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    From June 23rd to July 24th we only had 3 nights that our kids actually slept in their beds with no cousins or friends! We had friends stay the night, we went camping 3 different times, we had 2 of my brothers and their families come stay for a week (different weeks), and we slept at 3 of my siblings houses in California! It was a crazy month with LOTS of fun memories made. Here is the overview, and yes, I will be posting about all the fun in detail 🙂

    Thursday June 23rd – Pack Meeting. Thal Sleepover.

    Friday June 24th – Thal’s, camping in AF Canyon with Robertsons

    Saturday June 25th – Finish Camping, Rose graduation, Ryan and Mary come, Josh visit

    Sunday June 26th – church, dinner with Michael

    Monday June 27th – Discovery park with Porter,Gavin, and Claira.

    Tuesday June 28th – Jeremiah Johnson, RSL game

    Wednesday June 29 – Benji birthday: library, Harper mission, Cali last softball, Cousin Party, court

    Thursday June 30 – temple, games with Ryan, fireworks and king kones, 

    Friday July 1 – neighborhood 4th of July party, RSL game, fireworks

    Saturday July 2 – Brinlee baptism in Ogden, ChicFilA, Shannons house, Stadium of Fire

    Sunday July 3 – church, games with Robertsons, Ryan leaves

    Monday July 4 – Netty party, fireworks at church

    Tuesday July 5 – PG pool, recoup and clean day

    Wednesday July 6 –  library, dentist, Cali to Dr., Owls work party, Mal and kids come!

    Thursday July 7 – babysit Hancock’s, Play with Cousins

    Friday July 8 –  Pond with Mal, Joel, Meg, Kelsey

    Saturday July 9 – Hike to Waterfall, Pond, RSL game!

    Sunday July 10 – Church, Michael, Joel, Bracken, Mal, Sean, Shan, Kel

    Monday July 11 – Shannon, Slurpees, Trampolines, movie

    Tuesday July 12 – Splash pad with Mal and Megan

    Wednesday July 13 – PG pool, Benji’s first 11 year old scouts, Josh comes

    Thursday July 14 – set up camp, Concerts at Fan Fest

    Friday July 15 – Swim and Fan FEST all day

    Saturday July 16 –  Drive to Hollister

    Sunday July 17 – Braden Farewell and luncheon and games

    Monday July 18 – drive to Redwoods, set up camp

    Tuesday July 19 – Sea Cliff Beach

    Wednesday July 20 – Sand Dunes and Beach and SpikeBall, talent show

    Thursday July 21 – Redwoods, Pizza my heart, Boardwalk

    Friday July 22 – Christy bday, break camp, DRIVE, Hula’s

    Saturday July 23 – Swim at Kevins, Pizza and games at Ryans

    Sunday July 24 – Drive home, Matt and Jamie’s house

    Monday July 25 – Kids to Hancocks, Laundry, car quotes

    Tuesday July 26 – Hancocks over

    Wednesday July 27 – lunch with Joel, babysit Gus, FENCE!

    Thursday July 28 – babysit Falabellas, splash pad,

    Friday July 29 – Falabellas, school shopped, Christian over

    Saturday July 30 – Mandy Wedding!

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    summer library program:

    IMG_20160608_105355 IMG_20160608_105400 IMG_20160608_110309 IMG_20160615_134439 IMG_20160622_101622 IMG_20160608_102900

    We went to library class on Wednesdays. The kids got lots of good prizes and had fun doing crafts with cousins. I was impressed with the program this year.

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    June 26th!

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    My blog has had technical difficulties for the last month. We’ve also been “on vacation” for about that long so…. Here We Go Again.

    I was ready to post these pictures at the end of June. So I’m a month late but here we go. We had a great start to the summer:


    Slip n Slide FUN with Falabella’s and Pacen


    Birthday Balloons are the best at this age!


    1 year old pictures. This is the only time we go to the mall 🙂


    Push ups with Millie – she doesn’t realize that I’m not as strong as Uncle Brady.


    These kids spend lots of summer nights in the loft!


    Packer’s sweet testimony in a Book of Mormon that he wants to give away.


    Babysitting Gus


    Pleasant Grove High School Soccer Camp!


    Nap or No Nap??


    FRENEMIES – sometimes she and Maren scratch and Bite 🙁


    Cousins! Hanging out with Sam and Christian.


    and the cousins new trampoline


    I am convinced that this ginormous weed that grew next to our air conditioner was the cause of most of our summer allergies… maybe…


    Cousins are FUN


    another successful RSL date!


    Sundays in June with Uncle Michael!


    sweet baby Quincy


    Cherry Picking at Grandma and Grandpa Nettys


    Cousins at RSL


    Ben took Cali to one of the RSL games and Michelle took Mia!!


    Fun with Snapchat


    Cute Raymond

    IMG_20160609_183640 IMG_20160611_162103 IMG_20160615_201930 IMG_20160616_193703 IMG_20160616_213717 IMG_20160617_202328 IMG_20160618_123430 IMG_20160618_162151 IMG_20160618_162347 IMG_20160620_193536 IMG_20160620_195621 IMG_20160620_195816

    Summer is exhausting but it’s fun exhausting not homework exhausting. At the end of June we had friends and family come and we went  and now another MONTH has flown by. Hopefully I can get caught up quickly.


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