Month: January 2010

    Packer Telling Funny Jokes


    Why did the elephant go on the roof?
    Cause he wanted to eat a strawberry! haha

    Why did the Lion go in the hole?
    Cause he wanted to take a bath! haha

    Why did the Koala Bear go on the Spaceship?
    Cause he wanted a cookie! haha

    I love it. He makes sure and waits for me to laugh after each one. If I don’t laugh he asks, “was that a funny one mom?”. It’s fun for me to hear what words and things are going on in his little mind.

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    Who knew?

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    Who knew that cereal could make your kids so happy in the morning. I offered Marshmallow Mateys this morning and the boys went crazy. They were so excited! It was really fun. These were their favorite and then I stopped buying them because they are obviously not the healthiest choice and they were over priced. Anyway, We grabbed a bag at the store yesterday and everyone had a ‘wonderful’ breakfast this morning and have been in great moods! Who knew?

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    Pajama Day


    We are all in our pajamas still! Yes it is 3pm. We have thought about getting dressed but it just hasn’t happened yet. I won’t lie – the TV has been on most of the day. We’ve snacked and played and been lazy. I have a soccer game at 6pm so I will need to get everyone dressed and out of the house before then.

    This is one reason being a Mom is the best job – No way Ben could go to work in his PJ’s.

    Our life right now is full of Cali fits. She has discovered that crying can get her what she wants and she turns it on a lot. She is very moody and wants everything to go her way.  She takes it upon herself to go out of the way to get whatever Packer has so I am trying to not give in to these fits. Which means lots of tears. (And she’s  a little sick with a constantly runny nose.)

    This guy could happily play with his toys all day as long as he gets a treat and a sippy once in a while and his little sister leaves him alone!

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    Shout Out to Elder Brady Robertson


    My little brother Brady is coming home from his mission in 2 and 1/2 weeks. He has been an excellent missionary. I love reading his weekly emails. He has had great success in North Carolina. The best thing about him is that he is just being himself and using very crazy ways to get peoples attention and get a chance to meet them and teach them. I wish I could have been as good of a missionary as he is being.  We are excited for him to meet Cali and excited for him to be with us again. He brings a lot of fun wherever he goes. Brady if you read this in a few weeks we are counting on you making a road trip to see us.


    Saying Goodbye at the MTC in February of 2008

    On the Mission – Coming Home on Feb 10, 2010!

    Luckily I have another little brother – that decided he could cut his hair and be a missionary too

    Elder Sean Robertson July 22, 2009

    All 7 of my brothers chose to serve missions. They each have been great examples to me as I have watched them leave and come back and grow up and change and gain testimonies. I have watched my mom send each of them off and that is a testimony in itself. They served in Canada, Spain, 2 in the Philippines, Alaska, North Carolina and Texas. I am grateful for the message of the restored gospel. I know that it is true. I know that it is a message for all of the world.

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    Catch Up

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    Saturday January 9, 2010: We went to the “Reel Big Fish” concert in SLC. Than and Erica came with us. It was a fun night out, reminiscent of our college days. We were definitely a bit out of place and I wouldn’t go to the same concert again but we had a good time.

    Friday January 15, 2010: Ben left with the Scouts for the Klondike Snow camp out. So it was just me and the kids and 13 cousins came over for cousins night and LaNell and her cousin Katie came over to keep me company and help with the 3 one year olds and 3 two year olds. So we had a busy night and Ben had a warm night under the stars in his “burrito”.

    Sunday January 17, 2010: We got to church and realized that Packer’s eyes were looking red. I brought him and Cali home as he tried to convince me that “I not have pink eye.” We made cookies and Packer decided that he loved his church vest and didn’t take it off until bedtime. I forced myself to read the lessons for Sunday School and R.S. before watching the NFL Playoff games – I know that shouldn’t be a tough choice and I’d be even better not to watch them at all on Sunday but…

    Tuesday January 19, 2010: I woke up and went straight to the Dr’s office – I had these same symptoms last year and new that I had a “severe case of Strep”. I spent the entire day in bed. Every part of my body was achy and tired. I couldn’t even hold the kids. Super Man (that’s Ben) stayed home and took care of everything. He worked from home and took care of the kids. The kids were little angels for him, and cried and whined every time they saw me – why? why do kids do that?

    That’s our update. Today was a lazy, get my strength back, day (and fold the mound of laundry). I love days like this when I’m not trying to get anything done and can just enjoy the kids. Benji and Packer are the best of friends now. I just realized that they really play well together. Benji doesn’t beg to play with friends everyday because he can get Packer to be a super hero or Ben 10 or whatever he wants. And Cali is SO CUTE. She loves to be doing what the brothers are doing.

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    Fun in a Bucket

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    This little one thinks she is so big now. She turned 1 and seems like a kid instead of a baby. She now folds her arms for prayers. She signs for milk when she wants her bottle. She follows the boys around and plays what they are playing. She gets excited when I put her swimsuit on to hot tub or angry when she realizes that I’m going to give her a bath. And this week she is standing up all the time and trying to find a little balance to walk. Her problem is that she wants to run but she can’t even stand up yet.

    playing with aunt Shanny at Grandma’s house.

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    Games, Food and Sports


    Games, Food, and Sports would pretty much summarize our Christmas Vacation. We drove to California the day after Christmas and stayed for the week. Ten of the twelve Tom and Annette kids were home for the Holiday – the two missing are serving missions so we were actually happy not to have them! Again – we played games, like Dominion, Hand and Foot, Nertz, Ticket to Ride and the Name game. We played a lot of soccer – even got to play on the new turf downtown that my brother Kevin has been the architect for the rebuild. And we always eat way to much, I love this part because I am never in the kitchen but there is always good food (thnx mom).

    The Hand and Foot Game

    Here is a game of Hand and Foot!

    New Years Day Dinner!

    HULA’s – this is a Robertson favorite!

    Soccer on the new field

    The whole Crew - except Ben is taking the picture and John and Tracie and Joel weren't there either.

    Cali wants in on the action

    Flag Football, we've got enough for a game just with the family!

    in between the sports, games and eating we did:

    a little dress up…

    organized Mom’s grandkid wall…

    Celebrated the New Year…

    Took pictures of Kelsey – she’s the baby – A Senior!

    And we opened a few gifts…

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    Christmas Day!

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    We love spending Christmas morning at our house with our kids. Benji woke up around 8:00 and came in to tell us that there really were presents here. Ben and I had been awake and waiting ( I think we were as excited as the kids). So Benji woke up Packer and Cali and we had an enjoyable morning opening presents and playing with them along the way. The kids were all excellent present openers. There were too many presents as usual. We played most of the day. And packed our bags for California. I’m not into the Christmas dinner making yet so we just snack and eat all of the food that is going to go bad while we are out of town. We spent an hour or two at the Falabella’s while we dropped off Brewer for the week and that was the day. I would do it the same next year.

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    Christmas Eve

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    Christmas Eve = lots of food with the Falabella’s and lots of excitement and anticipation. Highlights this year were spotting the red lights of Santa’s sleigh out the back door and choosing the perfect cookies for Santa. Here is our picture recap of the night…             We love Christmas Time!

    New Jammies

    Packer still loves his veggies: what kid chooses this over creme puffs?

    Udine brings authentic Tomales, YUM!

    Making the perfect Cookies for Santa!

    Even the dogs were excited!

    Mia gave us a few good laughs!

    And what other night could you find 7 kids so happy for the camera!

    And I had to include these. Have I mentioned that Ben loves Christmas!

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    I just posted about the other 2 children so this one goes out to Packer.

    Here he is with his cousins that are 6 months older and 6 months younger. The 3 of them had a very hard time getting along. It really proved the terrible 2’s saying.

    Packer: I wish you would take a nap once in a while.

    Are you ready to go without a sippy or is that why you are grouchy today?

    Packer loves his patterns and collections – I’m shocked every time he uses these words.

    We dropped Benji off for school and I said bye and I love you and then from the back seat Packer chimes in, “We love you Benji.” He really can be sweet. And then on the way to the store he wanted to wait and so he could go with Benji. He really looks up to his older brother.

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