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    with Ben coaching all 4 of our kids and their teams!

    We started at 8:30 and finished at 2:30 – but really left the house at 8 and didn’t get home until 3:45  — LONG DAY. BUt it was fun and the kids all played hard.

    DSC04647 DSC04650 DSC04651

    Rosie and the Red Racers! HER FIRST GAME! She got one goal! and she played AMAZING DEFENSE! IT was awesome to watch her run back on D and stop the other tean from scoring 🙂

    DSC04657 DSC04658 DSC04660

    Cali is on the Nacho’s. She is a natural out there. She seems to have fun and it’s fun to see her wanting to pass and not just be kicking randomly.


    Benji’s team is still most of the same guys from when they were 5 and 7 years old. These big kids are fun to watch and BENj was SOOOO close to a goal.

    DSC04665 DSC04666

    Packer played some good soccer. He and Luca ran like crazy at forward. I think their team even won!


    Ice Cream for Rosie’s GOAL!

    IMG_20150912_161541 IMG_20150913_003417


    AND EXHAUSTED PARENTS after Soccer Saturday.

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    Netty kids

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    just my favorite pictures of the week:


    Raymond has been SOOO tired – he refuses to nap 🙁 Here he is pouting about something ridiculous…


    Rose and Raymond are doing lots of “homework” and learning. Rose has online preschool so Ray does it with her and then they found the ABC magnets. Learning is Good – and tiring 🙂


    Playing with Brady’s new puppy.


    CheeseHeads for all 7 kids! FOOTBALL IS HERE!!


    Millie is not our best soccer game watcher – she is a handful.


    We had to replace the tree in the front of our house- it was half dead and struggling so here is our new Maple.


    Ready to watch some BYU football – (yes, we fell asleep) boo for late games, yeah for last minute game winners.


    Music class at the library – Millie loved it!

    IMG_20150914_171237 IMG_20150914_173630


    And Today was the fun run. It was rainy BUT it wasn’t too cold. Ben and the 6 kids ran 2.25 miles while I ate Waffle Luv and chilled with Tiago. Then we all ate and chilled for the night.

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    Millie Turned 2!!

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    Millie Marie is 2 years old! She is crazy and spunky and full of energy. She teases and dances. She copies her siblings and thinks she is as big as them. She wanders away from her parents and has no fear. Millie can make us giggle and then want to pull out our own hair all in one minute. She’s our spunky girl.

    IMG_20150911_080156 IMG_20150911_151325

    She is in the cheesy learning how to smile stage!! love it. She was so excited to get soo much attention from all of us throughout the day 🙂

     IMG_20150911_151348 IMG_20150911_151356 IMG_20150911_151534 IMG_20150911_151955

    We opened presents in the afternoon when the kids got home from school. She enjoyed opening and seemed to like everything: minnie mouse, flashlight, tea set, a bath toy, and a sand/water table:

    IMG_20150911_152204DSC04585 DSC04589 DSC04595

    rose and Ray helped her try out the water table. It was a super hot day. At one point Millie came in and got her swim suit so she could sit in her new water table 🙂

    DSC04596 DSC04597

    Millie loves her Ago Baby…

    DSC04602 DSC04606DSC04610

    Then Monique invited us over to swim for the evening! These kids love to swim and the hot tub is always a hit:

    DSC04618 DSC04621 DSC04622 DSC04623

    Tiago cooperated and chilled while we swam – here he is doing his chew on his blanket trick.

    DSC04624 DSC04625

    When Brady got home from work we sang and had cake and Ice Cream and called it a night.

    DSC04632 DSC04640

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    Labor Day Camp Out

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    the boys put out this sign to deter others from camping near us 🙂 We did have 7 siblings up there.

    The kids were looking forward to camping. And Brady got the party bus ready for the trip:

    IMG_20150904_173839-COLLAGE(1) IMG_20150904_170703

    We went camping in Fairview Canyon near Potters Pond. It was a 2 and 1/2-3 hour drive fighting labor day traffic on Friday evening. We got to camp around 9pm and it was already dark but… Joel and Megan were there waiting for us and we got our tent set up and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and waited for Ryans family to come and Brady and Mo and C-way and it was great fun.

    DSC04554 DSC04558 DSC04569 DSC04573 DSC04574 DSC04576 DSC04578 DSC04584   IMG_20150905_101612 IMG_20150905_101647 IMG_20150905_101736 IMG_20150905_110530

    Saturday was great. THE KIDS PLAYED HARD. There were lots of fallen trees and things to explore and they had a blast with cousins. Ryan brought his girlfriend and 3 kids so they got to know them a little better also. It was a little cold and windy but we kept busy at camp. A friend of Brady’s brought some 4 wheelers up so we had fun on those. Ben listened to the BYU/Nebraska game in the car and it ended up being a miracle win for the Cougs!

    IMG_20150905_172257 IMG_20150905_195234 IMG_20150905_195252 IMG_20150905_195310 IMG_20150905_200852 IMG_20150905_230832


    Camping is So much work BUT SO much fun!

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    the past week

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    one of these days I would like to be all caught up on the house cleaning - even have a clean junk counter!

    one of these days I would like to be all caught up on the house cleaning – even have a clean junk counter!

    Tracie and I painting our tables

    Tracie and I painting our tables

    Tracie and I starting a project

    Tracie and I starting a project

    3 months!!

    3 months!!

    Rosie at Soccer practice!

    Rosie at Soccer practice!

    Tracie is a trooper - more energy than me and she's in her third trimester!

    Tracie is a trooper – more energy than me and she’s in her third trimester!

    Millie's goose Egg - Thanks a lot Bren!

    Millie’s goose Egg – Thanks a lot Bren!

    thinking about being big

    thinking about being big

    Brady and Mo got a puppy! Millie thinks Kiah is her puppy :)

    Brady and Mo got a puppy! Millie thinks Kiah is her puppy 🙂

    I asked the kids to help keep Tiago happy - it was a team effort.

    I asked the kids to help keep Tiago happy – it was a team effort.

    it's ok if you're bigger than the 5 month old neighbor! Emily and Ago.

    it’s ok if you’re bigger than the 5 month old neighbor! Emily and Ago.

    Labor Day Luau with the neighbors!

    Labor Day Luau with the neighbors!


    watermelon from our garden!!

    watermelon from our garden!!

    Babysitting Bennet - Millie thinks she's the mom

    Babysitting Bennet – Millie thinks she’s the mom

    kisses - don't know why we're always sick :)

    kisses – don’t know why we’re always sick 🙂

    crazy Millie entertaining Bennett

    crazy Millie entertaining Bennett

    homework has begun :(

    homework has begun 🙁

    sad baby on his awesome new blanket from Lan!

    sad baby on his awesome new blanket from Lan!

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    August is over

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    august is over and September is in full swing…


    what you lookin’ at?


    Yes, I am busting out of these 3-6 month clothes.


    school has started but it still feels like summer


    On Wednesday August 26th, Christy and Rob brought Braden out for his first semester at BYU! We went with them to Kneaders French Toast Breakfast!


    That night we had the Cub Scout Bike Rodeo!

    IMG_20150826_185839 IMG_20150826_190242

    And then lots of family came over to visit with the Eggers.


    On Thursday the Eggers went home and My mom and Tracie came! Mine and Tracie’s kids played all week.

    IMG_20150827_161007 IMG_20150827_185237

    Mom stayed at her parents house all week but we visited a few times and face timed her 🙂 :

    IMG_20150827_225956 IMG_20150828_122821

    We had our first soccer practices – Rose is excited for her first season!

    IMG_20150828_160058 IMG_20150828_171402

    On Friday August 28th we got to go out with the Netty’s to celebrate Dad Netty’s birthday! (Blue Lemon)

    IMG_20150828_203319 IMG_20150828_230456

    And on Saturday Ben decided to beat my high score at Pacman! and he still has the high score 🙁


    That night we had a “welcome to our new basement party” at Pete’s house!

    IMG_20150829_190850 IMG_20150829_201205

    Sunday after church we played with Cedar and Bren and waited for the extended fam to come for dinner.

    IMG_20150830_131326 IMG_20150830_165204

    It’s always fun having grandma and grandpa great over!

    IMG_20150830_184249-001 IMG_20150830_192550


    Tiago is officially heavier than Gus

    the kids love wrestling with dad

    the kids love wrestling with dad

    monday night madness

    monday night madness

    And that wraps up August!

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