Month: October 2009

    Halloween Preview


    OK – I have to update my blog because that last BYU post is just to lame to look at anymore. So Here’s a peak into Halloween at the Nettesheim house. The boys have been counting down the days until they get to wear their costumes. We’ve been singing, “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Christmas and Packer lets us all know that “this is NOT Halloween!” So tomorrow we will sing the song for real.
    Benji got to wear his costume to school today and Ben wore his to work…


    Can someone teach these guys how to flex their muscles? Cali and I are going to be super heroes also!! I’m sure we’ll get more costume pictures up soon.

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    There is magic in the air today! It is almost time for the BYU v. TCU game!! Than and Sam Hancock were on ESPN this morning. We barbqed at their house this afternoon and the dads and sons even played some football in anticipation. We are heading over to Pete and Amanda’s for the game. I am excited to watch – GO COUGARS.

    It is also Super Saturday for my ward so I got up early and spent the morning at the church getting some craft done. I’m not the best but it’s fun to do once a year. I got most of my stuff done but had to bring one project home because I got caught in the chocolate Dipping class – YUM YUM. Sheila might be my new best friend.


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    Our Horses Are Gone :(

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    We have had horses behind our house since we moved here and we have actually become pretty attached to them. One of Benji’s first tricks as a baby was that we would ask him where the horses are and he would point out back every time no matter where we were in the house. So the neighbors decided that it was time to sell the horses and they took them away yesterday. Benji and I both cried this morning when I told him that they were gone. ( I’m not an animal lover but I did love these animals because I just got to enjoy them on the occasions I wanted to and had no responsibility for them.

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    Pumpkin Picking

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    Looking for the perfect carving pumpkins.


    And we only found time to carve 2 of them so far this year. Packer loves his little smiley pumpkin and Benji was sold on carving The Pumpkin King.


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