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    My Husband

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    Ben is awesome. Today he is taking the day off and instead of taking advantage of the one time to sleep in he is up with the kids, getting bottles, doing advent calendars, making hot chocolate and being a great dad! I love that he loves the holiday season and brings so much fun and joy and perspective for our family. Today kicks off the holiday chaos for us – we have family gatherings today and tomorrow and Christmas Day and somewhere in there I am packing our bags to head to California at 6am on Monday. I am actually feeling quite prepared and ready so now it’s just exciting… Here we go …

    Ben and the kids

    can't believe these guys are all mine! love'em all

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    Let it be known that taking 5 kids to Walmart did me in. It was 2 days ago BUT I was sooo worn out. I think I finally recovered –  I am counting the unborn child because he was responsible for some of the stress and technically I did take him with. Anyway, I decided to get my snow tires put on at Walmart so that the kids and I could just shop and not have to wait in a waiting room and… well Walmart took FOREVER on those tires. We shopped until we couldn’t think of another thing to shop for. We browsed and played and waited. I even had to call Ben as backup cause it was his lunch hour and I was not going to make this trip on my own. Rose had a stinky diaper and threw a fit every time she saw food that she wanted. The other kids were actually really good, they just got tired and there are a lot of them to keep close so noone gets lost in the Christmas rush. And it really is hard to push a cart when 1-2 kids are in it, the other 1-2 are hanging on it and the baby wants to be held so you only have one hand. Anyhow – enough whining from me already πŸ™‚ Here’s a picture of the crew that wore me out so quickly:

    my kids and I - on a Sunday - this is not our Walmart attire

    This Christmas vacation is crazy! No wonder the teachers don’t want the kids in school. My kids have been bouncing off the walls all week. Christmas is in the air. I haven’t had any peace and quiet since last Friday. It is an exciting time. I’m glad that they are so excited.

    Look at these happy kids!

    Cali gives the best hugs! and she was my super envelope licker for our Christmas cards this year!

    And today I was recovered enough to make a quick trip to Trafalga – the kids were able to get some craziness out so it was worth it.

    Happy kids playing 'glow up golf' !

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    Cabelas 2011 Version

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    Cali wanted to show everyone her new coat - 6$ at Walmart - she loves it.

    Ben, Rose and a deer head

    Waiting to sit on Santa's Lap!

    Saturday the 17th we made our annual trip to Cabela’s to see Santa! The kids love this tradition. We spend the morning at Cabelas and end with lunch. All of the Nettesheim cousins come so it is a big party for all.

    Nettesheim's with Santa!!

    Packer and Grandpa at the Cabelas Shooting Gallery

    We went and looked at the fish on our way out and Rose loved that part. All of the kids did but she stood in one spot for 20 minutes just watching the fish come and go – very cute. We met up with the crew at Carl’s Jr and had an enjoyable lunch with the fam. Can’t wait till next year πŸ™‚ or at least until tomorrow night when we get together with everyone again.

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    Grandma and Grandpa Becker

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    We got to spend Family night with Ben’s grandparents last week. They are ‘Living’ with Ben’s parents so we get to see them a little more often than we used to. We went to their home and talked about Christ’s birth and had an enjoyable visit with them. This time of year is great for our kids because it helps them get all of their grandparents and great grandparents figured out. We try to see all of them during the holidays so the kids really figure out who is who.

    Angel visiting the shepherds

    Grandma always gets to be Mary :), Packer takes his part seriously.

    The kids loved playing their parts, Grandpa likes to be the wise guys.

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    destructo baby

    sometimes my mail box hands me this - NOTHING with my name on it

    This one needs time outs - and yes we are incorporating the hands above the head torture technique - might as well build those basketball shooting muscles, and she seems to enjoy timeout if it's just the nose on the wall

    Rosie, thinking she is pretty big stuff next to Ellie!

    My Cute Nephew - Thomas Jett Robertson was born on Wednesday the 14th, we get to meet him in about 10 days!

    I love when Rose actually plays toys - SO CUTE when she disappears in the toy room.

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    I need to apologize to my little Rose. I took her to the store and EVERYONE thought that she was a he… πŸ™ Yes, she was wearing a blue shirt and brown pants but really… She had a pink pacifier in her mouth. Anyway – can’t wear that outfit again until we grow some more hair or learn to leave our headband in (neither of which is happening soon).

    before the store - with the headband

    weird lighting BUT cute baby

    Rose and Cali

    The girls take a lot more baths than their brothers. They love to get in and jump at the opportunity – I love for Cali to bathe because it makes her hair WAY easier to manage. This pic is after one of their baths.

    beauty - the 4 pony butterfly look

    Cali has to choose what color pony holder and how many and if she wants any bows or clips and she’s recently decided that she needs the blow dryer and the curling iron. It’s cute but ONLY when I leave enough time for her to make all of these decisions without trying to rush her.

    love my girls

    PS – Rose has been grumpy so I finally looked in her mouth 2 top molars have popped through – she might have more than that but she won’t let me look.

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    We are getting our 6 month cleanings at the dentist this week πŸ™‚ I know my mom and Tracie would be proud. This was Cali’s first time going and she did great. Packer and Cali both went back by themselves and did everything they were asked. I thought they’d need me but they did not.

    Cali' first realt trip to the dentist

    Packer making his "grow toy" grow in the cold water

    Rose got a new tooth brush too!

    Cali told me today that the hygienist knew she had popcorn the other night cause she found some in her teeth  – oops. Packer seems to have my wimpy teeth πŸ™ while Benji and Cali have Ben’s strong teeth πŸ™‚ some things in life just aren’t fair. In fact I had to hear all about how it wasn’t fair when Benji found out that his siblings got to go to the dentist and he didn’t. He was very sad that he didn’t have the new tooth brush and the prize from the prize machine… He is going on Friday… but it is hard to wait.

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    Cali’s Birthday Celebration

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    FINALLY 3!

    Cali’s birthday was on a Tuesday so we got up early and let her open her presents before Benji had to go to school. We spent the morning playing with the gifts and then she played at Mia’s house in the afternoon. Michelle brought her home asleep from the car ride so she got a nap in and then for dinner we headed for McDonalds! We ended the night at our house with cupcakes.

    early morning presents - yes, they love to sleep in their clothes.

    all the gifts and a happy birthday girl

    @ McDonalds, my camera died so we just have a picture of Rose, happy meals all around for this family.

    blowing out her candles

    the kids decorated their own cupcakes

    On Friday night we celebrated with lots of cousins at our house. We just let all the kids play, opened gifts, had cake and then watched a movie. Sorry no party games this year – next time she’ll probably be old enough to care.

    cousin presents!

    all dressed up in her princess accessories

    playing with the cousins - love my toy room

    Cali decided that the cake needed to be Ariel - we looked on the computer for ideas and this is what we came up with.

    cake and ice cream - most of the kids like vanilla - weird

    I feel like I don’t have much time to be sentimental – more like just trying to get this posted before Rose needs food, Packer has another break down, Cali decides to get in one last 2 year old tantrum and Benji begs for help with his computer game… Cali has been a fireball her whole life. She is stubborn and knows what she wants and cannot be reasoned with in the same way that worked for our boys. At the same time she is great at little tasks, anything that involves helping someone. She is my best cleaner and helper by far. She loves to play Uno with me and actually follows the rules. She LOVES to play house with anyone willing and she will ALWAYS be the mom. She loves to rough house with Dad and brothers. Cali hates naps but sleeps great at night. She loves her 2 blankets, pillow pet and sippy. We have attempted potty training a few times but she has not proven ready.We love our Cali girl. So happy she joined our family 3 years ago. She has been my only baby that came 100% on her own with no inducing or meds. It was the middle of the night (of course) so we grabbed Ben’s brother Pete to stay with the boys and headed to the hospital to meet our baby girl. She came quickly, it was a perfect delivery and our lives have never been the same since πŸ™‚

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