    We might need a bigger pool this summer…

    kids in the pool

    We spent a day at Yuba Lake with Erica and Pacen and Camry Hancock. It was a fun day – good picnic, warm water, mostly happy kids but it was a little stinky and got windy when it was time to go. So we’re still looking for a good lake and wishing we lived by Lake Oroville – what a beautiful and perfect swimming lake – I miss it 🙁

    Benj and Pace

    mom and Pac

    That was our month. Today was the last day of school so the neighbor girls came to see if Benji and Packer wanted to come ride bikes and play in the Cul-de-sac 🙂 and my sister-in-law Jamie had a baby this morning! A girl! Number 5! No name yet 🙂

    Guilty or Innocent?

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    Ben: well I guess we need a new key board. Brewer chewed through our other one.
    Jana: Are you serious? That’s two of them he got to.
    Ben: Ya stupid dog.
    This definitely seems like a ploy to get a New and Wireless Keyboard if you ask me. The dog hasn’t ruined anything EXCEPT both of our old keyboards. I smell computer nerd (Ben) using his little puppy to get something that he has had his eye on for years now!!The keyboard is nice though and it seems to have inspired me to finally start my blog :)  


    I am far from a dog lover. I hear people say that they don’t have kids yet but they have a dog and that is their baby and he’s spoiled and…. well we have a dog now but he is not my baby and he is not spoiled. I just finally gave in after 4 years of Ben pleading. Packer and Benji enjoy having him around and he hasn’t done his buisness in the house for 2 weeks now so it looks like we’ll keep him. He might earn his keep with me once he learns to play frisbee – that will be fun.