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    Fall Soccer 2014

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    Soccer season is back. We are 2 games into the fall season. This is Benji’s 6th year, Packers 4th and Cali’s 2nd:




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    The Barfs

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    The Barfs – that’s where we’ve been this past weekend. We counted 30 throw-ups. Ben is the only one that didn’t join the party. Saturday and Sunday we just took our turns throwing up and being blahh. Monday and Tuesday were recovery days:

    IMG_20140910_110724 IMG_20140910_110738 IMG_20140910_113840 IMG_20140910_113958 IMG_20140914_173143 IMG_20140914_173153


    and NOW I am happy to be back in civilization and almost caught up on laundry. This will go in the books as our worst family sickness to date.

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    Night Time Routine

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    Tonight we got home after 9pm from a church activity and wanted to get the kids right to bed since it’s a school night and they were all tired. We sent the kids to get pajamas on and brush teeth and meet us in the loft. Ben and I got Ray and Millie ready for bed and I had just 30 seconds before we’d all be ready for family prayer so I grabbed Millie and tried to put her to bed. As we walked into the room I noticed she had her eye on all of the kids on the love sac. But I knew she was tired so I put her in bed and SHE WENT CRAZY. She was mad and screamed her mad cry so I grabbed her out and broyght her for family prayer. We had prayer and gave hugs and THEN she went right down with a smile on her face! Isn’t that amazing! She is only 1 but she knows our routine and wants to be a part of it.

    IMG_20140912_171055 IMG_20140917_133221

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    Millie’s First Birthday

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    Happy Happy Birthday Millie Girl! We sang to Millie lots of different times during the day and every time she would get a big smile on her face and bounce up and down. It was so fun to see her be excited and enjoy everyone’s attention!

    we played with birthday balloons in the morning

    we played with birthday balloons in the morning

    and made the cake

    and made the cake

    and opened a present from Grandpa and Grandma Nettesheim

    and opened a present from Grandpa and Grandma Nettesheim

    Millie learned how to turn around and go backwards! This is a life changing skill for a 1 year old and her mother! I am so excited. No more getting stuck on the stairs or the fire place or kitchen chairs or the front porch. She is still hesitant but has learned to turn herself around and go back on her tummy. I love it. I love her. And I love that she can do stairs all by herself now!

    we opened presents after dinner

    we opened presents after dinner

    this ball was the only thing Millie knew what to do with

    this ball was the only thing Millie knew what to do with

    Grandma and Grandpa Robertson sent a present too

    Grandma and Grandpa Robertson sent a present too

    the older kids were very helpful with unwrapping her gifts

    the older kids were very helpful with unwrapping her gifts

    She has 6 teeth now! She is still a great sleeper. We will take her for her well check and weigh in on Monday.

    dancing to her birthday song

    dancing to her birthday song

    DSC01838 DSC01840 IMG_20140911_202723

    Whenever she hears music she bounces and dances. This week she had the best little upper body wiggle and she would kick in the moves with the beat of the music – Adorable!

    IMG_20140906_085554 IMG_20140906_170821

    I took her to get her 1 year pictures and she was a little stinker. I say stinker instead of beast because she wasn’t in beast mode- she wasn’t crying or whining. She just wouldn’t cooperate and wouldn’t sit for more than 1 second and she was just crawling all over the studio exploring and having fun. I bought a few pics and I’m sure they’ll be cute enough.

    this girl loves sitting on the toys. She almost always climbs in the box and plays from there.

    this girl loves sitting on the toys. She almost always climbs in the box and plays from there.

    She has also been climbing into this toy and getting herself stuck.

    She has also been climbing into this toy and getting herself stuck.

    This little baby has also learned the fake cry. She throws little tantrums and can turn the tears off and on. We love our Millie Marie. I can’t believe she’s already been a part of our family for a year!

    all cleaned up after eating cake!

    all cleaned up after eating cake!

    but not quite ready to end the fun birth day...

    but not quite ready to end the fun birth day…

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    Little Grass Valley Reservoir Camping

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    We spent the Labor Day weekend in California!
    We pulled the kids out of school Thursday and drove all day. We arrived at Little Beaver Campground around 6pm. My parents and several siblings and their families were there waiting for us. We set up our tents and ate dinner and began a pretty sweet camping trip.

    IMG_20140828_101541 IMG_20140828_101731

    Electronics in the car! Kids these days have it soo easy! And Millie was so HAPPY to get out of the car seat for 5 minutes.

    DSC01474 DSC01480

    love Rose’s smile and happy cousins in the background. And I love that my mother has the same wash bin that my Grandma Robertson would always bring camping. Ray and Rose enjoyed washing their hands. I don’t think Benji or Packer ever used it.

    DSC01482 DSC01483

    Cute pajama Ray. And Packer helping Grandpa string the clothes line.

    DSC01484 DSC01487

    Benji being cool with Uncle Mike and Benji and Pack having a brotherly moment in the hammock.

    DSC01494 DSC01497

    Christy and Rob rented a boat and captained the ship for 2 days!! It was sun fun to try surfing and wakeboarding.

    DSC01503 DSC01505

    Millie and I on a kayak. She didn’t last more than 5 minutes but it was a nice idea.

    DSC01506 DSC01509

    Benji trying to keep up with Jaydn. And Packer out on the lake with Uncle Kevin and Thomas.

    DSC01510 DSC01514

    Bren is TOO cute in this shot and I love Packer’s little arms trying to have muscles!

    DSC01515 DSC01520

    Joel and Megan brought their waverunners!! and Grammy is giving Ray and Thomas a little ride.

    DSC01523 DSC01524

    Lots of girls on the beach! And Lots of adults.


    These kids trying to find some shade = we spent all day on the beach – 11am until 6pm! And we got to try Wake Surfing!














    Our cute flag holder!












    I love this picture of Ben jumping into the wake!


    Ray and I on the Fast boat.


    Jaydn and Jarsh!

    Day two was another FULL beach day. We got to try wakeboarding and it was fun BUT it was a lot harder than I remember it being. On Shore we killed the kayaks! The kids were able to go out on their own and they really loved the freedom and learning how to paddle. Jared provided a little entertainment as well.

    DSC01650 DSC01656DSC01660 DSC01666DSC01670DSC01674DSC01675 DSC01687




    Megan on the machine with the twins. and Millie trying to be good on the beach.

    DSC01683 DSC01684 

    more adults on the beach and a little bocce ball game.



    Ray doing funny faces with a BAD sunburn and Brady showing Monique how to skip rocks.






    DSC01698 DSC01710


    Day 2 I spent my afternoon teaching the kids how to knee board. Braden and Bryce took a turn and I tried to teach Packer, Benji, Cali, Payton, and Maddy.


    DSC01699DSC01705 DSC01717DSC01720

    boys trying a log roll and Brady getting pulled on a kayak by a waverunner!

    DSC01714 DSC01723

    On Sunday we took a break from the water and had a more relaxing day at camp. We had a little church time and then we went on a drive and hike to a cave.



    DSC01737 DSC01762 DSC01741DSC01744  DSC01749 DSC01746 DSC01758DSC01761 

    We had a great time with family (and no electronics) and we got to see a few good friends. Here was our group just for the record: Mom and Dad, Christy’s Fam, Mike, Kevins fam, us, Josh’s fam, Joels fam, Tracie’s fam, Brady and Mo (missing Ryan’s fam, Shan, Sean, Kelsey and Shae) Jared and Amber Reynolds fam, Mikila, Justin and Leeann Hancock fam, and Rob and Raeanne Barth fam. All of the kids played so well together. The adults got along pretty well to 🙂 I love campfire and nertz and hot chocolate every morning.  Millie and Ray and all of the kids slept pretty well at night. I loved moms chore chart!! Camping is so much better when you don’t have to cook and clean every meal!

    We had a quick trip home! 10 hours – 2 stops. I slept most of the way and read a book the 2nd half. The kids did well and Ben drove like a champ! It was a great way to spend the Labor Day weekend!

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    Summer Wrap Up

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    Summer is long gone… i miss it already. I miss not setting an alarm. I enjoyed having the kids home and having the older ones help with more chores. Here is our summer wrap up:DSC01201 DSC01203

    we hot tubbed with neighbors and cousins.


    we made it to the library a few times. I would have liked to have gone more often but things got busy.


    Rose and her shoes… she can’t wear shoes. EVERYTHING hurts her feet. She is almost always bare foot. I just bought her 3 pairs of shoes. I think one of them is going to work. And hopefully Millie will not be as sensitive and be able to wear the others.


    I forgot how fun sink baths are! The towels and clothes are all up stairs so it’s not super convenient BUT when Millie feeds herself the bath is almost a necessity.


    learning to pull herself up and explore everything in the house.

    IMG_20140721_211016  IMG_20140724_100914

    Garden and Goofiness! Raymond always has us laughing.

    IMG_20140725_135713 IMG_20140725_135718

    Benji was in charge of this picnic – teddy bear sandwiches are always a hit.

    IMG_20140724_100837 IMG_20140808_100327

    I am still in love with Rose’s self portrait! – her drawings are so cute!


    Girls snuggle time.


    creative play in the toy room. I had lots of work to get done so the older kids had to lock the younger kids in the toy room and entertain them.


    These 2 are from the same mold. I think they look a lot alike.


    Millie learning how to walk!


    They were literally shocked when I told them that they were tooo big for strollers! They were taking turns rolling down the neighbors driveway on this particular evening.



    Cali enjoying a little basket shooting 🙂


    And that is my wrap up. The school year is here, Homework is here. TIRED kids are here. And once a week when Rose goes to Library with Ellie it is just these two little peanuts and myself  being lazy at home 🙂


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    This Cali Girl was ready for Kindergarten! She has watched her brothers for years and she knew just what to expect.


    She has been SOO tired after school. Like almost in a daze. She seems a bit overwhelmed with it all. There are about 30 kids in the class! Isn’t that too many?

    But she says she loves it and she is already soo close to reading. She brought home her first school library book yesterday and sounded out every word. The girl does not give up 🙂

    DSC01455 DSC01457 DSC01460 DSC01461 DSC01462 DSC01467 DSC01469 DSC01470 DSC01471

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