Month: January 2009

    No Computer for 5 Days


    You miss a lot of blogging opportunities when you don’t have a computer for 5 days so this is me making up for that. As a side note – I do have a cleaner house after not having a computer.

    Cali finally gave us her first smiles!



    My Brother Joel, Sister Tracie and her Husband John came over last Friday. We had a Waffle Brunch and then they took Benji and Packer to Kangaroo Zoo and I got to stay home and relax/clean. They took Lots of pictures and it looks like they had lots of fun. Benj and Pack love having so many aunts and uncles!

    joelPack bigslide JohnBenji  John and Packer Balance Benji the crew Packer Air Joel and Benj  Tracie and Packer


    We had an arcade and video game night with some friends and family. We had 4 or 5 different stations with arcade games, old school Nintendo, XBox, and Wii. Some of the favorite games were Dr. Mario, Tysons PunchOut, Brain Teaser, Ms. Pac Man, Fusion Frenzy and Excitebike. It was fun, especially when I beat Than at Dr. Mario! (he beat me 3 times before that though).

    some of the gamers Sean and Sam Sean and Carter Packer and Benji


    Sean (Bens old roommate) and Erika Thal stayed for a slumber Party. We let the kids stay up entirely too late but we hadn’t seen them for forever so it was worth it. Benji and Carter played Super Heroes and Ping Pong all night and Packer and Kenzie did their own thing. We had a great time catching up with them. Thanks for coming guys!

    SuperHeroes Ping Pong vegging out Pack and Kenzie

    BALL o FUN

    ball o fun tongue smiler

    His Favorite Spot…

    favorite spot


    This is our driveway. It is Danger. The snow came during Christmas Vacation and we haven’t been able to catch up. We’ve just been catapulting our vehicles over the ice baracade to get in and out! The neighbors all have nice clear driveways and side walks but ours is frozen solid. (Someone has to have the North Facing House that is always shaded so it might as well be us). We did venture across the street the other day and the temperature was atleast 15 degrees warmer on that side! So we rode bikes and enjoyed a little bit of sunshine!

    our driveway sunshine 


    Cali is going through a fussy stage the past week. Every night around dinner time until midnightish she is fussy and wants to be held and bounced and fed. She usually doesn’t fall asleep and stay asleep until I do… hopefully it is just a stage but in the meantime I am going to change my eating habits to see if that helps.



    This is where you will find my boys right now and most mornings. They love to watch their show while they drink their milk and eat cereal in a bag. Mom loves this time because it’s nice to shower without company and get things going for the day.

    Brothers TV time

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    Cali’s Photo Shoot


    Erica got a hold of my baby and took some pictures… Cali was not cooperating for the photographer. ie. kicking and stretching and not letting Erica position her at all. It was kind of funny, but she still managed to get some cute ones. Cali is 38 days old in these pics – no smiles yet.

    tongue feet cali and mom scream

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    paint and swing


    Now I know why we waited three and a half years before bringing paint into the lives of our children. IT IS A MESS! and I consider myself a laid back person but I just couldn’t handle Packer mixing the colors and not rinsing his brush and putting the black brush in the white paint, paint on the floor and nasty water all over -so I finally left the room so that they could actually enjoy the painting without mom interfering and teaching. When I came back in there was no longer a “white” paint and Packer had Blue hair!… Benji did pretty good but still a mess and definitely a parent monitored activity. Benji asks too use his “Painting” every day so we’ll see how long until mom gives in. The picture I took was obviously in the first minutes of the painting project – pre mess and pre blue hair!


    Our other Project this morning was getting out the Baby Swing for Cali. Packer was a very big helper…

     babypac pachelper

    Older brother was a little more into the TV and trike…


    Cali has already fallen asleep in the swing both times that she has tried it! Yipee!


    nap time!

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    Our Christmas…


    We visited Ben’s maternal grandparenst in West Valley City to show off new baby Cali and wish them a Merry Christmas!


    On Christmas Eve we went to hang out with the cousins. The kids all did the nativity. We had some confused but very cute role players. Benji was Joseph and Packer is a Wise Man trying to be the donkey…

     mary and joseph nativity

    CHRISTMAS MORNING! Superman and Batman were very entertaining. We had a great morning enjoying the holiday and our three children.

    xmas morning new trikes

    The day after Christmas we drove to California to be with my fam 🙂 Anyone that grew up in the hood might recognize the “sour grass” that Packer is eating. The cousins introduced it to him and I’m pretty sure that is all he had for dinner that night!


    We loaded the 4 vans and treked up to Bald Rock for a day. It is beautiful up there. We hiked to the caves and did a little rock climbing and mostly chased kids to make sure noone fell off an edge!

    baldrock  baldrock2 baldrock3

    SUPERMANS! Packer and his cousin Payton were SAMERS – Payton is 6 months younger but they are the same size and were very cute running around in their too long pajamas.


    Rocket Launch. Benji got to launch the first rocket. You will see him running away in the last picture. People at the school thought that we were a day care or something – nope – just the Robertsons!

    rocketlaunch1 rocketlaunch2 rocketlaunch3

    New Years Eve! We went to Katies Parents house and got to hang out with some of the gang! This was my first attempt at Rockband and I was pathetic ( I don’t know what Angelee’s excuse is!)

    newyears rockband

    New Years Dinner – 9 of the 16 grandkids.


    Here are all of my parents grandkids – Liz stuck her belly in so that the picture won’t be outdated tomorrow when she has that baby!

    robertson cousins

    And here is our little angel. She didn’t get as much camera time with all of the vacation Chaos but she did get held for most of the time we were there. She doesn’t look too comfy here but she didn’t cry at all on the 11 hour trip home!


    We had a fun vacation . And played lots of games. One day I counted 8 games that I played ( puerto Rico, Zooleretto, Hand and Foot, Settlers…) and each game averages an hour to play! That is a lot of GAMING and I loved it! We had a wonderful Christmas month… we got to spend time with lots of family and friends and made it through without any illness… we were very blessed in 2008 and look forward to another great year.

    Cali’s latest picture. Holding her head up like a big girl. Today is her 1 month birthday!!


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