Month: March 2017

    March 28

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    We watched SING again and again 🙂 I swept, vacuumed and mopped. My visiting teachers came over. I took the kids to Erica and took Rose to school and went to the 12:45 temple session! We had left overs for dinner and then went to Pack Meeting. Packer got his last beltloop in Bears and his religious Square Knot. He’ll get his Bear badge next month and move on to Webelos. Ben took Tiago to Young Mens with him which was the best decision of the day!

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    March 27

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    Last week of the month and last week until spring break!

    We had a lazy Monday. We babysat Bennett and stayed inside out of the rain all day. I registered Raymond for Kindergarten and finished getting Benji registered for Jr High. A bunch of cousins came to play in the afternoon and Cali and I watched High School Musical. For FHE we had a lesson and then ate banana splits and watched SING!

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    March 26

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    Sunday Funday

    We drove home from Wendover Sunday morning and Kelsey had all of the kids ready for church at 11:30! It was fun to come home to all of them and enjoy our Sunday together. They had a High School Musical Marathon with the Hancocks kids while we were gone and I don’t think the older kids missed us a bit. We had an uplifting day at church. Tiago refused to go to Nursery. Meat and Potatoes for dinner and a good visit with Ben’s brothers to finish the evening.

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    March 25

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    On Saturday we left all the kids home with Kelsey and we packed in a day of fun! We went to SLC and tried to go to the temple that closed early for womens conference 🙁 So we had some time to go watch KONG in 3D. After the movie and lots of popcorn we drove to Wendover. We listened to the RSL game on our drive and stopped at the Salt Flats. We checked into the Hotel and got our concert tickets and watched March Madness. We went to the Sara Evans concert that evening and then out to eat. We fit in so many of our favorite things and had a blast. I loved having uninterrupted time with Ben.


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    March 24

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    We spent the morning organizing the toys in the new toy room! Then we dropped Rose off at school and went to Maceys. They brought the groceries out to us – AMAZING! and we went to the park for 20 minutes.

    After the park Tiago took his nap, Millie rested on the couch and Ray did his homework. I took a short nap too :). After school we chilled and hung with the Flabellas. Benji and I played basketball for about an hour and Ben took Tiago on a bike ride. After dinner Ben put in the new doggie door to hopefully prevent any more poop in the house. LaNell came over to hang out. And Cali and I challenged Rose and Kelsey in Nertz – we each won one.

    At 9:00 Kel, Lan, and I left for our soccer game! Kel and I each had a sweet goal! and then Kel convinced me to stop and buy my first Freal from the Maverick.


    and that wraps up our Friday!

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    March 23

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    So, Cali got braces on Thursday! We want to get her tooth on the bottom pulled over to where it belongs but the Ortho said it wasn’t quite in enough to brace it so he just did the top braces and we will go back in 8 weeks. Cali was nervous but brave. She has had a wire poking her cheek and trying to figure out how to use the wax. She is trying to be tough but had a breakdown at dinner time both days. The poor girl wanted to eat her dorritos but couldn’t do it. It hurt to bad so… she ended up with cheese and yogurt.


    The kids hung out at Erica’s while we were at the Orthodontist then we came home and started switching the toy room and the girls room. We got the girls room all set up! The kids were so excited for the change. the old toy room is a little bigger bedroom so the girls will love the extra space.

    Old and New

    That evening we were invited over to Mac and Kristie’s house to play arcades! Mac is the one that got Ben started on our collection. He had 11 arcades in the house and at least that many in the garage. We had lots of fun  trying the new games and hanging out.

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    March 22

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    Today is the 22nd – I had nothing on my calendar so I blogged all morning and I am caught up. I picked Bennett up at 8am. Started the pulled pork that Emily made us as a thank you dinner!! Made sure the gross mess on the carpet that Brewer left us was cleaned up and airing out. I got all of the garbage out before the garbage man came.  Meanwhile Bennett chose to watch Daniel Tiger, then Millie chose Blues Clues and Ray chose Umizoomi. We  played outside and ate lunch and sent Rose off to school. My kids took baths and Bennett crashed for his afternoon nap. My boys are still bathing. Millie is resting while watching Moana. I have a messy house and a lot of laundry to fold. Kids will be home in 40 minutes.

    My late morning breakfast crew.

    He wanted to skate so bad – he kept tipping backwards.

    Millie tried to help but they were both tooo slippery if they went on the hard wood.

    Bennett did not want Tiago up in his chair invading his personal space. Sorry Buddy your little cousin is a big tease and bully.

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    March 21 – Glow Play

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    Cali got to be in her Class Play! The Glow Play. She was a Flower with Sarayah and Kennadi. Mia was a Bug Catcher. Cali loved saying her one line and singing with the flowers and rest of the class. I could see her liking the singing and acting thing, she did great!

    Erica babysat so I could enjoy the play and leave Tiago napping. I did help encourage her to dig the glass out of her infected foot so it was a fair trade off.

    Visiting Teaching – This month I invited Sherrie and Heather over to my house to switch things up a little. Cara also came and all 11 of our little kids. They came in the morning from 10-12. We just chatted while the kids played. I think it was a good change.

    After school I helped Benji get another project done and the kids all played with friends: Luca, Mia, Breklyn, Ellie. And we all like to play with Tiago!

    I made burritos for dinner and then Cali headed to activity days and Ben to young mens.

    bouncy balls!! this kid is obsessed

    Cali made this cute Temple at activity days.

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    March 20

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    Christy came to town for a few hours! and Megan and Kelsey were able to come over and chat for a couple of hours! That was a good mid day Monday activity! Of course we didn’t take a picture – all I got was trying to snap Ago and Gus doing ring around the rosie.

    I had Scouts at 3:00 – we played a fun game of basketball with my Wolf Den 🙂 and Packer finished his last Requirement for his Bear badge!

    And then we loaded up at 5:00 and went to Manila School Skate Night!! We skated from 5:30-9:00! First ones there, last to leave! We were wiped out but the kids just kept skating and skating and … Benji and Packer stayed on their scooters the entire night with Pacen and Luca. Cali and Rose stayed on their Roller Blades all night with Clara and Mia and Gentry. Ray loved his new skates and he tried the scooter at the end. Millie and Ago both took turns on the skates and in the stroller and roaming the bounce house area. Ben and Kelsey and I stayed on our skates all night and rotated kids 🙂

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    March 19

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    I love Sundays – they are a little crazy with so many little kids but I love the change and renewal of the day. I love that we are all together, worshiping God and trying to increase our faith. I love listening to others testify of truth and asking God what I can do to repent and better my own life. I still love that Ben cooks on that day and that we spend the evening with family.

    This Sunday we didn’t have any plans so the Hancocks ended up coming over and eating and hanging out for a few hours. and the kids searched and finally found Millie’s glasses that had been missing for a week!!

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