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    How to Ween My One Year Old

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    Remember the camping trip where we couldn’t survive without WARM milk well… we decided to take away the warm milk and the bottle. And it is not going well. Rose has stopped drinking milk. Instead she walks around all day looking for food. Milk is what an almost 2 year old needs – especially a shorty one that needs to grow as much as possible 🙂 She has 5 different types of sippies and she knows how to use a cup but she won’t drink milk out of any of them. She’ll take some sips of juice if she is really thirsty and she likes water the best.

    do I look like i need a bottle?

    Day 1 I was ruthless and she survived with no milk and no bottle and no nap. Day 2 by the time nap time came and an hour into it the crying hadn’t stopped I tried giving her a bottle with cold milk, which she chucked on the ground so I gave all the way in and used the beep beep and she slept soundly. Day 3 I again gave in for nap time. Day 4 she drank the bottle after it had sat out long enough to reach room temperature. And Day 5 – today she got another bottle slightly warmed for nap time. She only drank part of it though. She is going to the baby sitter tonight so I really needed her to nap.

    mom, what can I eat?

    Bag of chips for breakfast on Day 1

    I am torn because I want Rose to drink milk. My kids usually live on milk. Rose used to have 3 or 4 bottles in the morning and at least 6 in a day. No Bottle or no milk? I am trying to find a happy medium – Milk in a sippy was the perfect solution but she is still fighting so we will see what the weekend brings. Dad will be home to help and dads are tough! 🙂

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    Cali’s First Day of Preschool!

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    This girl was so ready for preschool. She loves the friends and interaction and attention from the teachers. She is my social girl so I signed her up! We waited all summer to see if she could get the potty thing down and then I signed her up last week. When Benji turned 4 I had a big debate with myself about preschool. I never went. It costs money. I don’t think kids need it… BUT a lot of people here do preschool and it is very affordable compared to other states. And the kicker was that Benji was such a mama’s boy that he really needed it socially. He loved preschool. I loved preschool. Packer did Joy school and preschool. So here we are putting Cali in a year early. I just know that she will LOVE it and we will butt heads less and 2 kids is such a nicer break than 3 and her cousins were both going and the teachers said she could be in the big kid class with them even though she’s still 3 until December and we fit it into our budget and there are lots of friends to carpool with…. so….

    Rose wanted to be in the doorknob picture with Cali.

    I don't know where she got the mouth sore but it's a bad one.

    Ready with her new PRINCESS backpack!

    Waiting on her bike for Anna to come pick her up for school.

    With my boys I had to hold their hands and walk them to the school and all the way in and give them lots of encouragement and comfort and then they would be comfortable. With Cali I asked if she wanted to ride with Anna – YES! and at the last minute I gave her another chance for me to take her but she saw no need. She was just ready to go. She was all excitement for her first day of real school. LOVE IT.

    She Loved her first day!

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    Back to School

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    Benji had a successful first day of second grade! He was nerous but excited. I told him he could go back to first grade if he needed to but he assured me that he already knows all that stuff. His teacher is Miss Heinrich. We met her yesterday and she seemed to be on the ball. Benji is in the same classroom as last year so that is exciting. He is still using the same back pack from kindergarten but he did need a new lunch bag. Ben walked him to school and he said he would be fine walking home on his own… he was fine. He is so old.


    His ‘best’ for he day was that he was nervous about who e was going to sit by but when he sat down his friend Brock was sitting next to him! Super Cool. Two other friends from his church class are now in his school class. And at recess he was able to find his 3 friends from last year 🙂


    His ‘worst’ is that he does not want to be a later gator. It was hard for him to watch half the class and all his friends leave before him especially since he was an early bird last year. I really want him to be able to walk Packer home at 3:30 when the babies are napping so I am making him go late. Sometimes it’s hard to be the big brother. Hope today is another good day…

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    My Bikers

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    Packer and Cali have really been getting into their bikes lately. I love watching them ride and play together. We still don’t have any official bike riders – but I’m thinking that will change next summer.

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    We Went Camping!

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    We Went Camping! We love to camp but for some reason we hadn’t made it out yet this year. After looking at the calender we realized that this past weekend was our last chance to go before soccer and winter took over. We went up American Fork Canyon and found a spot near where we have camped in the past with Nettesheim family. We didn’t get there until 6:30 and it was packed up there. We unloaded and set up our tent and got some fire wood. We convinced the neighbors that we weren’t leaving because we had brought our dog and they had their dogs and no one was going to get any sleep and… Anyway, they asked us if we could find another spot and we said no because there weren’t any other spots and then it was all good 🙂

    Camping requires SOO MUCH STUFF! I think it's because you have to bring your whole kitchen.

    getting camp all set up!

    All the kids trying out their sleeping bags!

    Raymond"s first camping trip! (Erica - he is wearing his Detroit gear for you but I forgot to send you a picture - pretend i did)

    Joel and Brady came rollin in a little before 8:00. They got right to work cookin a delicious dutch oven dinner. Instead of doing Tin Foil Dinners or Turtles or whatever your people call them, they have perfected the dutch oven version for a large amount of people. Hamburger on bottom and loaded with potatoes, carrots, fresh green beans, add the cream soup and salt and pepper. Dutch oven it and YUM. It wasn’t done until 10pm but I had brought kid food and we all had plenty to eat and drink. Ben made a yummy Banana Chocolate Chip Cake in his dutch oven so we were more than satisfied when we crawled into our sleeping bags that night.

    Uncle Joel


    camping "crock pot" dinner

    Uncle Brady

    Ryan, Tara and girls pulled in shortly after Joel and Brady. They set up their tent and all the kids went exploring. Rose thought she was big enough to go out with the other kids. Packer was Mr Dirty hands – he loves exploring. Benji loved having cousins and uncles to be with and he got to stay up until 11. Cali kept asking when we were going to camp – I think she meant when she could sleep in the tent because she was worn out. We ate and sat at the fire and took care of kids and talked until late and enjoyed good company.

    brothers - Joel, Brady, Ryan

    Raymond and I - after midnight - Fireside

    Brewer was a perfect camping dog - HE LOVED IT.

    We ate a good breakfast the next morning and sipped on lots of hot chocolate before it got to hot to enjoy it. Ryan’s family had places to go so they broke camp early and we followed shortly after that. I love camping. I love that the canyon is just up the road from our home. We live in a beautiful spot. I’m ready to go again.

    Joel teaching Fire starting to my kids, he was a good sport to get up at 7:30 with them.

    Benji with the big kids - Kylee got a bow for her bday.

    fun in the dirt

    Ryan and Tara breaking camp

    I guess I should document the one bad part of the trip because anyone that was there is probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned the fact that ROSE, sweet wonderful Rose, DID NOT SLEEP. She woke us all up several times and caused a sleepless night for a few of us. I went to bed at 1am and she woke up at 2am. She wanted a bottle warmed up in the microwave… so she cried BEEP BEEP loudly and woke everyone up. I don’t know why I didn’t bring the microwave camping (heavy sarcasm)! She spent 3 hours in my sleeping bag, laying, playing, fake snoring, asking for beep beep, but NOT sleeping. Ben finally got her to lay down around 5am and of course Raymond woke up right then. And then Rose was up for good at 7am. It was not restful. So now I am on a mission to break Rose of the bottle and the beep beep. She is almost 2. She doesn’t need warm milk.  BUT she thinks she needs them. I’ll tell you about that battle another day… The Beautiful thing is: I got a Saturday nap in and have already forgotten how bad the night was. LETS GO CAMPING!


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    The Mall and Trafalga

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    So I stopped going shopping when Cali was born. I go as little as possible. I sneak out at night or make Ben go but it is a rare occasion that I take the kids to the grocery store and a VERY rare occasion that we go to any other type of store. BUT last week we went to the Mall to get pictures done and when we were done the kids REALLY wanted to go to the other part and look around so we did. We walked through a few stores and mostly just walked past all of the stores. My kids loved that it was two stories and glass floors and balloons and people and things everywhere. It was Funny to me how happy they were just to be there. Unfortunately it was 12:30 and we were all hungry so we hit the food court. They loved getting food there and then they saw the kid quarter rides and HAD to play on those. I NEVER have money for the rides but they don’t care. They played for a good 20 minutes without quarters until I made them be done!

    Now that was a fun morning and Ray and Rose were getting tired BUT it was the LAST WEEK OF SUMMER so we wanted to fit in as much fun as possible so we headed from the Mall to the Orem Trafalga! We did outside golfing and the 3D roller Coaster Ride and inside miniature golfing and miraculously the kids were all hanging in there so they hit another 20 minutes of quarterless video gaming! 🙂 It was a fun day with my kids. They are well behaved when we go out in public and I appreciate that. MAYBE I will start shopping again….. maybe.

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    thats right we've been eating oscar mayer

    LaNell thinks I'm big enough for piggies

    brother and sister, ahhhh

    Rosie Marker Hands

    Rosie Marker Hands

    Cali loves card games

    brother and sister, ahhhhh 🙂

    Good Morning! Rosie is a Good Big Sister (sometimes)

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    Raymond is 6 Months

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    6 months has gone by so fast! Ray is such a good boy. A perfect fit for our family. He just learned how to sit up. He got his 2nd bottom tooth on his 6 month day. He rolls and scoots a ton and is already thinking about crawling (our kids aren’t supposed to even roll over until 8 or 9 months. Guess he’s in a hurry). He likes to be put in his bed to fall asleep which is wonderful. He has the cutest giggle/laugh. He is super tough from having Cali and Rose as play mates.


    I love my little boy so much. We all love on him when we can. This age is so much fun. My best guess would be that he weighs about 18 pounds. Happy half birthday little buddy.


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