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    On Friday at our 20 week ultrasound we had the chance to find out if this little baby is a boy or a girl… We Did Not Find Out! This is new for us, we’ve never waited until the birth to know the gender of the baby. So far, I am excited. Than Hancock told me it was so fun and a definite must try so here we are. Most people seem to be anti – waiting (including my husband and kids) BUT I figure I’ve got everything baby in this house, boy or girl, and I am ready. One major down fall is having to think of both names… and we had to choose a gender neutral fetal name: Pat. Pat seems to be doing great though! The Ultrasound looked good from all angles. I am measuring 6 days earlier than the June 8th due date but I’m thinking that has more to do with my size than Pat’s. I still can’t believe that we have a 7th child on the way! Woohoo!!


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    the little things

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    We are healthy and it feels so good. Its the little things really. We all LOVE seeing Millie happy. She just brightens up every room in the house. The kids have been following her around and giving hugs. Ray has given her so many kisses this week and has just been super sweet. Nothing spectacular is going on but we are happy to be alive and to feel good and to have each other.

    IMG_20150121_135927 IMG_20150124_183219 IMG_20150126_112956 IMG_20150127_131459

    Over the weekend we got to spend time with Ryan and his girls and with Joel and Megan and Shannon and Sean and Brady and Mo. Ryan and I got to hang out on Friday. His kids weren’t here so he played with my kids and was the fun uncle… coloring contests and Coloretto and getting little Ray to be his buddy. He brought his kids down on Sunday and the cousins had a blast. I love spending time with my family.  Joel and Megan’s baby is due today so we are all getting anxious to meet him…

    IMG_20150124_183207 IMG_20150124_183213

    NO PICTURES of my siblings 🙁 but we were dog sitting… And Ben came home from a long day at work and made dinner for all of us because Ryan and I were in the middle of a game and I hadn’t prepared anything for dinner! ( I know, I don’t deserve him)

    IMG_20150124_183230 IMG_20150127_131506

    The weekend before my sister Shannon lost her phone and she called me to vent and talk about it and we ended up getting on the computer and tracking her iphone and the police were able to go over and get it back from the lady that took it!! It was crazy. I felt like a real detective and we were just so happy that she got it back. Her ID, cards and phone!! blessings! Speaking of blessings: When Millie was in the hospital the charge nurse ended up being a really good friend of ours! It was SO NICE to have her there and she knew just what we needed and was in a position to help a little more than other nurses might have. She let me vent and cry and it was just what I needed to get through that long day. I consider that a huge blessing. God knows us and is aware of each of our individual lives.


    The NICE weather is helping our moods too. Cali came home from school yesterday and declared it a picnic day. I was skeptical BUT she was right – It was a beautiful day. We spent 4 hours out in the back yard. Some of the neighbor kids joined us. It was just what this cooped up family needed.

    IMG_20150126_125118 IMG_20150126_125048

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    and then we got sick

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    And then your baby gets sick and none of the other stuff matters! (life can stand still)

    Millie has been sick since we got back from California!

    The first 4 days she was Feverish and grumpy. Then she got Snotty and coughing. I kept thinking she was getting better but then she would have another fever. By the weekend she was no longer grumpy, just Lethargic and started laboring to breath. So On Sunday the 11th I got worried and took her to instacare.
    I’m sure I waited too long but… It was a wait it out illness and I was trying to wait it out. But her oxygen levels were low and her body seemed like it was using all of its resources to breath and none to fight the virus. They gave her an oxygen treatment and antibiotic for an ear ache and then sent us to check in at the hospital since her levels were still too low.
    SO.. after oxygen for 24 hours she started looking better and her levels stayed up on their own! She was still grumpy and coughing and sleepy after 2 days at the hospital but ready for her own bed and family. She had successfully pushed away every Dr and nurse. And HATED being hooked to the oxygen and heart rate machines. We got to bring her home Tuesday afternoon and she seemed delighted to see her siblings and her chair at the table. She was still wimpy and had to relearn how to walk and was a major grump but none of that mattered because we were in our house with our beds.

    That night Raymond and Rose started throwing up! And then Thursday and Friday Millie started throwing up. We are still dealing with diarrhea but I feel like we are finally going to get over the sickness and back to real life. Today makes 2 full weeks of sickness. 2 constant weeks! But we finally got some smiles from our sweet Millie.

    We have truly missed our Sit on your face, Stand on the table, Climb on the fireplace, Dance to the music and break everyone’s toys little sweetheart!… We have missed her big laugh and smile. I’m still waiting for my old Millie to be 100% but so happy that she is getting better. Goodbye RSV/Bronchiolitis with an ear infection on top, and Don’t come back!

    We had so much support from family and friends! THANK YOU EVERYONE.

    IMG_20150106_162303 IMG_20150107_181136 IMG_20150108_123216 IMG_20150108_125151 IMG_20150109_114825 IMG_20150109_121926

    Pictures from before the hospital and then at the hospital…

    IMG_20150111_162627 IMG_20150111_183857

    not happy

    not happy

    I did enjoy my snuggle time - MIllie is usually good for a quick hug and then off to play... She and I took a lot of naps together.

    I did enjoy my snuggle time – MIllie is usually good for a quick hug and then off to play… She and I took a lot of naps together.

    IMG_20150112_180605 IMG_20150112_185157

    Millie did not like this Jail Crib!

    Millie did not like this Jail Crib!

    I had the nurses move the regular bed over close to the oxygen and that was much better for all of us.

    I had the nurses move the regular bed over close to the oxygen and that was much better for all of us.

    once she pulled the oxygen tubes off and the nurses stopped checking on her she slept like a rock.

    once she pulled the oxygen tubes off and the nurses stopped checking on her she slept like a rock.

    And then we came home to recover and throw up a little…

    Megan braved the sick house and did some projects with the non sick kids!

    Megan braved the sick house and did some projects with the non sick kids!

    Two barfers!

    Two barfers!

    Cali drew a picture of us - she missed us. All the kids were EXCITED when we came home.

    Cali drew a picture of us – she missed us. All the kids were EXCITED when we came home.

    Millie threw up so bad I had to put the whole crib in the bath.

    Millie threw up so bad I had to put the whole crib in the bath.

    "I don't trust any of you anymore."

    “I don’t trust any of you anymore.”

    my sweet almost healthy babies :)

    my sweet almost healthy babies 🙂

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    Our California Week

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    Every year we leave the day after Christmas and drive to my parents house! It’s an 11 hour drive and we all hate it but it is always worth it. This year we got a late start – we didn’t leave until 8:30am BUT we made good time. We were the last ones to arrive, right around 6pm. And that’s when the party started!

    Friday 12/26  drive, celebrate Christmas with Robertson’s – gifts from parents, gifts to parents. Cousin exchange, Sibling exchange…

    DSC02424 DSC02436

    Saturday 12/27  Beccas baby shower, buy appliances for parents, play soccer with friends, play more games at the church with family, eat out at Hulas with all of the adults, games   

    IMG_20150115_232552 IMG_20141227_193857 DSC02451

    Sunday 12/28 mom gave a great talk at church, I got to see some great friends at church, kids explored in backyard, fried chicken for Sunday dinner, games

    DSC02445 IMG_20141229_194523

    Monday 12/29 basketball at the church, yogurts and pizza, park & discs & skates, lasagne, Rob teaching the 2 year olds, lots of coloring, games

    DSC02449 DSC02502

    Tuesday 12/30 Go see a house that Kevin is wanting to buy, visit the Aunts, play at the church with the Hancocks, tacos for dinner, games

    DSC02452 DSC02507

    Wednesday 12/31  Breakfast with Angelee and Erica, visit with Becky, Take all of the kids to the jump houses in Gridley,  Michael’s yearly slurpee run, new years eve extravaganza!

    DSC02467 DSC02471 DSC02476 DSC02480 DSC02458 DSC02466 DSC02487 DSC02486 DSC02495 DSC02498 DSC02499 DSC02494 DSC02493 DSC02491 IMG_20150101_000712  986fa07.640x360rIMG_20150101_000524 

    Thursday 1/1   new years!, watch football, play soccer, Nertz with mikila and amber, sleep, Eat Ham, hall way hockey, Play spoons, lots of games

    DSC02450     IMG_20150101_224114 DSC02503 2c3979c1.640x360r DSC02455

    Friday 1/2 Visit Tonya, take all kids to the School, boys throw discs, clean, pack, cali haircut, NOODLE SOUP, muddy buddy, more games

    IMG_20150101_230120 IMG_20150102_214705

    DSC02488 DSC02489 DSC02490

    DSC02509 DSC02511 DSC02513 DSC02515

    Saturday 1/3  Drive Home, unpack, crash!

    Now when I condense it like that it doesn’t seem too intense but when you consider that there were 30 plus people for each of these activities. There was a game or 3 being played during any “down time”. My parents home is less than 2000 square feet. Noone got to bed before midnight unless they zonked out on the couch – kids included. Babies still woke everyone up between 7 and 8am. It was a crazy week. And Super Fun.

    The most played games this year were NERTZ, Coloretto, Love Letters, Robot Maze, Dominion, Settlers, Ticket, and several new games that I heard were fun but I never got to play. We did get sucked in to playing Jame Jat June for Josh and a little catch phrase.

    There was a passing of the “Robertson Family Fantasy Football League Belt” to Michael – this years Champion. And there was a Champions round of Super Tecmo Bowl – Kevin handed the Helmet over to Sean this year.

    IMG_20141226_182256 IMG_20141228_164316

    The bathroom line at the parents was insane all week. There are times when you stand at the hall and wait for your turn. There are emergencies where I told Packer to go out back in the bushes. One of the days I watched Kevin wait for over an hour because he kept missing the openings – each time he went back someone else was already in. Anyway, It’s always fun and amazing that we do actually get showers most days.

    10428555_10154998113425597_291403096077697245_n IMG_20150115_231921IMG_20150115_232005IMG_20150115_232103

    This year we got one of the bedrooms which is awesome because we have a room for all 8 of our suitcases! and all of our stuff. We filled the room with our stuff and a crib for Millie and it was packed! Then each night a few of the kids would need to sleep in with us on the floor. If they were too grumpy or couldn’t fall asleep or woke up in the middle of the night then they would come find a little spot on the floor. I readily admit that it is not prime sleeping arrangements BUT we have so much fun, there is no way we would dream of sleeping anywhere else! 🙂
    The sleeping saga continues because there are several kids that need to sleep out in the family room. The babies get the bedrooms and the rooms just aren’t big enough for everyone but… We also have MANY adults that like to stay up SUPER late and be LOUD and crazy and play lots of games and never go to bed… So we have lots of tired kids and tired adults but again…. in some weird way we choose this scenario.

    Now we are home going through family withdrawals… we love being with family.

    IMG_20150115_232155 IMG_20150115_232411 IMG_20150115_233745 IMG_20150115_234953IMG_20150115_235116


    and that was our week in California!

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    CHRISTMAS 2014

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    Christmas is such a fun day. Everyone is in such a good mood and excited and Ben and I just love giving to our kids – SO FUN. One of these years we hope that they will learn to look beyond the gifts but right now we are enjoying their cute little personalities and genuine happiness. Here are some of my favorite shots from Christmas morning:

    DSC02382 DSC02390 DSC02394 DSC02398 DSC02400 DSC02401 DSC02409 DSC02411 DSC02415 DSC02416 DSC02418 DSC02419 DSC02422 IMG_20141225_141028

    Raymond got his “big Olaf”, Packer got his Robot, Benji got Skylanders, and the girls got everything Frozen. SO FUN.

    We had dinner at Ben’s parents with most of his siblings and enjoyed the day.

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    Christmas Eve

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    Christmas Eve means McDonald’s at noon.

    Christmas Eve means being with family.

    … acting out the birth of our Savior.

    … and eating tomales with (or this year with out) Udine.

    … eating all of our favorite snacks.

    … tracking Santa as he travels around the world and gets closer and closer to us.

    … and drinking too much Guatemalan punch. (again missed out on this year)

    … basking in the excitement of all the kids and cousins.

    … new pajamas.

    … the only night of the year the children actually WANT to go to bed.

    DSC02319 DSC02320 DSC02327 DSC02331 IMG_20141224_201753 IMG_20141224_201955 IMG_20141224_202028 IMG_20141224_202204 IMG_20141224_202408 DSC02340 DSC02363 DSC02365 DSC02366 DSC02368 DSC02369 DSC02372 DSC02373 DSC02374

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    Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Netty

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    We got to have a special get together with Grandma and Grandpa and exchange gifts and eat treats and just enjoy being together:

    IMG_20141223_144338 IMG_20141223_145218 IMG_20141223_145812 IMG_20141223_215342

    I think my Father in Law was the picture man for this event because this is all I’ve got. This has become one of our favorite Christmas Traditions and valued time with grandparents.

    This was Tuesday the 23rd. The 3 oldest kids went to the dentist in the morning and then we had Christmas with the Grandparents and then we had to go to the salvage yard and say goodbye to the Mitsubishi.

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    Friday – 12/19 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – happy kids! The kids enjoyed playing outside a little, Packer taught us the joys of push pin art. Millie and her dog – one of 3 words she can say. Boys getting out some of their craziness. And Benji lost a tooth – he wanted Santa and the Fairy to come on the same night but he pulled it a day early.

    IMG_20141219_140220 IMG_20141219_140249 IMG_20141219_140405 IMG_20141219_145406

    DSC02298 IMG_20141219_145414 DSC02347

    Monday the 22nd of December we had the Netty Families over to decorate Gingerbread houses! Ben told me to remind him to make a double batch of dough and to make the houses 3-5 days early because they have been too soft the last 2 years and caved from the weight of the candy.


    DSC02304 DSC02305 DSC02306 DSC02310 DSC02311 DSC02312 DSC02314 DSC02316 DSC02317

    This was also the day that I went out to get Pizza and got in a car wreck on State Street. I was turning left and the other car ran the red light pretty late and I was sitting in the intersection. I was blessed to walk away with a bruised knee. The two women in the other car were taken to the hospital but I heard they were ok. That was the first major accident I’ve been in and it was a little crazy. I knew the car was going to hit me so I just braked and braced for impact, I then pushed my car out of the road and went to check on the other vehicle that didn’t stop until it ran into a building! Ben’s car was crunched enough to be considered a total loss. So, not a Christmas miracle, but I’m grateful that no one was seriously injured and that I didn’t have any of my kids in the car with me. We are searching to replace Ben’s car… let me know if you find a great deal!

    image image_3 image_5

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    1st Real Snow of the Season

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    Raymond and Rose were so excited to go play in the snow. They had no idea that it was so cold or that there whole body could get numb.All they remembered about snow is that you can make snowmen and snow angels and that’s what they did.










    Then Packer had the great idea to make his own snow cone!! yum



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