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    Another Busy Week

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    On Saturday I started complaining about my throat hurting (on the outside) and my muscles felt like I had hiked a mountain but I hadn’t done anything. Sunday morning I debated on staying home from church but decided I was ok. By the time Monday came I was exhausted and SICK. I declared a sick day. Moms rarely get sick days but I needed one. My WONDERFUL mother-in-law came and watched the kids while I took myself to the Dr. Then she took the kids home with her so I could rest and brought them back with dinner made! I rested all day and went to bed early and today I am on the up and up. Dr said it’s a virus and I just need to wait it out.

    Dr also said not to kiss any of my cute babies! that is hard!

    So today I did not declare a sick day. I went and voted first thing this morning. I did 2 loads of dishes that had piled up during my sick day and started the piles of laundry. I took a trip to Vital Records in Provo so that we could get Raymond’s birth certificate so that Ben can get his paternity leave. We stopped by Big 5 and the Dollar Store and I came home warn out. The big kids went to play with cousins and the babies and I are just waking up from our naps!

    This is not ok!

    On top of the sickness we have been Dying of heat! The weather has been hot and it only gets down to the 70’s at night and our AC decided to not work. So we are stuck at a sweaty 80 degrees. Ben and I have been sleeping downstairs where it is a little cooler but it’s still hot. Rose wakes up drenched from her naps. Anyway I called the AC peops and they scheduled me for Wednesday BUT I got a call during nap time saying they would be right over because they had a cancellation!!! The good news is the pipe inside was frozen over and should just need to thaw out and then we’ll be back in business. This is caused by a dirty filter which we changed out a few days ago but it must have already been frozen. Other good news he didn’t charge me for the diagnosis. The next few hours will tell if he was correct. I kept my appointment for tomorrow just in case 🙂

    Before I got sick we had some fun days! 🙂 Sean and Erika Thal came to play with us last Monday. They live in Kaysville – only an hour away but we rarely see each other. We hung out Monday afternoon and went to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner and came back and swam in the hot tub and played with water balloons. It was super fun and our kids got along really well.

    Colby, Cooper, Rose, Kenzie, Cali, Benji, Carter, Packer and Ray

    The next day was my Grandpa Johnson’s birthday so the kids and I went and ate cupcakes with them and wished him a happy birthday!

    Elma, Arden and Raymond 🙂

    Wednesday we decided to got to the cheap night at the carnival for Pleasant Grove strawberry Days! The kids loved it. Unfortunately Rose cried almost the entire time. It all started when she handed the guy her ticket to ride and he handed it back saying she was too small 🙁 I felt bad so I took her on the carousel but it was broken so she cried in line while we waited and then she cried when it was time to get off. BUT we had fun and came home and ate Strawberries and Cream.

    Rose was happy for a few minutes.

    Benji, Packer and Cali rode this one together. They loved it.

    Thursday is kind of a blur. Friday we went to the PG pool. Amelia came with us and helped the kids swim. That night we let the kids choose dinner – it was all sweet and Ben and I felt ill. We watched a movie with the kids and tried to sleep in our hot house. Saturday morning we went to the Parade! It was HOT but fun. And that ended Strawberry Days. Benji and Packer managed to stay up late on Thursday and Saturday nights because they had read that there would be fireworks at the rodeo so they waited until they heard the noise and then we went in our backyard and watched the fireworks both nights. We finished off Saturday at the PG pool and then dinner at the Falabella’s (Udine’s mom is visiting from Guatemala and she made some yummy food for us). That brings us back to today. I’m still not feeling 100% but I am feeling better. I scored 2 goals in my soccer game tonight so I guess I’m not too sick 🙂 Good night.

    friday night "best dinner ever"

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    Fathers Day

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    Father’s Day 2012 (I thought I posted this 3 days ago – oops)

    Cali had some cute answers about dad

    We all gathered around Ben’s bed on Sunday morning and wished him a happy father’s Day. We got him a few small gifts and cute cards. After church we just relaxed, the kids and I had just got home from CA and Ben from scout camp so it was nice to just be home. For dinner we were able to go to Ben’s dads house and be with him and Grandpa Becker and lots of family. Rose ate the sandbox while the rest of us ate dinner – grandpa might need to buy some refill sand after that feast.

    we all chipped in for some large wind chimes!

    Ben is a GREAT dad.

    Grandpa Becker played his Garbage Can for us! He told me that he bought the Garbage can Instrument for 75$. He met a guy that had a little band and the guy told him he could come over so he brought his garbage can instrument and he played in the band for years. They played at Lagoon and at Rest Homes. Lots of Polka songs. So Sunday night for fathers day we had a little polka dance before everyone had to leave! it was awesome.

    Ray Becker Strumming the Can

    dancing kids

    the Utah crew (still missing Rick)

    I have wonderful Fathers in my life. I love all of them. I was actually able to spend time with all of them within a one week span. I spent time with my dad and left a gift before I came home from CA, we had this celebration on Sunday for Ben, Rick and Ray and then I was able to visit my maternal grandfather later in the week. The other 2 grandpa’s have already passed on. Great men make a big difference – especially for my little family. We love you all.

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    a new day


    5:25 Raymond wakes me up with little but persistent cries. I rescue him from his bed in the closet and nestle him in my arm, under my covers where he eats and I sleep. I love nursing in the morning. Baby is so happy and sleepy and content.

    5:35 Rose screams from the other room. Cali comes in to tell me to get Rose. I put happy full tummy Ray back in his bed but not before he gives a monstrous stretch and closes his eyes. Then I go try to console the girls before they wake the entire house. Warm milk for Rose and a sippy for Cali ( though she doesn’t drink the sippy anymore) a quick diaper change and the girls are content once again.

    5:45 I reset my alarm for 6:50 instead of 6:40 since Raymond has already eaten and I snuggle back into a good sleep for one more hour.

    7:00 face washed, teeth brushed, hair combed, walking shoes on and out the door for my morning walk with Julie. We walked for 56 minutes. It warmed up 10 degrees while we were out.

    7:56 I return to a quiet house. Sit down and make my “to do list” for the day because yesterday I made a list and I actually did EVERYTHING on the list! that never happens but it happened yesterday and it felt good. Right down to mowing the lawn at 7:30pm. So I made a list for today. It is not quite as cut and dry as yesterdays list but I hope to be just as productive. (and yes, blogging is on the list.)

    8:03 my quiet time is over and Benji is telling me about his scary dreams that were a mix of his aunts and uncles and jimmy neutron and it was all at our church and we were chasing him and… that kid can sure jabber when he wants to 🙂

    8:25 the girls are awake for the day. I get Rose out of her crib and get big morning hugs from her. (I need to remember to do morning hugs with the big kids too) Another soggy diaper. I hear Ben start his shower. Cali wants Toast. No cereal. Maybe Pancakes. I make chocolate chip pancakes and let them use the herseys syrup for chocolate milk. (I am in chocolate breakfast mode apparently because the other breakfast of choice this week was cocoa pebbles with chocolate milk poured on them  – that is good stuff.)

    9:15 I finished the dishes and sat down to blog. Ben is off to work, no breakfast for him. The older kids cleaned the Living and Family Rooms so they could watch a show. Rose is playing with car seats and buckles and keeps telling me that she needs to poop so I went and got the baby potty out of storage and she has been sitting on it for 10 minutes (I left her diaper and clothes on – she is only 21 months old and none of my kids have potty trained before age 3). Raymond is still sound asleep.

    The next thing I need to do is figure out how to fit some quality scripture study into my morning and I’ll be happy. I’m thinking it would have fit nicely right during this half hour that I sat down with the computer. I’ll try that tomorrow. Life is good. Now Rose is naked and begging me to put her on the real toilet so I am off.

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    California or Bust

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    California or Bust! I say that because i felt like I needed to go to California or I might bust. Ben had Scout camp for a full week and I don’t do well when Ben does’t come home at night. I can handle a night or two but five nights is hard. I get worn out and kids get put to bed early and wake up early and it makes for long days. So the perfect solution – – – go play with friends and family! Then the kids and I have lots of people to play with and missing Dad isn’t quite so bad 🙂 My plan worked perfectly. We played hard the whole week and I just loved spending time with my parents and with Kevin and his family and Michael and Shannon were both home and I got to see lots of friends and the kids Always had someone to play with.

    Sunday Dinner at my parents house - nothing quite like going home to the only house you ever lived in as a kid. I love it there.

    On Sunday June 10th LaNell and I loaded up the kids and drove to Oroville.

    Rose stretching her legs at the gas station.

    We only stopped twice! Once in Elko and then in Wells. Raymond was screaming hungry when we rolled up to Lan’s house but we got there. And we got to my parents house right in time to have Sunday dinner with my mom, dad, Michael, Shannon, Kevin and Liz! yum.

    Shannon played with all the kids. She's fun.

    Our trip could be summed up in 2 words Driving and Swimming. That is what we did. Monday we spent in Oroville swimming at Becky’s with my mom, Shannon, Liz and her kids. We had a BBQ that night and played games. Tuesday we drove to Walnut Creek to play with Erica and Than and kids. They have a pool and a community pool that we went to everyday.

    Than and Erica's pool! the big kids swam non stop - and the gate was wonderful for keeping the little ones out.

    Rose and I in the community pool. She is a Water Lover.

    Packer jumping in. Erica convinced them all to go off the diving board!!

    Cali, Camry, the snorkel and the baby pool - this is where I spent most of my time.

    We played in the mornings, went to the pool all afternoon and crashed at night. I loved it. The kids always jump right back into their best friends status and just play hard. I told Erica that I came to her for three things: Swimming, Boggle, and Delicious Food. We were successful on all three.

    Boggle is fun! I don't know why Than didn't want to play with us??

    tired kids

    Rose and Gentry are such cuties.

    Angelee and LaNell drove down and played with us on Thursday. It was fun to see them.

    Raymond and Liam got to be friends

    I packed up and drove back to my parents house on Thursday Evening. The kids fell asleep as soon as we got on the road. I got home before 10pm and stayed up super late laughing and playing with my mom, dad, Shan and Mike.

    RACKO! i did not win

    Then on Friday we went swimming again – that IS what you do when it is 90+ in The Ville. Some friends came to swim in the morning and then that evening after dinner the Barth’s and Ford’s and Mikila all came for more games.

    Anika came swimming so Ray and Thomas got to play with the other Rosie!

    8 man Nertz is intense. Kevin and Mikila and the same game table is also intense!

    It was a whirlwind trip and I came home exhausted. Exhausted but Happy. We drove all day Saturday. This time we had 4 stops including Rose throwing up and a McDonalds meal. LaNell talked the entire time to California and back – she really was super fun to drive with. I had to give my computer a bath before I could blog because Rose watched Blues Clues on it for a good 5 hours on the drive home : I think Benji is only in 1 picture – He is always on the go so I never catch him with the camera anymore. We Got to see Ben/Dad when we got home and all was right in my world.

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    Pre California

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    I went to California last week! I have a deal with myself that if Ben is going to be gone then I can be gone also. So Ben went to scout camp and I took the kids to CA. LaNell came with me because I CANNOT make the drive by myself and we had a wonderful trip minus a few long hours of screaming in the car. Anyway, rewind another week before last week and that is where these pictures are coming from:

    slip n slide

    We had a free Saturday and spent it at home doing a few chores but mostly just being home as a family. The kids did the slip n slide and then took the cold hose in the hot hot tub and played for hours. Rose wore arm floaties and couldn’t quite relax with them.

    floatie Rosie

    Cali loves the camera and she loves swimming

    Packer practicing his snorkel

    The next day we got to pick my niece and nephew up at the airport. Shae is 17 and Braden is 14. They got to go to EFY this year so we spent Sunday evening hanging out with them before they went to BYU for the week. We also spent time with the Nettesheims that night for Ellie’s birthday.

    Taylor, Braden, Brady, Kelsey, and Shaelyn

    Joel took this random pic of Brewer waiting for us to get home Sunday night. He's a good lookin dog.

    A few more random pictures:

    Our backyard Tree that we love.

    Each of our children have enjoyed this swing.

    Rose chewing on a rag - she loves to do this after every meal - weird - but whatever.

    Our cute thumb sucker.

    Summer is going way to fast. It just started but I can already see the end…

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    I took some pictures of Raymond when he was 3 months old as I have done with all my children. He is now almost 4 months old but here they are:

    My Favorite - classic fist to chin baby pose

    And then the other kids wanted in on the photo shoot so we took all of their pictures too. (I already posted those.)

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    Can’t leave Rose out of the school pictures. She posed for hers this time and DEMANDED to do everything Packer and Cali were doing.

    The younger they are the bigger difference a year makes. Rose wasn’t even 1 yet when school started. She was definitely a baby and now she is a big girl. They grow to fast 🙁

    First Day of School 2011

    trying to steal Packers glasses

    I love that Rose is finally starting to communicate more. Life is much easier when I know what she wants. That is one part of growing up that I do appreciate. Love you Rosie.

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    Cali is only 3 but she thinks she is the same age as her brothers. She can do almost everything they can do. She had to take her ‘school’ pictures as well…

    what a difference a few months makes! my little 2 year old is now a full size kid. She lost a lot of that baby fat. So Cute. We love our Cali.

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    Not the best last day of school picture. It was actually the first day of summer so… No shoes. Hairs not combed. But if you look at his eyes you can see that he also grew an inch or two. In the first pic they are below the deadbolt and the second pic his eyes are even with the deadbolt. Benji loved first grade. I feel like he really grew up a lot this year. He isn’t little anymore. He is big and smart. And We love him.

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    One of My College Roommates Came to Visit!


    We met at BYU in 1998!

    Brooke and her 5 kids came to see me today! It was so fun to see them and just be in the same room as each other. I really don’t remember the last time that I saw her so this was long overdue.

    Our 10 children!

    We are both 5 feet tall and both have 5 kids. We are both putting our BYU educations to use every day as we educate these little angels 🙂 Anyway, it was a lot of fun. FUN.  I really love Brooke. She was a good friend when I really needed one. She might not even know the whole story. I met Brooke my first year at BYU. She was good friends with Than and Dave and I didn’t have any girl friends so … when it came time to find apartments for sophomore year I decided that I wanted to live with her because she was fun and easy to talk to and had always been extra nice to me. So I followed her and asked to live with her though I barely knew her. She agreed without really knowing me and I am so glad because King Henry Apartment 79 was AWeSome! We had a blast the next 2 years. I loved all my KH roomies.

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