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    5 Hates & 5 Loves



    I was writing in my journal the other day and started writing all of these things that Benji hated to do and all of these things that Packer loves to do and so that got me thinking and here our our families loves and hates:
    Cali Loves:

    1. Eating
    2. Sleeping
    3. Eating
    4. One on One Attention
    5. EATING

    Cali Hates

    1. Getting her Diaper changed
    2. Falling Asleep on her own
    3. Being left alone
    4. Going a Full 3 Hours without food
    5. The car seat and being in the CAR

    Packer Hates:

    1. To Obey or Listen
    2. Getting his diaper changed
    3. Nap Time
    4. to be told “NO”
    5. Sharing HIS toys

    Packer Loves:

    1. Eating Fruits and Vegetables
    2. to sit in HIS chair and watch a show before his nap
    3. to give big hugs
    4. to drag you around by your finger
    5. He LOVES to drink MILK

    Benji Loves:

    1. Pretending to change into something or be somebody with powers
    2. Going to the cousins
    3. COMPUTER and TV
    4. Fruit Snacks and Chocolate Milk
    5. Someone reading to him or telling him a story

    Benji Hates:

    1. to change out of his pajamas and get his hair combed
    2. Flushing the toilet
    3. Keeping his shoes on
    4. Turning off the TV
    5. to do ANYTHING quickly or in a timely manner, he is S L O W.

    Jana Hates:

    1. Cleaning Bathrooms
    2. Mushrooms and Spinach
    3. When her kids poop up the back
    4. when every shot goes right to the goal keeper
    5. DOG HAIR

    Jana Loves:

    1. Eating Chocolate
    2. Being Wife and Mom
    3. Pulling down a good rebound (when you are 5ft that is a big deal)
    4. Family Time and Extended Family Time
    5. Holding her Babies

    Ben didn’t make a list but I made one for him too since he is part of the family. So these are Ben’s likes and dislikes according to his wife. He may have to get on here and make some changes when he sees it.

    Ben Likes:

    1. Playing soccer
    2. keeping up to date on electronics
    3. playing with the kids
    4. watching Lost, Heroes, and other shows with his wife
    5. His job, position, role, company

    Ben Hates:

    1. Being out of shape
    2. going to work every – single – day
    3. Being left with a hungry crying baby
    4. when there are no snacks in the house
    5. getting out of bed in the morning
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    I am Spoiled


    I get to play basketball on Monday nights after FHE and then I sneak out at 9pm on Wednesdays for some more basketball and then on Fridays Ben brings the kids to watch my soccer games! I LOVE basketball and soccer. I Have The Best Husband Ever to let me be gone for 2 or 3 nights a week ( plus the Visiting Teaching and Enrichment and anything else that might come up – he’s the best). I am so grateful to be able to keep playing and enjoying these sports. I hope that in 30 years I’m one of those ladies with gray hair and still running the field.

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    What’s New…

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    Cali wears big bows in her hair now.


    We ate a Green Dinner for St. Patty’s (every time I called it Patty’s Benji would correct me and tell me that it is called St. Patricks Day.)


    Packer has the fattest Lip 🙁



    We had a retirement party for Grandpa Becker. (Ben’s Mom’s Dad)


    Packer still LOVES ALL Vegetables and Fruits. He loves Candy and snacks too but he will choose vegetables over anything else. Here he is snitching the onions and peppers before I made fajitas!


    Ben and the boys started a garden in my family room!


    Cali is starting to move around… no official roll overs yet but scoots in a circle and loves to play with her tag blanket. I don’t have any pics to prove it but I like her smile in this one…


    My boys are in to Dinosaurs.


    and one more picture of the fat lip… he was jumping on the bed and hit his face on the window sill. He had  a bloody nose and the lip was swollen really bad. The swelling has gone down a lot but the under side of the lip is black and purple. It’s so bad that whenever he asks for anything you just have to give it to him because his lip looks so painful.


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    My Basketball Buddy

    I had a good day of March Madness yesterday. The cougars did lose but I was smart enough to put that on my bracket this year. Mikila was supposed to come watch with me but she bailed for something called “work”… So, Packer watched with me. Before the games started he saw me with my bracket so he made one to carry around with him… sooo cute!

    my basketball buddy
    Packer’s Bracket 🙂

     Here’s to another day of basketball.

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    To all of you Mini Van Drivers…


    I made the best purchase EVER a few months ago… It is the “extendable Arm!” One day I was just thinking how nice it would be to be able to hand Packer his sippy cup when he drops it on the van floor WITHOUT undoing my seatbelt and getting out of my seat and crawling behind Cali’s carseat to find the cup and wouldn’t that be nice to stay in my seat and somehow have happy kids… Well, ROSS came through again. I didn’t even know I was looking for the “Gopher Reaching Tool” but there it was and NOW IT IS MINE and now I just reach back with the grabber and voila a happy boy with his Sippy! It can grab food, toys, books, whatever… I love it. I am so excited for our next big trip!!

    YOU TOO CAN HAVE ONE OF THESE FOR JUST $14.99   this is the exact one that I have – it folds up but is quick to get out when I need it. click on this link or the picture for more info:

    the amazing arm

    the amazing arm


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    I love Basketball

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    The MWC Tournament started yesterday, with 4 games today, 2 games tomorrow and the finals on Saturday. LETS GO COUGARS! and then we jump right in to the NCAA March Madness Tournament – so if I disappear from March 19th until April 6th then don’t worry – I’m fine, I’ll just be in front of my television.

    And I’ve been playing basketball once or twice a week. Thank you LaNell for inviting me to play. I love it and I NEED the exercise so it is a win win situation. Make that a triple Win because Ben gets the kids on those nights and he has mastered getting them all 3 to sleep.

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    Cali Found Her Fist



    I found my fist and it is yummy!

    I found my fist and it is yummy!

    She looks a little boyish – so here she is in her cute dress… 

    I'm Cute

    I'm Cute

    And a few more pictures for Cali’s Grandma’s…

    love that smile

    love that smile


    unsuccessful Photo Shoot

    unsuccessful Photo Shoot

    are we done yet

    are we done yet

    one more smile

    one more smile

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    The best Church Calling Ever


    I am a relief society teacher and I love it. This has got to be the best calling ever. It is fulfilling. People compliment you and appreciate and make you feel good after you give a lesson. And it is only once a month! the rest of the time you get to sit back and appreciate everyone else. Maybe this will be my eternal calling…

    Things that really hit home for me in todays lesson were: 

    ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.’ [Matthew 5:9.]

     We can cultivate peace by honoring one another and refusing to find fault.  – – Honor One Another – REFUSE to find FAULT! – I believe that there are 2 types of people in this world – The Ones you love and the ones you don’t know yet – it’s hard to blame someone you love and know. Give people the benefit of the doubt!

    and the section from “The Life of The Prophet” reminded me of  the  Mike Wallace 1996 Interview With The President Of The Mormon Church. President Hinckley was AMAZING in this interview. I loved his answers. I loved his simplicity. This was a real testimony builder for me in high school.


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    Sunday March 1st


    After the blessing we had a luncheon at our house. We had a great time visiting with family and playing a few games. We were thankful for the nice weather because our little house does not accommodate  50 people otherwise. From Ben’s family we had Pete, Amanda and their 5 kids, Matt, Jamie and their 5 kids, Michelle, Udine and their 4 kids, Becky with 2 kids and Andy, Stephanie and one in the oven. From Jana’s family we had Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, Ryan and his 4 kids, Joel, Tracie, John, Shannon, Sean, Bracken, Carol, Larry, Alex, Colby, Ivy and 1kid, Josh, Mal and 1 kid. Friends: Mikila, Travis,  Nathaniel, Erica, and their 3 kids. Here are a few pictures from our day…

    By the end of the weekend we were exhausted. Thanks for the support everyone. And we know that there were many more that would have been here if they could 🙂

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