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    Saturdays garden loot and pepper eating. Benji and Dad always go to the garden to check on it and bring in the goods. Packer has decided that he doesn’t want to be left out but he has no control and picks everything that he sees and eats everything that he sees so he does not have garden privileges! 

     Cute Boyscute boys

    Silly Benji

     Crazy Posekung fu

    what’s up?Hai Ya

    funny bunny - that rhymesninja

    Packers Turn to be crazy

     yummybig bite

    whoaburning eyes

    ouch thats hotwhoa

    HOt pepperno likey

    what have I done?(ohhh)


    yuck Momspit it out

    here ya goHere you go

    WHOA That was a HOT PEPPER!

    AHHH that’s a hot onemoms turn

    vein popperhow did Packer eat that without burning his mouth off? These are not the same mild peppers that we grew last year!

    mom is a wimp

    That is the Story of the Hot Pepper.

    the pepper

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    ding dong


    “Who is at the door at 7am!?”

    “Hi – you have a broken pipe.”

    “oh….. thanks.”

    So, we have a broken pipe in the front yard. It was going all night so our yard is saturated and we have a good 6-8 inches in our crawl space. I think the 7 am door bell saved us – since the water didn’t make it out of the crawl space. Now we’ll drain what we can and wait for it to dry out so that we can find the problem.

    the flood

    This is our flooded crawl space under our house. 

    Also on the list today is taking Brewer to the vet to be neutered – we’ve heard that is lots of fun.

    I haven’t been to the grocery store since New York so that is also a priority today.

    My sister-in-law Michelle had her baby this morning. Congrats to the Falabellas!

    My Brother Joel has officially moved out this week. We miss him.

    Goodbye Joel

    Have I mentioned that Ben does have a new job? He’s been at Mozy Inc for just under a month and its been good.

    Pete, Udine and Ben

    Our Little Pac Man is a walking fool now. He’s at such a fun age – we just sit back and laugh (that is when he’s in a good mood). We also took away the pacifier last week!

    Pack is a walker

    Benji was a potty Training Pro. He had a few accidents the first day and that was it, he is now a master of the toilet. No horror stories on that end. We do need to work on teaching the boy to pull up his own pants still.

    funny face man

    and Jana is very pregnant all of a sudden, no more hiding it. And this little one is very active which I think is a lot of fun. She has been my Potatoes and Gravy and Icecream Baby, doesn’t that sound soo good?

    and Benji informed me today that  – that G on the mountain is always following us.

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    New York City


    Wednesday Night Red Eye Flight - I forgot that I was pregnant so that was not comfortable and I forgot to choose a window seat so I had nothing to lean on. New York City TAXI RIDE – that was fun – lots of horn honking and swerving. NY City Sights Tour Bus – Ben bought the ticket the night before so as soon as I could get myself out of bed I jumped on the bus for the uptown tour. Tour guide was obsessed with places that Jerry Seinfeld had lived. I did see where Babe Ruth had supposedly lived, General Grants Tomb and lots of other historical buildings.

     Tour Bus Babe Ruth lived here cathedral

    Gyro= $4.00 – My first street food – lamb or chicken? they were both good.  Metro Card Purchase –  a tourist must – $25 for 7 day Metro pass. You could ride as much as you wanted and it didn’t matter if you went the wrong way cause you could just hop on another train to get back. China Town – I couldn’t enjoy it becasue it was TOO FISHY – ugghh. I did get my appetite back when we spotted the Gelato ( very brazil like icecream 😉 ) Little Italy – lots of yummy restaurants but we weren’t hungry yet. Lots of clothes that my brother -in-law Udine would have wanted. And we stopped to watch a soccer game – the game was on a field in the middle of all of the buildings and chaos. 

    Little Italy city soccer

    Ground Zero –  Totally under construction and fenced off as they rebuild – we saw a few memorials and could only imagine the Towers standing tall in the empty space.

     fire fighters memorial school children left tokens for those killed in 9/11

    The Manhattan Temple – great way to spend a Friday morning. I walked right by it the first time. The inside is beautiful. Definitely felt like a sanctuary from the big world right outside the doors.

     LDS Temple

    Juniors – Famous for their CheeseCake. This was right Outside of our hotel. It was too rich even for me to finish in one sitting – that is saying a lot. TKTS= Cheap(er) Broadway Tickets – This was also relocated to our hotel so I stood in line and got Mary Poppins Tickets for $60 instead of $160. Ipanema, Brazillian Restaurant –  WOw, closest thing to real brasil just like on the mission food that Ben or I have had since the missions. yummy. Mary Poppins – First Broadway Show! I loved it. We all know the story but the music and dance were amazing.

    Mary Poppins 

    Times Square – we stayed at the Marriot Marquis so we were right at Times Square. What are all those people doing? Walking and walking and walking. What if you said YES to every street vendor that asked you to buy his stuff? you’d have lots of paintings, sun glasses, and purses. How do they change the ginormous billboards without me noticing? WOW.

     Times Square Drop the Ball Our Hotel

    City Sights Down Town Tour – a good way to spend a saturday morning when your husband has to work. Lots more NY history and random facts. And you could tell it was the weekend cause it was even more crowded than the first 2 days.

    famous building? 

    Central Park – noone told me that I was supposed to wear my swim suit to the park! I came up to an open field and found a lawn full of bathing beauties and boys that thought they were at a beach! What a weird sight BUT when you think it through, that is the one place to catch some sun.

     the NY beach

    I strapped on my roller blades and strolled through the park for over an hour – Beautiful. Here are some of the pictures that you take when you are sight seeing by yourself.

     Central Park more Central Park I loved this view - Central Park my tunnel

    Lady Liberty – this was maybe our one disappointment because we didn’t plan ahead and so we were unable to get out to Ellis Island or Liberty Island and really get a good look at the statue. Battery park was still beautiful and you couldn’t help but feel patriotic in those surroundings.

    Jana and Lady Liberty Ben and Lady Liberty

    Our Favorite Spot – Joel recommended that we check out the park under the Brooklyn Bridge so we did and it ended up being one of our favorite spots. We layed near the Manhattan Bridge and looked out at the Brooklyn Bridge and the City in the distance. Open Air and just relaxing after 3 days of on the go.

     Ben and Manhattan Bridge Brooklyn Bridge  Our View from Under Bridge Our Spot

    Johns Pizzeria – came highly recommended from my friend Katie and Ben and I would both pass on the recommendation. Great pizza, Price, and Atmosphere!

     Johns Pizza

    The Empire State Building – what’s the big deal about this place? Lines were like Disney Land. It took 2 hours to get up and back down. 19$ per person. But there we were with all of the rest of the tourists doing this touristy thing that made it on our list of to do’s! To everyone who loves this building – it was a great view and we were glad that we did it. 

     Empire State Building The View ohhhhh! breath taking views 

    Noone mourns the WICKED! – we finished off our vacation with the best show on Broadway (most would think) The Gershwin Theatre was Huge and Packed, not an empty seat in the house. And Wicked lived up to all of our expectations. Ben and I are both converted! 

    the stage 

    Brooklyn Diner near Carnegie Hall – yummy. the best onion rings I have ever had. My burger was delicious. Ben’s Chicken Soup was very Good! We found this one on our own and were very impressed with the food and service and supposedly lots of famous people have eaten there! 😎

    after 5 years of marriage

    Now we sit and wonder when and if we’ll ever make it back. Thanks again to EVERYONE that made my vacation possible. I LOVED IT and it’s good to be home.

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    What’s a Girl to Do?


    I am about to experience 4 full days of no diaper changing, no filling sippies, no mommy mommy get me this, no dog, no crying, no cooking, no 1 year old fits, no Why why why from a 3 year old, no cleaning the house, no nap time, no bed time,  pretty much no responsibility! 🙂 What’s a Girl To Do?

    I get to go to New York! Ben has a work conference. I am tagging along. It’s our 5 year wedding anniversary! So what are the must do’s in New York? Anyone that has been I would love to hear what I should put on my agenda. I’m really excited. This is the first time that Ben and I have left the kids and gone on our own. Overdue? For Sure – I take full responsibility. I’ve been told that it is time to let go. my mommas boys can survive without me, it’s time to see if I can survive without them… so August 7th, New York City, here I come! Thank You to everyone that is helping with our boys!

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    Our Sports Nut

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    This Kid Loves His Sports! Benji catches Rolly Polly Bugs and Packer Climbs in the Sports Bin to see what he can find!? To Each his own. 

    sports nut

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    Kangaroo Zoo

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    The kids had a fun night at Kangaroo Zoo with their cousins. It’s a bunch of blow up bouncy houses and slides and the kids just went crazy for 2 hours!

    Pack at Kangaroo Zoo

    Packer Chews on EVERYTHING!


    Benji is at the top of this Dragon Slide Screaming for his mom – I just wanted a picture of him sliding down.

    happy Benji This is more his Style – posing on the low step.

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    Sore Wrist

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    I have had a sore wrist ( maybe sprained – don’t know) and I have been out of commission and a  big Whiner. It hurts to pour milk and to sweep the floor and to pick up the kids and to undo the sippy and to lift Benji onto the toilet and to drive and to stir/cook and make sandwiches and feed the dog and … you never realize how many little things you do all day long that you just need to be able to do or else the house and kids don’t function… Being Healthy just moved up on my gratitude list!

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