Month: October 2008

    Names, names, names…


    Just over a month out and we’re still undecided. Ben and I have been having fun with this little widget though: 

    Popularity of names starting with PHILOMENAPHILOMENA


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    The Great Pumpkin Party


    Saturday Night was our 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Party. Ever since we moved into our house here we have invited family and neighbors over for an outdoor showing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. Each year has gotten better and better. You can see that our little backyard was pretty full this year…


    We played pin the bow tie on the skeleton while we waited for the sun to go down…


    We had a “Best Seat in the House” Raffle – the winner got to sit in the Giant Bean Bag and consolation prize was the blue movie chair. Then we enjoyed Hot Chocolate and Popcorn and watched the show! Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the perfect weather with us!


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    Today was Packers first day of Nursery! and the first day that I’m released from nursery! so Ben took both of the boys to nursey and we got to actually open our scriptures and listen to the lessons in Sunday School and Relief Society! It was a nice change for me. I am recommitted to do my personal history and inspired by the relationship between Joseph Smith and Emma. On a lesser note I realized that a pregnant woman in my state should not be trying to wear nylons – way too tight and uncomfortable! and on another note - why in the world do people think it is OK to clip your fingernails at church??? Today marks the second time that I have been disgusted that one would find this to be the right time to take care of their personal hygiene! Come on people!

    Benji had a hard time going to nursery without his mom today… When it was time to go he said, “Today is a bad day Mom.” With the grumpiest and most sincere face 🙁 And Dad reported that he left benji in the teachers arms screaming that he didn’t want to stay… but he made it through the whole time and even had a smile on his face when I picked him up. Thank you to great teachers for letting him be a special helper and babying him through this hard time. We gave high 5’s for being a big boy and look forward to good results next week.

    I wanted a picture of Packer on his first day of nursery but his older brother was determined to be in the pictures… I love my boys.

    nursery boys

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    More Pumpkins


    I just looked through my October pictures and all i see are pumpkins – I guess its that time of year with farms and pumpkin patches and our garden and…. I now know why that is one of Packers first words. We are in love with pumpkins this year! We had a few pumpkins in our garden still so we picked the last of them this week and we got some fun pictures with Grandma and Grandpa.

    garden pumpikns

    Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim are on their way home today 🙁 but we had a great time while they were here. Our favorites were playing Candyland, Sheepshead, and O’shucks with them.

    pumpkin pose

    LaNell, Mikila and Katie came over to carve pumpkins last night – – we had fun and we think our pumpkins turned out pretty good. Mine is the “wicked” one in honor of seeing the show on broadway. You might  be able to guess who wanted a Ninja Turtle and Packer and Ben came through with some good Jack o Lantern faces for us.

    pumpkins 2008

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    I Hate Tetris!


    ok – really I love tetris but I hate that I found this little tetris in the closet and I have waisted many hours because i just had to beat the score – level 91, 911 lines. I’ve been playing it for about 2 weeks now and today I finally beat the score, wich is great except for the fact that it took over an hour to beat and I have officially waisted naptime and all productivity in my day!! LAME! Luckily, I have a very understanding husband who knows about my Tetris and Pac-Man addictions and will let today slide but for my own sanity and the sake of my home and children I must stop! Would someone please hide this from me? or take it, or smash it with a hammer… ( how does a toy made in 2000 still have working batteries!!)


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    Grandma and Grandpa

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    Ben’s parents have been in town for the week so we have been on the go…

    Ben went to Strawberry Reservoir for some fishing with his Dad, Grandpa Becker and his brother Matt.


    We played our last softball game of the season on Friday night. Go Sausage Racers!


    On Saturday we went to “This is the Place, Heritage Park” in Salt Lake City. They had lots of history mixed in with some trick or treating, animals, crafts and rides. We were all anti craft but I did let Benji do one and it ended up being his favorite part! This is our hay ride and the kids liked the train ride too.


    Benji and Packer both loved the Pony Ride. These little ponies were cruising. I’m surprised Packer didn’t fall off!


    Here is Ben with his parents in front of the monument. They live in Indiana so its great when they come to visit and spend time with us and the kids. We still have 4 more days to spend with them so I’m sure we’ll make some more fun before they have to go home.


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    Chicken Wing

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    My boys have decided that they love these hats. They look so cute in them. I took them to a freezing cold softball tournament last Friday night (hence the chapped cheeks and lips) and they have been wearing the hats ever since. Yesterday was T-shirts, pants, and snow hats weather – I love it!

    cold Benji Cold Packer 

    Last weekend we had Aunt Tracie and Uncle John come and stay with us for Tracies Birthday!! Ben and Benji were so excited to have them come 🙂 We played lots of fun Benji games and went to McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese inbetween softball games on Friday night ( i think our kids are spoiled! we did only spend 2$ at chuck e cheese so….). We went and played Raquetball and WallyBall on Saturday morning for Tracies party, Joel and Sean came too so that was fun!! I love having a big family! After that we had the BYU game .

    chicken wing happy birthday Tracie

    Tracie lived with us before she got married and during that time she and Benji decided that they each call each other “Chicken Wing”. I don’t think it has any meaning or came from anything but it has definitely stuck. So this is Tracie’s Chicken Wing Cake and Benji calling her Chicken Wing and laughing. Lots of fun.

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    this week…

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    the boys all got haircuts…

    Packer Haircut Benji Haircut

    This was Packers first Haircut! He had some cute curls but they were only cute for the first 20 minutes after you combed his hair and then he had some major bedhead and fro going on back there. Benji also needed a cut – we are still trying to figure out if long or short is best for the double calic boy.


    This week has been Park week. It is wednesday and we have been to 3 different parks! It’s been great weather and mom and the boys are loving it. On Monday we went to a park near Bens work and had a picnic with Dad. I even brought the dog which is a big step for me. Brewer is inches away from being able to catch a frisbee – that will be fun once we get him playing frisbee with me.

    Benji Climbing Dad and Brewer 

    Packer really wanted to get up on this bench… what a big boy! He really is getting TOO big – the haircut, moved up a size in shoes and clothes, and now that he is trying to communicate he is quickly turning into a little boy instead of our baby!

    I want up Benj will help I made it I am COOL

    On Tuesday we went to the park with the Hancocks. Erica let her kids put their feet in the water so mine had to too! It was a really fun park. Benj loves playing with Pace Pace and Cam Cam… even when we have to have timeout because we really want that stick that Pacen has!

    Packer in the River Benj and Pace TimeOut

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    2 months to go!


    I love the last 2 months of pregnancy… not because my back aches and I don’t sleep well and maternity clothes start to not fit and I’m really tired and…. I love it because something kicks in that makes me think how much I love my other children and I need to cherish this time with them before we add another little one to the mix. I love cuddling with Packer and he can finally gives kisses back. Benji woke up from his nap before Packer so we got to work on my puzzle together and play CandyLand and you can practically see his little mind spinning and learning. I love my family. As much as I can’t wait to see this little girl and not be pregnant – I am really enjoying life as it is!

    29 on the 29th

    (this was on my birthday and i am wearing my new blue tooth – I know a little cheesy but convenient.)

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    Our kids get their teeth late. Packer has been a grouch this week and I discoved his right top moller is coming in and his third tooth on the bottom. This explains why he chewed on the baby teething toy all morning! Once these ones come in he’ll have 9 teeth!!

    Packer Smile

    I just found another one on the bottom – so 10 teeth!

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