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    Presidents Day Weekend!

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    PRESIDENTS DAY WEEKEND: Hole in the ground! Babysitters. Soccer. El Mexiquense. Custard. Shannon. Soccer. Late Night Chat. Stake Conference. Ben’s Fried Chicken. 7 Wonders. Spoons. Rook. No Sleep. Flags. Donuts. Soccer. 7 Wonders. Baller Beats. EXHAUSTED.

    late night friday night

    saturday morning bear walker

    Aunt Shannon is here!

    toooo big

    sunday chill, right before the spoons got brought out.

    the cousins babysat while adults played soccer monday morning

    and that was our FUN exhausting weekend 

    I thought I posted this last week – oops…

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    February 15, 2013 – Friday – Our House is Started!

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    We have a hole in the ground! I never knew that could be so exciting 🙂 We woke up last Friday morning and they had started on our house! Now it feels like we really are building and moving. We will literally be a block down the street on the other side of the road. I’m glad that the kids won’t be changing schools and we won’t be changing communities. It should be a smooth transition. The hardest part will be leaving neighbors and church friends. We are not fast friend makers so that will be the worst. We are building right next door to Ben’s sister and her family and we are EXCITED to be neighbors. We will be anxiously watching the house go up over the next 3 months!

    friday morning

    friday night

    checking progress on monday


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    February 14, 2013 – Valentine’s Day

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    THE KIDS WERE SOOO EXCITED FOR VALENTINE’S DAY. We gave a few valentines that morning and had all of their Valentine’s ready for school. Benji got to make his first Valentine Box to hold his valentine’s in. Packer decorated a bag and Cali decorated a canister. They all loved giving and getting valentines. Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim stopped by in the afternoon with a Valentine! and a birthday present for Raymond. Then we spent the afternoon getting our teeth cleaned at the dentist. We tried to do homemade heart pizza but we don’t have a heart cookie cutter so we ended up with a bunch of little animal pizzas. Ben spoiled me as usual and it was an enjoyable day.


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    February 13, 2013 – Ray Tom’s Birthday

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    even 1 year olds know presents are exciting

    yea – it’s my birthday

    He had lots of help opening presents

    We had a pretty chill day on his birthday. We sang to him a lot and made him a basketball cake. (I have to do sports cakes when they are little because they never seem to choose sports once they have an opinion.) I took the kids shopping that morning to pick a few presents – that’s not typically our style but it was fun. When Ben got home from work we opened presents and ate cake and ice cream.

    Aunt Tracie MADE this angry bird shirt! the whole thing – not just the cool bird!

    excited for his cake!

    Ray loved the cake. I think this was his 2nd piece. Yeah!!!

    1 year old info: Raymond is a great sleeper. He sleeps 12+ hours at night and he takes 2 naps during the day. He doesn’t need to be put to sleep. I still wrap him tight and put him in his bed and he goes right to sleep. He does suck his thumb which is nice and convenient right now – hopefully it won’t be too hard to stop. He is a  Perfect 5th child in that department. He is a happy baby. He often has a big smile on his face and loves to play. He will just follow the kids around, even disappear in the toy room for an hour. He is our most active baby. He gets into the tupperware and cups daily. He goes for the fridge or dishwasher whenever they are open. We had to lock the sink/garbage cupboard to keep him out. Raymond is a big eater. He likes his bottle but he is not satisfied until he’s had something to chew on or sink his teeth into. He loves bread and bananas. He eats whatever we are eating. I switched him from formula to whole milk and he is doing great. Ray Ray is really good at going up and down stairs. He isn’t interested in walking yet. He can stand up if he doesn’t realize he’s doing it but he’ll sit right down once he realizes it. He can pull himself up and walk holding on but mostly just crawls. Ray Tom is also our most scheduled child. I can count on him being hungry when he wakes up and I can count on a morning nap and an afternoon nap and he goes to bed at 8:00 with the kids and he sleeps all night. Really the perfect 5th child. He likes singing and dancing and playing catch. We love him so much.

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    February 12, 2013

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    this is us trying to make Cedar and Ray play together – or atleast get a pic together


    Tracie and Cedar spent the night so Brady, Sean and Kelsey did too. We had a pretty lazy morning hanging out and then we all went down to the Golden Coral at 1:00. We planned a little luncheon for Grandma Johnson’s Birthday. Diane, Sasha, and Jer all met us there. We had fun eating and chatting.

    the lunch crew

    time to go

    After lunch I had to get home to get the kids from school and Tracie had to grab her things and head over to the in-laws to play with them. The college kids needed to resume their usual schedule as well. It was super fun playing with family on a monday and tuesday. We are happy that Tracie got to come visit. The kids and I had a simple dinner and a lazy evening and were excited when Ben got home that night.

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    February 11, 2013

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    Tracie and Cedar came to visit!! They are the ones that live in Alaska so it is a big deal. On Monday morning Ben had to go to the airport and work in Seattle for 2 days so he missed all of the excitement and I was glad to have company while he was gone. That morning we got up and let the kids get in Cedar’s face. She is 2 weeks younger than Ray but she is walking and talking and such a big girl. We had fun seeing her little personality.

    Rose helping Cedar go for a ride

    Baby Car Races

    Ryan and Brinlee knocked on the door before we had time to eat or get dressed, so the fun started early 🙂 Tracie, Ryan and I played 5 rounds of 7 Wonders that morning! Brady, Kelsey and his friend Karlee came in the early afternoon so we got a few more games of 7 Wonders in and visited a little.

    game time

    In the Evening Ryan’s family and Sean came. And Joel and Megan came and made us a curry dinner! We played more 7 Wonders and ate and we made Bacon ice cream and Oreo Ice cream. Then we chatted until the morning hours. It was a fun family day.

    Cedar did fall down the stairs a few times… these split level homes are tricky

    cheer leader Tracie

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    we are here…


    I feel like I should blog because it has been two weeks but I don’t have much to say so….

    Last week we babysat Diego, Lalo, Luca and Mia – Monday through Friday. They were really good. My kids just played and played the whole week. I did a few extra dishes and the toys started to take over the house but we had a good week.

    Cali and Mia ready for school.

    On Saturday we got to go to a baptism and visit with Nate and Becky and Heidi and Norb. Family time is great and baptisms are GREAT. Benji is getting ready to get baptized this year! It’s exciting to watch him grow up.Raymond came down with a nasty cold on Saturday. I keep thinking he is over it but then he gets whiny and clingy and needs some extra attention. Today he has a runny nose.

    Sunday we had my family over to watch the super bowl and celebrate Ryan’s 37th birthday. We ate a ton of food, yelled at the tv and the poor officiating, and then got a few games in. Monday the kids got out of school early and got to go to Kangaroo Zoo! Tuesday we met with Cadence homes and our builder and signed some initial papers on our new house. Wednesday we were out of food and toilet paper so at 5:00 I took all of the kids to walmart! We shopped, picked Valentines and then stayed to eat at Subway.

    Yesterday we got to meet with Benji and Packer’s teachers. Both of our kids are doing well in school. They follow directions and do their work and don’t distract the other kids. We are proud of their good behavior.

    Packer doing one of his Random projects (Cali seems to be in all pictures lately)

    That’s our story. We are alive. Doing the day to day. Trying to stay healthy. Getting antsy for Spring… I need to start using my camera more. Ben is off to a snow camp out in a few hours and it just started snowing so that should be an adventure. My parents leave for their cruise today! Tracie and Cedar come to visit on Monday. And Erica just had her baby this morning!!

    I don’t have a picture of cute baby Maren so here is one of my girls – they are becoming great friends and they are both surprisingly good at playing with and entertaining their little brother.

    I spent 2 hours cleaning our toy room this morning and it is not clean so I’ll be down there if you need me.

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