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    Thanksgiving 2012

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    We got to go to Ben’s parents house for Thanksgiving this year! Now that they live close I was able to sleep in a little, get kids ready and the house cleaned while Ben made casserole and 6 pies! We headed over a little before 1:00 and stayed until 8pm. I didn’t take any pictures of the main event but I got Ray cleaning up someone’s abandoned dinner roll and a few pictures of the gaming. Ben got in a game of hearts but mostly chilled with family and tried to keep our five under control. The football games were lack luster this year so I played a little speed basketball with the niece and nephews and I also got in on the Small World and Rummikub Games.  Benji played a new tablet game with the older cousins. Packer played a lot with Mikah who he doesn’t get to see as much as the others. Cali followed all of the other girls around. Rose found the sand box and tried to not fight with Christian. And Ray did really well just cruising around the house and survived on a little cat nap in his dad’s arms. We did a lot more than that in 7 hours but that is what I remember. I just love when family is all in one house playing and entertaining and enjoying each others company. It was very low key and very enjoyable. I had so much pie this year that I lost count. We finished out our “At Home Vacation” by setting up Christmas on Friday. We stayed up late watching Christmas movies and let the kids sleep under the tree. On Saturday I went shopping and we got some chores done and Ben and I went on a short date. Sunday was relaxing. We had Joel and his lady friend(I think that’s what they say now so that they don’t have to declare official girlfriend status) over for dinner. They entertained the kids for hours and we suffered through Green Bay losing and now here we are back to real life. I feel like my to do list is always a mile long but here we go….

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    Hogle Zoo

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    We have not been to the zoo for years. It was way over due and I am so glad we went. Money well spent and day off before thanksgiving also well spent.


    Packer said his 3 favorite animals are 1. Owls, 2. Turtles, 3. Peacock and luckily we found one owl at the end so he was a happy boy.




    Cali was excited to see elephants and giraffes. It always amazes me though how the kids just as excited to climb on the statues as they are to see the real deal.




    Rose didn’t have a favorite but she can do the monkey and elephant sounds so we defaulted to those. She also liked the snakes.




    Benji loves Penguins and they used to have penguins but they don’t any more. He was disappointed. His top four were snakes, turtles, seals and bears.




    I was impressed with the sea lions and seals. I loved watching them swim around and glide through the water. And the Polar Bear put on a great show. He would dive under water, come up at the glass and push off backwards. He seemed like a big kid.


    Ben liked the grizzly bears. They were wrestling in the water for quite a while and fighting over some food. Very entertaining.


    Ray was great. He was a happy boy on the stroller and that’s all I could ask for.


    We loved our day at the zoo!


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    November News Part 2

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    Saturday November 10th ended up being a pretty busy day:

    Packer slept ALL day! He threw up twice and was not feeling good.

    Benji and his little snowman named Chilly.

    Rose looking a little sick herself… and she has been a little sick all week. A runny nose, some fever, and mostly whiny and wanting mommy to hold her all day. Today I found a little molar coming in.

    It was freezing cold and the game didn’t start until 8:15 BUT Benji and I went to the BYU v Idaho football game and we got Ryan and Marlee to go with us!

    SUNDAY the 11th. We got to go to a special stake conference because Elder Bednar came!! He is so down to earth and in touch. I loved his sense of humor. He gave great counsel and guidance and encouraged me to be a little better. I loved it. And I loved being home at noon and relaxing with my family:

    The kids learning to play battleship! they loved it.

    Sean supporting MOVEMBER

    Benji decided to pull out his 2nd tooth!!

    Monday the 12th: we watched the Falabella kids for most of the day.

    the girls played really well!! that is a big deal these days because it doesn’t always happen.

    the girls are all about the headband

    Tuesday November 13: Raymond is 9 months old!! And started climbing stairs! He is all over the house and into everything.

    Wednesday November 14: I realized how crazy my life has been lately. I am taking care of kids 24/7. I can barely get anything done outside of making sure that the kids are eating, learning, sleeping and not living in filth. Everyone wants mom and everyone wants ‘hold me’ and ‘get me…’ and Raymond’s mobility has definitely added to the craziness.

    I love when Ben comes home in the evenings!

    November 15th: Thursday was another take care of kids and not get much done kind of day.

    how cute is this! Love watching them interact.

    Friday the 16th: I cooked and cleaned and packed our bags for a weekend at a Park City Cabin with the Nettesheim Family!!

    Rose learned how to use my camera phone while I packed.

    We left for Park City right after Ben got home from work! We spent the evening with all of the Utah Netty Family. We ate and talked and ate and had a planning meeting and ate and played a few games. Everyone stayed up way to late but it was a blast.

    most of us hanging out in the main room of the cabin

    Saturday the 17th: We spent the day in our pajamas at the cabin with lots of family. The kids hot tubbed and played in the snow. I went to the outlets and we all played and ate the day away.

    Sunday November 18th: We said goodbye to the cabin. Got home in time to go to church. Hosted my family for pizza dinner and then crashed.

    Goodbye Cabin

    we inherited 100 hotwheels over the weekend!

    Monday November 19th: I got nothing done BUT we played cars and went to the park and we are all excited that it is Thanksgiving week. Yeah!

    Rosie is still whiny lately

    Benji had a Manners Lunch at school today. He was nervous and excited.

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    November News

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    November is half way over! Here’s our story so far this month… (i may have a pic for everyday – that’s the way I roll with my cell phone now)

    Raymond learned how to clap on November 1st! I had never thought to try it and hadn’t busted out patty cake in a while so it was fun to see him so excited. The kids thought it was amazing that little Ray Ray could really clap:

    love the excitement!

    The 2nd was cousins night at our house. The kids played in the leaves:

    I love Lily jumping in this pic

    Ellie is super cute.

    Tin Tin and Rosie are good friends.

    Saturday the 3rd was my RS Super Saturday. It was also a perfect november park day:

    Mia, Benji, Alessandro, Packer, and Cali… they all felt a little sick afterwards.

    the 4th:

    lookin handsome in their suits.

    November 5th:

    Ray got his first bloody lip from climbing on the rocking chair.

    November 6th:

    Packer got the Walmart add and had me write his Christmas List for Santa! He seems to think that HE WILL be getting everything on the list.. hmmm… sorry buddy. Excitement is in the air already at our house!!

    Wednesday November 7th:

    love when babies grab their toes

    Thursday the 8th Ben and I snuck out for a date night. Joel wrestled all 5 kids for us – pretty amazing for a single white guy 🙂 We went with Michelle and Udine to the Real Soccer Game: Real Salt Lake vs Seattle Sounders. FUN.

    November 9th was our first snow day. It snowed most of the afternoon and some more in the evening. We didn’t get a ton but enough for the kids to play in and a week later it is still here – it’s been a COLD week.

    Packer and Cali loving the white stuff. They couldn’t stop eating it.

    And sometimes (I’ll blame this time on the snow) sometimes mom gets to relax and play computer while watching netflix and wrestling the baby.

    I am going to post this half of the first half of November because it is getting long and it is getting late so I can at least be halfway caught up…

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    Zaliens is Benji’s game of choice for recess. He used to split his time on the playground and near the soccer guys but now he just plays Zaliens the whole time. You can only talk if you put a  Z in front of every word. I don’t know anything else about the game but they play it every day every recess and some girls play too. And I can’t pack to much stuff in his lunch because then it takes to long to eat and he is late to Zaliens. I love this kid!


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    Halloween 2012

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    We had a busy Halloween day. The kids were excited all day and wore their costumes all day. Our Main events were wearing costumes to school and going to the costume parade at school. We went straight from school to Ben’s work for some early trick or treating. After that we went and visited Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim and Grandma and Grandpa Becker. We came home for a potty break and then Ben took the Super Heroes and Witches and trick or treated around our neighborhood from 6:15 to 7:30. Rose is officially a full time walker now so trick or treating was stroller free for the first time! I stayed home and passed out candy to all of the other cute kids. Raymond the hot dog took a nap and LaNell came and entertained me between the tricks and treats. The kids loved it. They came home telling me that this and Christmas are their FAVORITES. We headed up the street at 8pm and had root beer floats with all of the Nettesheim’s because it was not a cold hot chocolate night. The kids all loved their costumes. It was a great day!

    (pictures to prove it was great!)

    Our Super Heroes

    Casting their Spells

    Hot Dog and Buddy

    Following Ben around the Office (Rose was grabbing handfuls)

    My whole crew


    Love this picture of my witches. They are becoming good friends.

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    Cornbellies 10/29/12

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    If you live in Utah County then you probably know what Cornbellies is. If you don’t live in Utah County but you read my blog in October then you probably know what Cornbellies is. For the rest of you, Cornbellies is a child’s Halloween wonderland. It is loaded with fall activities for kids of all ages and over the last few years it has become tradition for us to go every October!














    Ray and Ray

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    We named Raymond after Ben’s mom’s dad – Raymond Becker. We finally got a picture of the 2 Rays together on Sunday when we celebrated Grandpa’s 86th Birthday.

    I think it is cute that they are making the same faces in these pictures. Lets smile big in this one and just slightly grin in the next… Ray and Gladys live here in Alpine now so we have been able to see them more often. It’s nice to spend birthdays and holidays with them when we can. We love Grandpa Becker and are grateful to have him close.

    Birthday Cake! Uncle Pete’s birthday as well.


    we made him this fancy pumpkin for his porch !


    and I love this picture except my baby has turned into a little boy. Look at that hair and his teeth and he just looks so big… bitter sweet for mom.

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    Rosies Fat Lip and Ray Rays Teeth

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    Rose – all bloodied up from her walking injury

    Rose will not ride in the stroller. She turned 2 on the first of October, Just one month ago! BUT she will not ride. She wants to walk. We walk Packer to school almost everyday so now it takes us double or triple the time because we have to go Rosie Speed. She walked at cornbellies. She walked all of trick or treating. I still take the double stroller in hopes of convincing her to jump in but she never does. Last Friday she walked and she tripped and she got a fat lip and she bled a lot but, guess what? She STILL would not get in the stroller!! I finally got her home and got the blood cleaned up. She needed a sippy and blanket and 2 band aids on her feet! Her tooth looked pretty bad but has healed ok from what I can see.

    I little medicine helped too.

    I wasn’t about to put the band aid on the lip so the foot did the trick.

    And as most of these incidents go, little brother decided that he was not happy and needed to cry the whole time with her 🙂

    I’m not happy!

    Ray got 3 new teeth in October. He got one while we were in Florida and here towards the end of the month he decided to cut 2 more on top. I’m guessing the 4th top will be in soon because he has been a grouch today. He is officially our early kid. He came a little early in general and has done everything from teeth to hair to roll, sit, crawl, stand. He slept longer earlier and ate real food super early. Anyway, he is growing up fast. I think he is done nursing. Maybe once a day until I am done but he would much rather have a banana, cereal and bottle.

    I think he got some tylenol that afternoon also.

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