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    We had a 2 hour winter snow storm on Tuesday morning. The snow was flurrying everywhere and the ground was covered and then it was done. We got a little rain that afternoon and my kids were so excited to use their umbrellas. It has been a little too windy to play outside so I’m not liking that. The boys ask me to check the weather every morning so they can decide if they need their coat or sweatshirt or both. It has been unpredictable lately. I’ll be excited when the sunny days are here to stay.

    IMG_20140426_104859 IMG_20140426_105433 IMG_20140426_105441


    and we got the NEST – it’s the “smart” thermostat. It can sense if you walk by it or not and tries to figure out what temperature you like it and when. It is geeky and can be controlled by your phone!


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    Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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    Benji just discovered the Diary of a Wimpy kid series. He is finishing book number 5 and it’s been less than 2 weeks. I love that he is reading. He typically just does his mandatory 20 minutes a day but he has been taking his book with him wherever he goes. He was reading at a court of honor the other weekend and one of Ben’s old scouts saw him and went and got all of his wimpy kid books and another series for him to read! After seeing him enjoy these books so much I definitely want to tap into that for the summer. Hopefully we can find some more good books and keep him going.

    DSC00735 IMG_20140426_105712

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    PACKER is 7! Happy Birthday Pack Attack

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    This guy is 7 years old! He was a fun birthday kid. So excited and happy. We opened presents and went to school late and took donuts for his class. After school we played with all of the new toys, finished the cake and then went to watch the Lego Movie. After the movie Grandma and Grandpa N. came over to give him his gift and we just watched Packer enjoy the birthday glory 🙂

    DSC00722 DSC00725 DSC00730 IMG_20140425_075745 IMG_20140425_193209

    Packer is Mr. Project. He spends most of his free time making things out of paper and glue and tape and sometimes comes up with new supplies. He is also addicted to plants vs zombies again. He plays club penguin and likes to dig in the dirt with the neighbors. He can’t go to bed at night with out his big brother. He hates homework.

    On Saturday he had a bunch of cousins over for a party. They hung out for the first bit. We played a fun version of Bingo with snack prizes. He opened presents and we ate cake and ice cream and watched The Nut Job.

    DSC00742 DSC00746 DSC00753 IMG_20140426_191657 IMG_20140426_191922

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    Another Bout with Raymond

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    he won round One but I won the match!


    I had to resort to an old trick I used to use on Josh and other younger siblings when things would get out of control… I tied the bedroom door to the next closest door. The first time I didn’t tie it tight enough and he slipped out. I got it tied tight and he finally gave up. I hope this isn’t a daily occurrence but it did work and I will do it again if needed. This boy NEEDS his naps!

    IMG_20140425_133936 IMG_20140425_133957 IMG_20140425_143557

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    Benji’s FIRST Pinewood Derby

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    We had the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby on Tuesday night. It was a fun night. Ben and I are the Wolf Den Leaders so we know the boys well and it was fun to be involved in that and to see Benji experience the nerves and excitement. Benji drew the design for his car all on his own. Then he had Grandpa Nettesheim help him cut it. He sanded it for a few days and painted it. He chose to do a Green Bay Packer car and won “sportiest car”! His car was middle of the group, not the fastest but not the slowest. Those little cars are a lot of work and NOT EASY to make but in the end Benji and Ben had a good time doing it.

    DSC00663 DSC00664 DSC00670 DSC00674 DSC00681 DSC00701 DSC00707 IMG_20140422_192159

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    Raymond’s Nap Time, Defiance, Departure, Walk, Search

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    This kid challenges us in new ways, different than the previous 4 kids ever did. He has his own look and HIS OWN way of life. Here’s the story of the week…

    Millie started crying during the first 30 minutes of church. Benji came out soon after with a stomach ache. He threw up and then Ben brought Ray out with a stinky diaper. So I took the fussy, barfy and poopy kids home from church to deal with them.

    I got Benji and Millie settled and then I put Raymond down for a nap. He immediately climbed out of his crib and I immediately put him back in. And then we repeated that scenario and then I blocked the door with a suit case and left.


    A few minutes later I came up and found him happy in the toy room so I just let it be.


    Next Benji and I hear the front door open and close so I go and see what he is up to. He just walked out the door


    and down the driveway


    and passed our house


    and passed Falabella’s house


    and to the corner: and by this time I was following in the shadows because REALLY how far is this little 2 year old going to go??


    And then as I came around the side of the neighbor’s house he caught sight of me and came over to talk.


    I asked him where he was going and he said : “to Daddy” We talked a little more and he said he was going to the Temple! From what I could tell he really wanted to get back to church with Dad and his nursery! So cute right? Except that he just left and had no worries and no sense of direction!


    This kid is something else – that is for sure.

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    Easter Morning

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    We woke up and started searching for our Easter Baskets. It took a good hour to find all of them. That Easter Bunny did not go easy on us! After enjoying our baskets and discussing the Resurrection of Jesus Christ I snuck away to Jessica Walgrens mission homecoming talk. It was a great way to spend an hour of my morning.

    DSC00564 DSC00567 DSC00568 DSC00571



    I came home and got the kids ready for church and even had time to snap a few pictures.

    DSC00585 DSC00587 DSC00603 DSC00613 DSC00634 DSC00598


    And then at church the Chaos broke out. Millie cried like usual and Ray had a dirty diaper but Benji started feeling sick so I hurried and got the 4 of us out of there. Ben dropped us off at home and then headed back to church. Benji was sick so he and Millie and I stayed home from the Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa’s house that evening. He was super bummed. I was bummed but I can’t remember the last time Benji and I chilled like that  just the 2 of us, so I liked that. I did get to watch “The ten Commandments” that evening. I have good memories watching that insanely long movie during Easter at my Grandma Robertson’s house.

    and here are more pics of the cute kiddos:

    DSC00573 DSC00584 DSC00590 DSC00604 DSC00607 DSC00616 DSC00619 DSC00622 DSC00625 DSC00630

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    Soccer has started! Ben is coaching the boys teams again. Cali got a goal! They are all getting better… this is the first time the boys didn’t count how many times they touched the ball to motivate them 🙂 We celebrated Cali’s goal with Ice cream. We went to a lunch time Court of Honor for McKay. We did some chores around the house before Benji’s 4pm game. We ran some errands and the rest is a blurr – – I crashed early and next thing I knew the kids were waking me up to see if they could look for their Easter Baskets…

    IMG_20140419_090859 IMG_20140419_104109 IMG_20140419_114247 IMG_20140420_163043 DSC00557

    Oh Yeah – And we Dyed our Easter Eggs on Friday night:

    DSC00551 DSC00552 DSC00553 DSC00554 DSC00555 DSC00556 DSC00562 IMG_20140418_182602-SMILE

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    back from spring break and my MOM was in town

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    My mom came to visit! She has been making the rounds this last month… a night at Christy’s for Braden’s play. A couple of weeks at Tracie’s while John is away being trained for a new job. To Shannon’s Idaho family for her graduation. To Ryan’s house. To her parents in Orem. To my house. And she left here and went to Josh’s house for Easter. She gets to spend time with Michael and Kevin on a regular basis and she did spend time with the “home-less” (Joel, Brady and Sean) as well! If she disappears tomorrow my money is on Taiwan 🙂


    We had an extended Johnson family get together at our place one of the nights. She gave Packer an early birthday present. We did get in a few games, Cali and Rose and Grammy got in the most games. Michael spent some time hanging out with us too. And we dug out a rare VHS of some of our younger years. The highlight is a wrestling match between Brady and Sean when mom chimes in from the kitchen in her beautiful night gown, “Boys, You’re wasting your morning.”

    IMG_20140415_184625 160April20142

    IMG_20140416_105936  IMG_20140416_153608 IMG_20140417_074204 IMG_20140417_081620  IMG_20140417_185750 IMG_20140417_220205 IMG_20140415_093434 IMG_20140415_115258

    And Millie decided that she can sit up. She loves it.


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