Month: November 2016

    Our New Live-in: Kelsey!

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    Kelsey moved in in October! She took over Brady’s spot once we realized he really wasn’t coming back and Gus really was getting kicked out of the nursery. WE love having a new house mate. The kids are pestering but that comes with the free rent 🙂

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    Rolls and FHE

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    We had my siblings over for FHE this week. Sean and Jana gave a Thanksgiving lesson and then Megan taught us all how to make delicious rolls. It’s fun living close to family.

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    We promised Mikila a beef stroganoff meal and she cashed in on it this weekend. We had her over for Sunday dinner and games.

    We also had Joel and Megan, Sean and Jana, Shannon and Tommi, Michael and  Kelsey. Than and Erica. Dan and LaNell Brown. It was a party. Good People, Good Food and Good Nertz!

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    Christmas Lights

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    “Mom, I’m excited for 2 things this week!”

    “What’s that Packer?”

    “It’s my first wrestling tournament and I’m finally old enough to go on the roof with dad to put up the Christmas Lights!”

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    New Couch?

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    Nope, just got our 2004 couches cleaned! and the guy did a great job. We’ve been wanting a new couch but haven’t pulled the trigger cause what we want isn’t cheap. Then Brewer decided to go to the bathroom in our house which forced us to get the carpet cleaned and I’m so glad I had him do the couches as well! Duane at Duane’s Carpet Cleaning was great.

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    Wrestling has Started

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    wrestling practice started November 1st.

    img_20161101_162505 img_20161101_162517 img_20161101_162530

    that’s why Benji still had all of his Halloween candy cause he has no time to eat it.

    we were gone the first 2 weekends so we just got their first tournament in!!

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    Temple with Family!

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    I got to go to the Temple with Sean and Jana for Jana’s first time! Then Ryan and Mary got sealed. Then we came back Saturday for Sean and Jana’s wedding. IT WAS AWSOME. I love my family. I’m still on a spiritual high. FAMILIES are FOREVER:


    Braden was the ONLY one that wasn’t at the wedding (on his mission in Brazil) – the other 55 of us were there!


    I love to see the Temple!

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    Quick CA Wedding Trip

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    So mostly we just did wedding all weekend but here are a few pics from our down time:

    We took a seat out of the van and brought John and Tracie’s chairs and the rest of Brady’s stuff that was in our basement. Rose sat between Tiago and Millie and was a great helper.

    img_20161110_001940 img_20161110_085334 img_20161110_115016

    We drove all day Thursday and showed up at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner:

    img_20161110_190431 img_20161110_193558 img_20161110_194934

    We went to Tracie’s house to sleep. Christy’s family also stayed at Tracie’s house so we got to chat with them a little. On Friday, Ben and Michael and the kids hung out most of the day while I was at the temple session. I did get to meet baby Annie on Friday  also:)

    img_20161111_112742 img_20161111_204349 img610017408

    After the temple the women went to set up at the house: after eating Rubio’s:


    Saturday after the reception we unloaded and loaded and visited with John, Tracie, Shannon, and Kelsey:


    And then it was time to go home. We drove all day Sunday. with a Donkey Kong Jr arcade 🙂


    and we had THE BEST view EVER of the SUPER MOON!


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    Tara Shepherd Robertson passed away on the 8th of November. There’s no fun, blog worthy way to say that…

    I was able to go to the funeral on Monday the 14th. It’s unbelievable and heart breaking that she is gone. I feel so bad for her girls 🙁 Really there are no words. Tara had a big heart and loved to have fun. She had a great laugh and a great smile. Unfortunately her addictions controlled her for the last several years and she was taken way too early. Lots of nice memories were shared at the funeral and it was good to remember her for the person she was and wanted to be and forget some of the blah and anger.

    img80781661 img114138496 img142136249 img192711917  img1633480534

    Tara will be missed.

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    Jana and Sean had a beautiful reception. It was in Jana’s backyard in Galt, CA. We all helped set up and Mom and Dad’s friends ran the kitchen all night! We visited and made sure kids didn’t fall in the pool. We ate yummy waffles and just enjoyed the atmosphere. We did our Sean Roast that was way to nice! We laughed at Brady and Reynolds jumping in the pool and then chased their car out of the driveway. We had everything taken down and cleaned up in less than an hour and crashed out at Tracie’s house for the night.

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