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    Benji earned his WOLF

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    Benji earned his Wolf badge at cub scouts this month! He is a good cub scout. He enjoys learning. And it’s pretty easy when your parents are your leaders. He’ll move on to Bears in one month. I’ll be sad to see him go 🙁 I’ll try and survive the 10 months until Packer gets to join our den.

    DSC00913 DSC00920

    and they played a little squish ball in the parking lot afterwards…


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    We went to Benji and Packer’s dance festival. They did a great job dancing!! They both knew all of the moves and seemed to enjoy the dancing. Ben brought our ladder and our video camera with a good zoom so we got good footage for the first time.

    DSC00896 DSC00898 DSC00903 DSC00908 IMG_20140527_101402

    the younger siblings did not do so great. in fact i brought them home and put all 4 of them in bed at 10:30am! that did work well. Ray is still asleep. Rose and Cali have been playing nicely and Millie is on her 2nd nap. AND MY BLOG IS UP TO DATE 🙂

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    20 pictures that want to be on this blog…

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    I don’t have any inspiration for a title or good way to make all of these pictures seem interesting but I do want to remember them and remember the fun we had this week. I’ve got about 20 pictures that want to be on this blog and that is with combining some pictures into collages so… Here we go.



    This is Raymond and Allie – She is our cute neighbor that is Ray’s age. She is super social and Ray loves her. If he see’s her outside he starts yelling her name. This day she came over and they were chasing the dog and running around. I think Ray was even showing off a little!


    Everyone loves checking on the garden with Dad! (why don’t they like helping with my chores??)


    Ben and I are the Wolf Den Leaders – these are our cub scouts playing a game. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the boys Benji’s age and see the different personalities.


    Cali loved her last day of Preschool! She is so ready for Kindergarten. She knows her letters and their sounds and can even count to 100. She can read some words and she just loves learning. Maybe having a late birthday won’t be so bad.



    While Cali was at her last day of school I took the 3 littlest ones on a bike ride. We rode over to the pond behind Lone Peak High School. I let the kids get out and we fed the ducks and Rose and Ray ended up swimming in their clothes because it was such a nice day. After school Rose wanted to show everyone else the pond so we drove over for round 2 that afternoon.




    Millie continues to get big – here she is standing up, with help of course BUT she is bending and crawling and standing! It always amazes me.

    IMG_20140523_192834 IMG_20140523_192851

    On Friday night we went to Pete and Amanda’s for a campfire! We had a Dutch Oven Dinner and then S’mores! The weather was great. The kids loved running around in their yard. We love living close to family!

    IMG_20140524_160253 IMG_20140524_161400

    Saturday started off rainy – so I slept in with the little kids while Benji and Ben went to their 8am game and BENJI SCORED A GOAL! Of course he does it on a game I don’t go to! He got a great pass from Kael and then he one touched it into the corner! He was so excited. We were excited for him and we all got ICE CREAM. (and an extra picture of Ray because 2 year old boys are just cute with ice cream all over their face.)

    IMG_20140524_151824 IMG_20140524_145919-ERASER

    We organized the garage on Saturday. We are selling the 2003 Honda Rebel if anyone is interested. And here is Ben on his “new” 1981.


    And that evening Ben and I got to go to the RSL soccer game! The games are so fun! Brady and Monique went with us and had seats close to ours. Mario and Shannon were next to us in the company seats. RSL games are one of my favorite date nights.


    We got to DOG sit for LaNell. Moki was at our house on Sunday and Monday. She was a good dog.

    IMG_20140525_182636 IMG_20140525_182647

    Millie’s latest trick is spitting lips. She loves it. She drools like crazy but it is cute.


    Benji started working on a fort in his bedroom on Friday. On Sunday he was still trying to make it better so Brady and I went in and fixed it up for him. The kids loved it. They watched a movie in it and all 5 of the ‘big’ kids slept in it Sunday night.



    Brady stayed over late on Saturday night and then Brady and Sean and Casey came over for Sunday dinner. We taught those guys King of Tokyo – I think Brady finally got a win on his 6th game so that is what inspired this picture.


    We also did Sunday tricks of course. Sean had a pretty bad ear infection so it was a pretty chill night. AND Rose gave her first talk in primary! She did very well. She talked right into the microphone and said that following the prophet is like “following the Leader”.


    This picture of Raymond’s foot is my only picture from Memorial Day! I hate when i do that. I guess we were having to much fun. Ben took the kids to their favorite donut store and then made food for the BBQ. I cleaned. Benji played Hearthstone. The girls colored. I took Raymond on a bike ride and let him show me all of the flags. At 1:00 we went over to the school and played soccer. First it was just our kids. Then the Falabella’s came. Then Brady, Sean and Casey and 2 of their friends. It was a fun game. Benji actually played! Packer decided he likes playing goalie. The babies lasted about 2 hours so that was good. When it was time to go Ray was out of control and crying and just kept repeating the word “hot” – When we got home we realized that he had burnt his little feet on the hot black top!! Both feet look like this 🙁 Luckily he is tough and has barely complained! After soccer we hurried over to Mom and Dad’s house for a BBQ!! Grandma and Grandpa Becker were there! Pete’s Family, Matt’s Family, Michelle’s Family, us and Kiah and Micah. We had a great time and I wish we had pictures. We ate and played. Ben got the game Telestrations as a late bday gift so we ended up playing 4-5 rounds of that. The nieces and nephews really enjoyed the game as well. We got home, threw the kids in bed :), and crashed.

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    The End of Another Great Week

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    Life is good. The weather has been beautiful. My children are awesome . . . .

    I really love when he can't put his book down :)

    I really love when Benji can’t put his book down 🙂

    Packer in 1st grade. Miss Myntti's class.

    Packer in Miss Myntti’s 1st grade class. The Author’s Fair.

    Benji's desk - 3rd grade Mrs Gibson and Mrs.Long.

    Benji’s desk – 3rd grade Mrs Gibson and Mrs.Long.

    My two little girls with their book and tablet. Millie is really getting big. It's always crazy to me when they start doing big kid things.

    My two little girls with their book and tablet. Millie is really getting big. It’s always crazy to me when they start doing big kid things.

    A little Chill time under the table with his Mickey Mouse book :)

    A little Chill time under the table with his Mickey Mouse book 🙂

    So happy. Such nice weather. XOXO

    So happy. Such nice weather. XOXO

    I'm trying to stay caught up with Benji on his reading. I like to know what he's reading and see how he reacts to it.

    I’m trying to stay caught up with Benji on his reading. I like to know what he’s reading and see how he reacts to it.

    Only one week left of preschool. This little girl is READY for Kindergarten.

    Only one week left of preschool. This little girl is READY for Kindergarten.

    Chillin at Cali's Thursday Night Soccer game: #Black hands #cousins

    Chillin at Cali’s Thursday Night Soccer game: #Black hands #cousins

    Ben got his garden planted over the weekend! I got to go on another bike ride with LaNell. We went out to dinner with Michelle and Udine. The kids had a sleepover in the girls room. Joel and Megan invited us out on their new wave runners!

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    The Rolling Machine

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    The Rolling Machine: Millie Marie.


    This baby is a mover. She is all over the room all of a sudden. She used to just stay put but now she see’s stuff and she goes for it. No more sitting on the bed or couch. She was playing on the bed today and fell off. She got a little bloody nose 🙁 I also lowered her bed so she can’t think about climbing out.



    She also loves to explore the basket of toys. She is so fun and smiley. I wish I could just sit and play with her for hours. I never regret the times that I do stop and play on the floor with her. I love babies and I love being a mom.


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    My First Bike Ride

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    my first bike ride in a long time… Yesterday I rode 5 miles in 30 minutes! It felt really good. The first 20 minutes was uphill and then I turned around and cruised home. All 3 kids fell asleep. My new bike was awesome.

    IMG_20140515_141344 IMG_20140515_141424

    The last time I went on a ride I made it to the temple pulling 2 kids and I had to call Ben to come rescue us at the park. I’m pretty sure I was pregnant with Cali and I was on the wimpy bike. This ride felt good and I’m excited that I was able to make it to the canal trail.

    I tried to ride earlier in the week but had flat tire problems – – boo –


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    Sippy in the Diaper Pail

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    I found a sippy in the Diaper Pail this morning! I do remember Ray telling me that it was yucky last night… I guess when you are 2 years old anything ‘yucky’ should go in with the yucky diapers.

    And I feel the need to document Raymonds napping and sleep patterns. He NEVER wants a nap but he does need one. Sometimes as early as 11am. He used to sleep in until 10am or later EVERY DAY and he would take a late afternoon nap EVERY DAY. Then he learned to climb out of the crib  – (BOO). Now he sleeps on the floor and wakes up at 7am with his brothers and he HATES naps. He goes kicking and screaming and I have to hold the door shut. He does eventually give up and take a GOOD Long nap but it is so exhausting to get him there that I don’t do it everyday. Especially when he is having so much fun playing with his siblings and neighbors and being a big boy.



    once in a while he will just crash and sleep


    This is the “BED” that Ray chose. He is still refusing the crib and the toddler bed and the bunk bed… He sleeps in this little nook every night.


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    8 MONTHS!

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    Look at this Beautiful 8 month old!


    She decided to cut 2 teeth to celebrate the 8 month mark!


    Millie has also started scooting backwards and rolling and leaning to get where she wants and what she wants. And she likes to play with Raymond – sometimes 🙂


    She is loving FOOD and her little body is finally adjusting to cereal and bananas and crackers. If you are eating she wants to eat.


    I love snuggling with this baby and I love when she tries to eat my face. We love her big smiles and excited feet. We love our Mil girl!


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    Weekend Wrap Up

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    Over the weekend we celebrated Ben’s Birthday and Mother’s Day!


    On Friday Ben took the day off and planned his garden and hung out with his Dad. We also opened presents and had birthday cupcakes and played a new game King of Tokyo with the kids. That evening we went out to dinner with Mom and Dad and Pete and Amanda. We went to Pizzeria Seven Twelve. I had never been there and it was pretty tasty. From there Michelle and Udine joined us and we finally watched Captain America: Winter Soldier. That was a really good movie. We came home and called it a night. That was our first time leaving all 6 of the kids with a young babysitter and they were all well behaved and asleep when we got home 🙂

    DSC00821 DSC00823

    DSC00836 IMG_20140509_174808

    Saturday was another Soccer Day and we had some chores to do around the house.

    On Sunday I got to sleep in and chill with Millie in bed and then the kids (and Ben) brought me crepes in bed! and they had made me lots of fun cards and cute hand prints. Then I got a new bike! My little Walmart cruiser wasn’t very good especially when pulling three kids. So Ben upgraded me to a “Specialized” Hybrid and I am excited to try it. Church was really good and then we came home and hosted Mother’s Day Dinner for Ben’s Mom! Ben made Sunday Dinner, roast and Potatoes and the works. The Falabella’s came and we had a yummy time. We ended the night with Ben’s birthday cake.

    DSC00854 DSC00868 DSC00870 DSC00875 DSC00882 DSC00884

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    My Husband is 39!

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    My husband is 39! Suddenly 40 doesn’t seem so old, it’s just around the corner. Ben is awesome. He is killing his 30’s! I love him so much. Did you know that he cooks a nice meal every Sunday? and usually invites some of our extended family to join us.

    Did you know that he just bought his Dad’s 1982 Honda Motorcycle? It’s the one he grew up riding. He is nostalgic and he is loving it.

    Did you know that he has received half a dozen Eagle Scout mentor pins from his time as Scout Master? The boys love him. They still come over looking for Netty. Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon and I’m like.. He’s at work… doesn’t your dad work?…i guess they just see him as one of the guys 🙂

    Did you know that Ben can handle our 6 kids with ease? The first and second kid there was a learning curve but now I leave at a moments notice and he has a better grasp on those guys than I do. They listen to him.

    Did you know that he loves to tend to the garden? If it were up to me we wouldn’t have one but he loves to work out there and enjoy this world God created. And unwind after work. And let his dog follow him around the yard. And as long as he plants raspberries then I am on board.

    Did you know that Ben goes to work every day without complaining? No matter what is going on at the office he stays positive. He doesn’t even complain if the baby has kept him up half the night or when I get to stay in bed until 9am. His positive attitude is 1 of the big reasons I wanted to marry him.

    Did you know that Ben is not afraid to try new things? If I’m not good at something I stay away from it. If Ben isn’t good at something he tries anyway and eventually gets there. He is one of the most well rounded people you will meet.

    Happy Birthday Ben!

    DSC00815 DSC00816

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