Month: April 2017

    Home again Home again

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    and then we spent another day in the car.

    with an aracde and Zero leg room:

    and remember how we forgot our snow chains? and remember how it was so warm and sunny all weekend? We had to chain up in Kingvale!

    They made us buy NON REFUNDABLE snow chains and then there was NO snow on the road and NO ice! Seriously. I’m thinking the Shell gas station owner works for CalTrans and wanted to sell a bunch of chains and make bank on installing them – ergg. So we had an annoying 45 minute, 100$, 5 mile slow down and then we continued on our way home. We only stopped once after that.

    Ben and Benji hurried off to soccer practice, we got home work done and ate pizza and unpacked a little. Ben came home and started up the new arcade! and then we were off to bed.

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    Table Mountain

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    We hadn’t been to Table Mountain for 5 years! It was the perfect time of year to be up there and we all had a great hike and pinic!

    we made it to the water and started looking for salamanders. Brady helped Millie! Ben carried Tiago. Kevin was showing them to look under the rocks.

    Mom, fish eggs, rock climbing, Jaydn went swimming and Brady found the first Salamander!

    We all hiked down to the big waterfall except for the parents and Mary and Annie, Tiago threw rocks and everyone else played with salamanders!

    we rock climbed back to the top! and then hiked back to the bog tree by the parking lot for our picnic!

    Ben got out his big Kite, Liz and Mom fixed sandwiches, Little kids flew a kite, and we enjoyed a slightly chilly picnic.

    It was neat to go back after so many years. It was like the first time for most of our kids cause none of them remembered it. We will definitely do that again – I think that sealed the deal on making the trip in April worth the effort! And here are a few pics I stole from Mal:

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    California Trip

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    We had been wanting to go to California to see family and pick up a Bump’n Jump arcade that Ben bought a few months ago. A lot of things happened and this needed to be the weekend that we go (even though we had just spent a bit of time with Ryan and Kevin, and Tracie and Mom are coming out to our house soon). But Ben is getting a new job so he won’t have as many vacation days, and he had a lot of PTO days at his old job that he could use before leaving. So it was now or not until the summer 🙂

    We left Thursday morning – Not until after 9am 🙁 and forgot the hitch in case we wanted to pull a trailer and forgot the snow chains and forgot straps for the arcade and forgot…) It was a rough start but not a bad day in the car. I got to read and rest which is just what I needed.

    We originally wanted to go to Tracie and Johns and get the arcades and make a weekend out of it but, …. they ended up not having a house and living with mom and dad so GRATEFULLY Kevin and Liz said that we could all crash their house for the weekend  last minute! and we did! We got the word out and lots of family were able to meet us in Oroville!!

    We got to Kevin and Liz’s house Thursday at 7pm and let the kids out to unwind while we waited for everyone to get back from the little concert they were at.  Tracie and Mom were already in Oroville with them. Liz and Trae and I ran to the church for a girls night of bball! and then we played some Nertz before bed!

    Friday morning – – the kids woke up in their swim suits! The pool water was cold but the hot tub was HOT so… they swam all morning. Around Lunch time Ben went to Sacramento to go get the arcade. We had the kids get out of the pool for lunch and quiet time and the Ladies all went shopping and to yogurt.

    John and Ryan took a lunch break, Michael was there, and Josh, Mal and Brady were on their way to Oroville so that group had lunch, loaded the arcade and looked at houses with John.


    After we got home from shopping we all hit the pool again. Then Kevin got home from work. Josh and Mal, Brady, Ben, Dad, and John all came and I got to meet baby Eden! We had delicious waffles for dinner! and played hard until dark. The kids swam. Michael showed up! We played darts and ping pong and electronic basketball.


    On Saturday:

    We had a lazy morning and then headed to Table Mountain for the afternoon! Ryan and Mary met up with us for that! After table mountain we played at the house and swam. We had haystacks for dinner and sent the guys to Hula’s. Mary took her kids home early for early church the next day. Grandma got ice cream for the kids and we played some more games! Josh and Mal and Brady left late that night.


    Sunday: We went to Kevin’s ward at 11:30, The parents and Ryan’s fam went to their own wards. Then Mom made delicious fried chicken sunday dinner for everyone! Mikila came over and we had one more evening of hanging out with the family! It was a super fun trip. We are grateful to have chill, fun, happy family to hang with 🙂

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    17th, 18th, and 19th

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    Kelsey was in Thailand and California for the first half of the month so when she got home on Easter Sunday we had to do some catching up with her! We took pizza to the school and caught the end of Benji’s soccer practice and played around for FHE on Monday.

    On Tuesday Kevin and Liz’s family came. They were in Utah for their spring break!! We only had a day with them so we played games and Ben and I snuck out for a meeting and Liz snuck out to see her brother and then we all went to get Kong Cones so that Ben could have all of the Teachers over for an arcade party. Sean and Jana and Joel were able to stop by for a quick round of Nertz later in the evening and we went to bed late and tired.

    On Wednesday Kevin and Liz headed home and I cleaned and caught up on laundry all day while debating if we should still go on our CA trip.

    Rose got this new shirt from Ella and was in HEAVEN, she’s been asking for a sequin shirt for months 🙂

    I took a cleaning break to jump with the little kids:

    And Wednesday night we got to go over to the Falabella’s and hang out with Rick and Jen and fam one more time! We visited in the living room while the cousins all played laser tag and tramp and One Night and ran around outside. Millie decided she needed second dinner!

    We went home at 10pm and decided that we wanted to go to California so we helped the kids pack (thanks Kelsey) and stayed up getting ready to go.

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    Rick and Jen

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    Rick and Jen and their 3 youngest kids came to visit! of course Savannah came down from Rexburg! They were splitting time with Jen’s family but we got to see them a few times. We did the Friday night at our house and then Sunday we had EVERYONE together for Easter!! and then we hung out again on Wednesday night before they headed home.

    On Easter Sunday we had most of the family together so we took pictures:


    Not Pictured: Harper is on his mission, Udine was sick, Schyleur was sick.

    SIBLINGS, With PARENTS, goofiness:


    Re-enacting the younger years pyramid picture:


    The kids had to 1 up the adults!


    turned into dog piles:

    It was fun to spend time with the Wisconsin cousins!!

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    EASTER morning

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    We had church at 1:00 this Easter so we had time to sleep in a little, hunt for our baskets, trade candy and then get ready for church!

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    Soccer and another in between Day

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    Soccer Saturdays are under way!

    schedule: 9:00am Rose, 10:00am Ray, 10:30am Packer, 12:30pm Cali, 2:30pm Benji.

    So, we got home at 4:00 and DYED EASTER EGGS!

    Then we went over to the Hancock’s and set up the projector for Camry’s birthday party! We visited with Walt and Becky. We stayed and roasted a hot dog for dinner and the big kids stayed for the late night party.

    and I went to bed exhausted.

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    Ryan and Mary visit

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    When we got home from our spring break, Ryan and Mary came to stay with us for their spring break!

    We love having family come and sleep over and play games. It was hard to juggle school, activities and Cousins but we did it! and Loved It!

    On Monday night everyone came over and Megan taught us how to make pizza calzones!

    On Tuesday and Wednesday we played and played. I played a bunch of board games with Ryan and Tay and Kylee and Marlee. We all played with baby Annie! The cousins had stuff planned with Mary’s family throughout the week but we got to see them off and on every day.


    Wednesday the kids also started back into PIANO LESSONS! life went on even with the Fun of cousins.


    and Ben’s precious part to Donkey Kong Jr. came MANGLED in the mail 🙁 so sad!

    On Thursday we had another family get together day! Shannon was able to come spend the night. We had explosion for dinner. Joel and Megan and Sean and Jana came over. Aunt Di brought Grandma over! and Sasha and Bracken came. Than and Erica even stopped by. We mostly visited with cousins and Di and grandma. We had homemade ice cream and played some games.


    Friday morning gaming 🙂

    exhaustion setting in! Millie told Aunt Mary that maybe Clara should sleep on the ground this night because she wanted her bed back 🙂

    Hanging out with Shannon! and Helping her grade papers!

    On Friday night, Ryan and Mary went to visit Mary’s family and we had all of the NETTESHEIM family over! Rick and Jen were now in town and we needed to see them! Ben made pork and chicken burritos and we had a fun Netty evening. I had a soccer game so we don’t have any pictures.

    On Saturday morning Ryan’s family headed home and we headed out for our first soccer Saturday!

    Millie said she loved riding in the FIRE TRUCK with Uncle Ryan! he he

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