Month: September 2017

    Little Buddies?

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    RAYMOND and TIAGO get along pretty well. They are starting to play with each other and off of each other.

    Ray ready for another school day 🙂

    Learning to write his name:

    Ray ALWAYS wants me to play a game with him. I need to say YES more often cause these boys are fun to play with. They actually have the patience to play and wait their turn and stick it out to the end!

    I love Tiago’s chubby fingers on the game pieces:

    we are trying not to watch as much TV but I love when they dance and sing along with the shows:

    These guys were my helpers when I put together a 12 drawer Ikea dresser for the boys room. I need to do a project that they can really help on. They loved the hammer!

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    These guys are buddies. They are opposites in a lot of ways but they get each other and they stick up for each other. They do most things together around here. I love it.

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    Soccer Season is Here

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    and some of our kids are still just in it for the treats!

    Rose has a fun team again this year. She’s with Ellie and Gentry again.

    Ice cream for Raymond scoring a goal! He still gets about 3 a game. His new team is even better than last year.


    These girls got the BEST jersey number this year!!

    Cali and Mia got to be Team Captains together 🙂

    and then we end the day with an RSL game if we are lucky !

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    Millie is 4!

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    Millie is 4 years old! and she is the queen of her world and she rules most of our world.

    Kickin off the birthday with some gifts:

    and a lunchtime trip to McDonalds!


    We perfected the Tinkerbell Cake:

    And posed with the cake:

    and took pictures on the walk to take Ray to school:

    and then we had a BIG PARTY! In the backyard. With lots of little friends


    After the party Grandma and Grandpa stopped by and gave Millie a quilt that Grandma made. It is awesome.


    We had hot dog dinner and went to Benji’s football game and then home for cake and ice cream!


    We had a fun and busy day. Millie loved being the center of attention. She is such a chatterbox. So sweet and so feisty. We’re excited for our new 4 year old!

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    This kid is a crack up:

    The kids at school love him!



    And we ALL love TOAGO. Packer made this cute word Duck for him:

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    Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

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    They like the dentist office! I guess that’s a good thing. And NO cavities!!

    Millie heard we were going to the Mall so she brought her money for the gumball machines. This is the machine we found and they were loving it:

    My Grandma. I tried to visit but she was sleeping. I guess she fell pretty hard the day before.

    Millie is obsessed with making friends. She and this girl are now frenemies. They fight about as much as they play but Millie keeps going back for more.

    Kelsey and I visited Grandma! She was a little down from her fall but she still played us in a game of Skipbo and was doing pretty good.

    This is Millie trying to change a diaper! She is crazy. Tiago was ready to let her but I was not.

    Another Packer invention! 🙂 this guy is creative:

    We are loving our raspberries this year! I have been feasting on them all month!

    My little helper 🙂 He really wanted a turn to vacuum the house.

    The kids convinced me to make crepes. we just switched to 9am church and I love it. After church I spent 2 hours in the kitchen and we had delicious crepes.

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    The rest of LABOR DAY weekend

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    We had Mia and Michelle over for Sunday dinner!

    And Monday was brunch at mom and dads with lots of Nettys and Nate and Becky.


    During the afternoon we hit the PG pool for the last time this season. A bunch of the cousins ended up going to the pool so it was a FUN day.


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