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    The Month of May is coming to an end. It’s been a good month but also a month of survival. I can barely remember what we’ve been up to thanks to pregnancy brain but these pictures tell some of the story. They won’t tell that I’ve been sleeping in and letting Ben get the boys off to school. Or that I’ve been letting the kids play WAYYY too much on the tablets and xbox so that I can rest.


    Cali read to us at her Kindergarten Class for Author’s Fair! She loves school.


    Brewer is shedding like crazy right now! = the worse time of year for nesting and trying to keep my floor clean.


    These kids just love time with their dad. Doesn’t matter what they are doing they just flock to him.



    I watched Benji’s soccer game from the van one of the Rainy Saturdays.


    Ben made some yummy Pork burritos one Sunday.


    That same Sunday Ryan and his girls were here. WE LOVE COUSIN TIME.


    Some friends of ours gave us their little 4 wheeler that their kids have outgrown! Our kids love it. All of them love it. Except Millie – she’s scared of it which makes me happy cause then we don’t have to fight her for it.


    Millie loves Ben’s salsa! yes, it is a bit spicy.


    Benji getting ready to “Shake It Off” at the dance festival.


    Packer bustin’ the first move to “Happy”.


    Cali spotted us in the crowd! so cute


    Family Home Evening turned wrestling match with Dad. He keeps all 6 of them coming back for more…


    Trying to plan our trip to Wisconsin this summer… looking at 50+ hours in the family van!!


    My swollen feet – have I mentioned that I don’t enjoy pregnancy??


    Ben takes his ladder over to the school dance festival so he doesn’t have to fight the crowd. He stands in the back and uses our super zoom camera. It works.


    We spent Memorial Day morning doing chores and cleaning out the garage 🙂 then Ryan and his family came over and we played Agricola and a few other games. At 5pm we headed to Ben’s parents and had a BBQ and then spent some time learning about when Ben’s dad served in the Navy and seeing his pictures from that time.


    Ben got the garden planted last weekend!


    Millie wandered around in her diaper and train conductor hat one night.


    Mr. Wiggle and fun – this guy gets in crazy silly mode – love his smile and laugh.


    IMG_20150524_172900 IMG_20150524_172835

    Is Ray as tall as Rose?? not quite – – they are a silly pair though.



    Rose has been in ballerina mode lately…


    Spider Girl

    IMG_20150523_200204 IMG_20150523_195914


    The RSL games have been a ton of fun.




    IMG_20150523_195859 IMG_20150523_195855

    Having tickets has made us have date night which has been good this late in pregnancy. It often sounds easier to just stay home with the kids and my cozy spot on the couch but… I LOVE THE GAMES AND I’m always glad I went.


    Packer had an aggressive first half last week!


    These 2 LOVE the 4 wheeler- they have the biggest smiles when they drive.






    This boy would live on cookie dough of I let him 🙂



    IMG_20150521_121149 IMG_20150519_191208

    Cali and I went shopping cause all of her dresses were too small – she loved the long dresses and long skirts and has been so happy with them.


    The NON STOP child – this girl only has one speed – GO GO GO. She is fun and crazy and doesn’t listen. Thank goodness for 3 hour naps so I can rejuvenate.

    IMG_20150519_110840 IMG_20150519_110618


    And the girl loves her dog. She always lays on him and sits on him and shares her food with him and tries to hug him and … he also appreciates her 3 hour naps 🙂

    That’s all I’ve got. Life is good. I’m off to lay down and put my feet up – 12 days til my due date!!

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    Big Changes for Millie

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    Millie has made some big changes in her life… with our help of course 🙂

    She is officially out of my closet and in the crib in the girls room!!

    IMG_20150515_104948 IMG_20150515_105002

    And she is done with the bottle! She still doesn’t love sippies but when she’s hungry enough she does drink and she loves straws and cups so….

    The little Millie is 20 months old and her life is about to be flipped upside down when new baby gets here…. We are so trying to teach her to obey and at least “respond a little bit” when we tell her “NO”, or “NOOOO!!!” The girl just does her thing and ignores me and I really need her to be soft to this new baby. It kills us because she understands everything… ie, I can ask her to go get a sippy and put it on the counter and wait for me. She does that. but if I tell her “no, don’t do that.” She completely ignores it. ( I know, lots of 1 year old’s are in this same boat.)

    she BEGS to go 'side, outside' all day. I need a fence so that she can be queen of the backyard and I can sit and relax and not yell and chase her out of the neighbors yards.

    she BEGS to go ‘side, outside’ all day. I need a fence so that she can be queen of the backyard and I can sit and relax and not yell and chase her out of the neighbors yards.

    there is something so cute about a short legged 1 year old riding a wiggle bike. I love watching her ride and get rides from everyone else.

    there is something so cute about a short legged 1 year old riding a wiggle bike. I love watching her ride and get rides from everyone else.

    Isn't this how you play sorry??

    Isn’t this how you play sorry??

    once again she just plops herself where she shouldn't be and refuses to listen or respond to us.

    once again she just plops herself where she shouldn’t be and refuses to listen or respond to us.

    MIllie and Ray have a love/hate thing these days. Millie loves on him so much but she also pushes his buttons and torments him.

    MIllie and Ray have a love/hate thing these days. Millie loves on him so much but she also pushes his buttons and torments him.

    Part of my nesting/last month of pregnancy is always loving on these other babies. I always want to pause time and appreciate the system and routine that we have come to know and love. There’s that easiness of knowing these kids and what to expect and knowing that the unknown is just around the corner makes me want to pause time… These two babies will be all grown up next month when the new baby comes. I feel for them, BUT all of the kids have survived and lived to tell about it. Our older kids are all asking for more siblings still so it must be a part of life that they can adjust to and learn to love just like Ben and I do.

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    IMG_20150512_144622 IMG_20150512_144655 IMG_20150512_144705

    We went and toured the Payson Temple! We tried to get tickets and couldn’t and then some afternoon tickets became available so I grabbed them and we went! and it was great. Ben had to work BUT Jamie offered to take Millie so… I took the 5 other kids and we had a really good afternoon at the temple. It was neat to let the kids see the temple and to watch their expressions. Their little legs were hurting and Rose had blisters by the end but otherwise it was wonderful. I love the temple. I love that my girls bust out in the temple song when we drive by. I’m so glad we made the time to go to this open house.

    IMG_20150512_144021 IMG_20150512_144205 IMG_20150512_144243 IMG_20150512_144358 IMG_20150512_144412 IMG_20150512_144422

    The Prophet talked about temples in General Conference last month and I loved it:

    “My brothers and sisters, in our lives we will have temptations; we will have trials and challenges. As we go to the temple, as we remember the covenants we make there, we will be better able to overcome those temptations and to bear our trials. In the temple we can find peace.

    The blessings of the temple are priceless. …  May our Heavenly Father bless us that we may have the spirit of temple worship, that we may be obedient to His commandments, and that we may follow carefully the steps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”  Thomas S. Monson (April, 2015)

    IMG_20150512_143632 IMG_20150512_143742

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    Turning 40!!

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    I’m married to a 40 year old! That pretty much makes me 40! Crazy how fast time flies, and how young 40 feels now that we are there 🙂

    IMG_20150501_200039-001 IMG_20150501_200041-001 IMG_20150501_200043-001

    We’ve been celebrating the year of 40 and had a pretty good birthday week. In a perfect world Ben and I would have disappeared to a remote island while he turned 40 BUT pregnancy made that near impossible and the other 6 kids are always a factor so…. we stayed home and celebrated the awesome person that Ben is.

    The Friday night before his birthday we went out to eat and then met up with most of Ben’s siblings and his parents at the AVENGERS movie – – this has been a tradition for several years – there is always a Marvel Super Hero movie that comes out in May and Ben loves his Super Heroes. After the movie I surprised him by staying over night in a hotel and not having to do the nightly put the kids to bed routine! We had a night away and let Shannon deal with the kids. We ate breakfast at a cafe the next morning and took our time getting home. Coach Ben did have 2 soccer games to coach on his bday but he enjoys that time with his boys. We opened presents and hung out and Ben tested out his new Blend Tec Blender making us some yummy food and treats. We played a game with some of my siblings and That night Ben and Benji went out with the older Nettesheim crew and played Laser Tag. So he’s officially 40 – but the youngest 40 year old I know 🙂

    IMG_20150508_180557 IMG_20150509_103852 IMG_20150509_104218 IMG_20150509_132846 IMG_20150509_132902 PANO_20150510_213939 IMG_20150514_214116

    The next weekend on the 15th we had one more party with his Parents and Siblings. Ben loves to play board games and card games so I invited adults only over to his parents house for some gaming. This is a big deal because we usually have too many kids and things going on to just sit down and enjoy a game. So we hung out all night Friday night. We played 3 games and snacked and talked and opened gifts and celebrated Ben AGAIN. His mom made him the traditional Netty Wacky Cake – (just like when he was a kid) and we had a great evening staying out late with family and letting Brady handle the kids at home.

    IMG_20150515_200813 IMG_20150515_201133 IMG_20150515_202907 IMG_20150515_203029



    In fact here are 40 things I love about him:

    1. committed to God

    2. Music in the mornings

    3. interaction with kids

    4. sunday dinners

    5. makes me laugh

    6. looks good in a hat

    7. put up with my daily ponytail

    8. he Lives in the NOW

    9. always the optimist

    10. always ready for church

    11. endures chick flicks

    12. Each baby that joins our family he take on more family responsibility

    13. spoils my siblings

    14. spiritual and political insight


    16. Generous with possessions

    17. best soccer coach

    18. we have RSL season tickets

    19. let me watch as much football/sports as I want

    20. scriptures at dinner

    21. 10 years of pregnancy and newborn hormones and he still love me

    22. best Primary Teacher and Scout Master

    23. smart with money

    24. except when it comes to buying me gifts

    25. the kids LOVE wrestling him

    26. we both love chocolate

    27. willing to drive to CA at least once a year

    28. extended extended family loves this guy

    29. computer fix it man for family

    30. not smelly

    31. perfect scruffiness

    32. plans and leads FHE

    33. family can live with us

    34. never under minds my decisions

    35. tucks his shirt in for me

    36. Hawaii, New York, Costa Rica, …

    37. Salsa and Chocolate Cake

    38. daily Goodbye’s with our kids

    39. has learned to bridle his green bay passion and not take it out on the family

    40. He likes me for me
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    the 9th Month!!

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    Really I’m only 35 weeks so I shouldn’t be claiming the ninth month yet, BUT I AM. The ninth month is horrible! I can’t bend over. My body is swollen. My back hurts.
    I can’t sleep at night – trying to find and stay in a comfortable position is impossible, tossing and turning, pregnancy brain. I slept for 12 hours Monday night and woke up with a headache. Not fair. I DISLIKE PREGNANCY.

    Just this week all of the symptoms are kicking in. I would be done today if I could. This child inside of me would probably agree – we are both out of room and would be happier looking at each other.

    I stepped awkwardly  in the walmart parking lot and fell down last night! NOT OK. I don’t fall down. I’m an athlete and I have really good balance – usually – just not in the 9th month. NOw I have a sore ankle and cut foot and I’m Pregnant!

    FHE this week was all about helping mom. Help mom by doing your chores and NOT sitting on her lap and listening and obeying. Let mom sit and be lazy was the over-all message 🙂


    Now it’s May 7th – the week is almost over and I am feeling much better! Maybe I will survive this last month. Headaches are gone, feet are less swollen, and I got a good nights rest. Maybe I just over did it over the weekend with new people moving into the rental and Packer’s baptism and …  I also lowered my expectations which has been great. A successful day is one that I can control my temper, and keep the kids happy. I may or may not get any house work done and I may or may not make dinner.


    NOW I’m 37 Weeks! I’ve survived another week or two!! I’m still swollen and out of breath BUT I’m also doing pretty good. I’m keeping up with the house and my calling and we had family over. The kids are fed and dressed and even sometimes bathed. We read books and hang out and I’m even getting a few more nesting projects done between my naps and tantrums with the kids. I’m down to the obnoxious weekly Dr. appointments and the baby seems to be thriving. We are getting anxious to identify the gender and personality and face of this our 7th child. Ben and I had a night or two away from the kids this month and that has rejuvenated me. I am grateful for friends and family that can take care of these six little munchkins and keep them happy while Ben and I take short breaks.

    In 3 weeks we will have a new member of our family!!!


    That’s the pregnancy update. It’s never fun but ALWAYS worth it.

    This post started off negative but that never seems to last for me. Hard days happen but they always pass. I love being a mom. ACTUALLY – we just celebrated mother’s day – maybe that helped. I got SPOILED. I Have AWESOME kids and an AMAZING husband.

    IMG_20150510_121936 IMG_20150510_122003 IMG_20150510_122123 IMG_20150510_122144 IMG_20150510_123541 IMG_20150510_123606 IMG_20150510_124356

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    Packer Gets Baptized!

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    Packer got baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Saturday May 2nd, 2015!


    It was a very special day and He was very excited. He and his dad went over to the church early to take a picture and get dressed in white.

    DSC02777 DSC02782


    When I met up with him at the church he was dressed in white and super smiley! You could see the excitement in his face and I loved it.


    After the baptism and confirmation we invited family over for lunch. I was surprised how aware Packer was of who was there and all the people that came just for him. It was a special day. I’m happy that he wanted to be baptized and that he tries to be a good example and do good things.

    IMG_20150502_114108 IMG_20150502_124526


    For the record: Grandpa Nettesheim gave the talk on Baptism. Benji gave the opening prayer. Gracie Lawyer was baptized with him. Grandpa and Uncle Joel were the witnesses. Ben was able to baptize and confirm Packer. Ben, Grandpa Nettesheim, Udine, Matt, Joel and Brother Reimschussel helped confirm him. Others that came: grandma Netty, Megan and Gus, Shannon, Jamie and cousins, Amanda and cousins, Emily and cousins, Michelle and cousins, Jack McKeehan.

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    Pine Wood Derby

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    Cub Scout Pinewood Derby 2015!

    We actually had fast cars this years! Benji and Packer both did a good job and Ben helped them get good alignment and weight and it was fun to see them win. Benji was really in shock when he kept winning. He got 1st place!! and Packer got 3rd! I think I’m still in shock. I always prep the boys  that they will probably lose and maybe even be really slow and that it’s OK to lose and…

    Benji's car

    Benji’s car

    Packer's car

    Packer’s car







    Race Time

    Race Time

    Pack 844

    Pack 844

    w/ Luca and his Blue Penguin Car

    w/ Luca and his Blue Penguin Car

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