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    This kid is so fun right now! He loves to Play. He is learning new things every day. I love watching him explore and pull himself up and crawl and sit up and put everything in his mouth. He’ll eat anything you put near him. He is a great sleeper: 8pm -8am and then a morning nap and an afternoon nap. He is so smiley. Everyone loves the Augster.

    IMG_20160318_093923 IMG_20160318_150657 IMG_20160318_203806 IMG_20160320_091312 IMG_20160322_141039 IMG_20160322_141104 IMG_20160324_130430 IMG_20160324_130438 IMG_20160324_134252 IMG_20160324_134254 IMG_20160324_134300

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    Big Girl Bed

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    Millie is in a toddler bed. She’s been done with the crib for a while but she keeps coming in my bed in the wee morning hours so I’m trying to get her to like her new space and STAY there.


    She is a good snuggle bug but it needs to be after 6am or I’m gonna be a grouchy mom.

    IMG_20160318_105845 IMG_20160318_105854

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    Utah Caucus

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    This election year is CRAZY. The candidate choices are killing me. Ben took the time to go to the Caucus meeting, which was also crazy. We, like others, are nervous for our future.

    IMG_20160322_191702 IMG_20160322_204159 IMG_20160322_223234

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    Manila Classic Skate Night

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    The school has Skate night a couple times a year and we never go because our kids haven’t been into skating or even scootering but this year I decided we were ready. The little kids have been skating in the house and the big kids like their scooters now and if nothing else Kelsey and I will have fun skating and pushing Tiago. We convinced Erica and her kids to meet us there and we brought Mia and Luca with us and Matt and Jamie’s family showed up too! We saw other ward members and classmates and had a really fun family night.

    THE KIDS LoVeD IT! They are still talking about it and they have been practicing on their skates ever since!

    IMG_20160321_175338 IMG_20160321_175345 IMG_20160321_175348 IMG_20160321_175353 IMG_20160321_175358 IMG_20160321_175451 IMG_20160321_175526 IMG_20160321_175527 IMG_20160321_181459 IMG_20160321_182633 IMG_20160321_182636 IMG_20160321_184500 IMG_20160321_184511 IMG_20160321_184601 IMG_20160321_185228 IMG_20160321_192944 IMG_20160321_192956 IMG_20160321_193023 IMG_20160321_193116 IMG_20160321_193121 IMG_20160321_194755

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    Movie Grille Date Night

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    We have been planning a night on the town in Ogden and it finally happened. On March 19th we picked up Joel and Megan and Kelsey and drove to Ogden. We dropped our 7 kids off with Taylee and Kylee and Ryan and Mary’s other 5 kids! We grabbed Ryan and Mary and met Shannon at the Movie grille. The movie Grille was fun because you order and then eat during the movie and we played a little Pool afterwards! I had a lot of fun out on the town with these guys!

    IMG_20160319_180158 IMG_20160319_180224 IMG_20160319_205113 IMG_20160319_205208 IMG_20160319_205239 IMG_20160319_205456 IMG_20160319_205504

    The kids did great without us 🙂 Tiago slept most of the time 🙂 and we had time to play a couple of games before heading home!

    IMG_20160319_211134 IMG_20160319_211241 IMG_20160319_212412 IMG_20160319_215945 IMG_20160319_222336

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    Manila Art Festival on Leprechaun Day

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    It’s that time of year again. ARTS FESTIVAL! The kids make a beautiful piece of art and we get to go to the school and buy it. And then they have lots of other activities for the kids to do. The kids also LOVE to decorate a Soda and donate it to the Soda Pop Walk. The 5th grade wax museum is also this night so we got to go watch Benji this year. AND this was all on St. Patty’s Day So…

    IMG_20160315_172427 IMG_20160315_175924 IMG_20160316_074405 IMG_20160316_074418 IMG_20160316_074444 IMG_20160316_074500 IMG_20160316_074533

    Here is our St. Patrick’s Morning!

    IMG_20160317_075123 IMG_20160317_075131 IMG_20160317_100241

    For the Wax museum the 5th graders have to dress up as an American Hero that they have researched and written a report about. Then they pretend to be a statue for one hour while everyone comes to look at them 🙂

    IMG_20160317_163547 IMG_20160317_163553

    Face painting:


    Soda Pop Walk


    science and technology museum:


    Tiago hanging in  there with his balloon.


    More STEM activities:

    IMG_20160317_182056 IMG_20160317_182435


    IMG_20160317_185758 IMG_20160317_185804 IMG_20160317_185814 IMG_20160317_185840

    And then Ben made us a green dinner with corn beef in the form of Reuben Sandwiches… and shamrock shakes!

    IMG_20160317_190821 IMG_20160317_204356

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    Our Niece Shaelyn is home from her mission! She’s been home for 3 weeks actually. We haven’t seen her yet BUT we’ve chatted and are hoping to see her in May. I loved reading her weekly email. Shae was such a great missionary and her emails were always enlightening and uplifting. I am so grateful for such good examples for my kids. Welcome Home Sister Eggers.

    5923_10207203351654492_6530030001663232826_n IMG667243886 12832398_10207203363854797_160075836957993799_n

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    silly sayings

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    Rose (5) playing with Magformers. ” It’s the first thing I made with no destructions.”

    Millie (2.5) upon receiving a fruit snack. “No more. No more this mom. Last one.” Shaking her head the whole time.

    Rose (5) explaining to Ray (4). “If you do not fall in love with a girl, you will have no kids.”

    Millie (2) talking to Tiago (9mth) and quoting Hotel Transylvania. “Him not say Blah Blah Blah.”

    Rose (5) was eating breakfast on a monday morning. “I don’t remember what Heaven was like. Do you mom? I mean we used to know, right? I wish we could remember.”

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