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    Wrestling Season

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    Soccer ended on the 28th and Wrestling started on the 30th!
    The big boys go to practice Monday – Thursday – 4:30-6:30. Ray signed up this year and he goes Tues and Thurs from 6:30-7:30. So besides the lack of family dinner time its fun to have them pushing themselves and working hard.

    First Practice:

    After practice wrestling:

    Raymonds first tournament! Check in. Go. 2 point reversal. Get him on his back. He WINS!

    I like to come and watch and the kids come and “watch” or play toys, or color, or eat, or wander around and make friends…

    Ray’s 2nd match was really hard and he cried in the middle and didn’t want to finish but he stuck it out. And beat the next 2 guys and ended up with a 1st place out of the 5!

    Benji was at a BYU Pow Wow so he didn’t get to wrestle in this tournament.

    Packer worked hard but got beat all 3 times. He stayed tough and never got pinned! 4th place for him.


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    These guys are buddies. They are opposites in a lot of ways but they get each other and they stick up for each other. They do most things together around here. I love it.

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    Back to School!

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    First Day of School 2017

    These kids are growing up! !st, 3rd, 5th, 7th!

    I love that these guys are best friends!

    Benji saying goodbye as he catches carpool to Jr High and Rose saying hello to the big 1st grade all day school!

    Cousins! This is the morning crew – the rest of the neighbors are on B track this year.

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    Benji is done with 11 year old Scouts! We just had a court of Honor and he got his Tenderfoot and 2nd Class. He has only a few more requirements to get his 1st class and he earned his first merit badge: First Aid.

    Benji got called up to teach the bowline knot and then they had a race. Ben won. Benji took 2nd.

    Packer finally received his Bear badge and we had a fun game of water kickball.

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    Soccer Packer

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    Packer! He got a goal on the last game of the season! He was so happy. He was playing forward and he got the rebound and he got the goal. I wish I would have seen it. Packer is small out on the field and his kick isn’t very strong yet. He really loves practice with his Dad and friends and the games are just oK. He and Luca and a bunch of guys from years past have had a great season – UNDEFEATED!



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    Grade Up Day

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    Rose got to go to school from 9:15-1:15 and visit all of the 1st grade classrooms and teachers. She loved it! Benji got to be her and Ellie’s 6th grade buddy! He loved it. Rose loved walking home with all the neighborhood kids.

    This year they didn’t get split into their new classes and see who their new teacher might be so… we all just have to wait to find out. We are getting a new Principal and Vice Principal this next year so…

    Ray is getting excited to go to Kindergarten!

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    Piano Recital

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    Benji, Packer and Cali had their 1st piano recital!

    Benji played William Tell Overture, Packer played Twinkle Twinkle and Cali played Yankee Doodle.

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    Packer’s Recorder Performance

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    Fourth Graders learn to play the Recorder during music. Packer invited me to come to the end of the year performance:    He has had a good year being in Miss Witts class with Luca and some of his other friends.

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    Pinewood Derby

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    Packer had his 3rd pinewood Derby! Ben was so busy this year that Packer really made the car by himself! He designed it. Grandpa helped him cut it. He sanded it. I helped him paint it. Ben helped him put the wheels on. Benji and he did the graphite. And then he raced:

    HE GOT 4TH PLACE OVERALL! 2nd place in the backward race. He had a fun night.

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