Month: May 2010

    All Tied Up


    We are having another little girl! It will be equal number of boys and girls and that is what is most important when you are 3-5 years old πŸ™‚ Cali is still clueless but has taken to talking to my stomach. Packer cried because he wanted a brother so we bribed him with getting a new bunk bed because the girls will need his bed. And Benji just thinks it’s good cause we will have 3 boys in the family and now 3 girls. We are excited!! Can the next 4 months go quickly please? πŸ™‚

    Radiologist said I’m measuring about a week small so baby might not come until October.

    Radiologist also found an EIF in the heart, I don’t know exactly what that means, my Dr. said it means a chance of the baby having Down Syndrome. Wikipedia says this:

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    Preschool Graduation

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    I can’t believe that Benji is done with preschool. The year went by so fast, but I feel like he learned a whole lot. Thank You Miss Melva!

    First the class entertained us with several songs and poems that they have learned throughout the year…

    Do your Ears Hang Low?...

    Animal Parade?

    The Dog song that Benji has been telling me about for the past week!

    Who let the short kid on the back row?

    For the graduation ceremony they put on their hats and came out doing the graduation march. Benji was concentrating so hard to do ‘step, together, step, together’. Very cute.

    the march

    The last song - does he look sentimental here? or is that just his mom feeling sentimental πŸ™‚

    Benji, Miss Melva, Julia

    A year ago Benji wouldn’t let me out of his sight and when he would get the courage to go play at a cousins house by himself he would tell me goodbye at least 6 times and give lots of hugs and I’d promise to be back soon and… well, I warned his teacher that he was very shy and that I was a little worried about him socially and let me know if he is crying and needs to come home.  That little guy is gone. Benji loved going to school. He only missed one day and that was because we went out of town for Thanksgiving. He thrived in the classroom. He quickly was ok with me leaving and now he begs to be a big boy and be on his own. What a difference a year makes. He’s getting so big. I will miss him being in preschool.

    He learned his alphabet and is wanting to read really bad right now. He is constantly trying to figure out what words say. I love that when asked what he wants to be when he grows up he told his teacher he wants to be a computer worker – just like his Dad πŸ™‚ He brought home a cute little yearbook and before going to bed tonight he asked, “Mom, was today a special day for me?” Yep, Benj – today was a special day!

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    Quick Silver Soccer

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    Today was the last day of Benji’s soccer team. Ben and Pete were the coaches and they had a good year. Benji still stepped away from the ball today instead of toward it BUT he did get a few real kicks and when he got nailed in the face he only cried for a minute and didn’t come out! Maybe next year will be better.

    it's cool to sit on your ball while you cheer for your team

    almost in the action

    Front Row: Benji, Connor, Kael, Gabe, Gabe Back Row: Julia, Maddy, Kiersi

    Team picture!

    Team Tackle - argghhh!

    I am a soccer player.

    Benji and Coach Dad

    Pete and Julia, Benji and Ben

    Gatorade in hand - the real reason he LOVES soccer πŸ™‚

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    Smart but Stupid

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    I had to take the van in to the shop again this week πŸ™ I pay the guy his 500$ish dollars and drive away. Well the whole way home the car was idling really high and driving a lot worse than when I took it in. I just kept getting madder and madder as I drove because my car was definitely not fixed! Benji kept asking why we were ‘bumping’, to which I had no answer. The car place was closed at this point so I sat on the couch and let it get to me for the next few hours – thinking that this guy must have messed up or he better not just tell me I have an old car and deal with it. At 10pm I decide I better go to the grocery store now so that I can deal with the car in the morning. I wanted to take the van to hear the symptoms again so I could be knowledgeable when I call the guy in the morning. I turn the engine on and listened and then decided to pop the hood and see if anything looked weird. I looked under and found a hose that was not attached to anything. So I picked it up and it shocked me pretty good! (that was the stupid part of this story) Then I got smart and turned the car off and then found a place for that hose that was just lying there unattached. (It was one of the Spark Plugs) I plugged it in and went to the store and my van ran like a charm!! I really should be a mechanic πŸ™‚ or at least get a little money back for my troubles. O’well – at this point I’m just glad that something else wasn’t broken.

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    How to Drink through your Shirt - It's MAGIC!

    “MOM! Watch THIS!! I can drink through my shirt!!! It’s like magic!” good job Packer πŸ™‚ glad it was only water.

    Twins - we need our paci's and our blankee's

    Mia is over this morning and these two girls are too much alike. They both are strong willed and they both want everything and they can’t talk so it is a lot of whining. Luckily they are both really cute and can be a lot of fun – as long as they get their way πŸ™‚ (for the record… Cali doesn’t use a paci – but she has pulled this one out a few times to be like her friends πŸ™‚ )

    Benji is getting TOO big!

    Packer took this picture of us – not bad. Benji is always very aware of others and their feelings, He will go out of his way to make sure that feelings aren’t being hurt and you can always manipulate him by giving a pouty face – good and bad quality. This morning for breakfast we were out of everything – no cereal, no oatmeal, no toast… so Benji says, “Mom – I think you need to go to the store today and buy lots and lots of food.” I think he is right. And yes – I did get my hair cut.

    Moms kitchen Helper

    This is Cali’s spot while I make dinner lately. She must be right on the counter or else she is hugging my leg the whole time. In this pic she is eating some nasty onion remains – YUM. Today I went to cut an apple for lunch and both apples had about three Cali size bites taken out of them!

    Too Cute!

    I stole this from Erica because it is just adorable. Never mind Cali’s mohawk hair and baggy onesie. This age can be soo much fun.

    That’ll do it for randomness of late – maybe tomorrow will bring more. I am tired. It is only 7:30 – hmmm maybe the kids will put themselves to bed if I just go to bed.

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    Payton and Scarlett

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    Some of our California Cousins came to visit on Wednesday! The boys were super excited to play with Payton and I was super excited to meet little Scarlett.

    The kids played great and we got Mal to play Dominion so it was a success!

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    baby blanket and Moms and BEN


    Ben’s mom makes a baby blanket for each of her grandkids. Cali was part of a baby boom so hers didn’t come at birth but it is a super cute blanket and she has been snuggling with it since it came in the mail.

    Mother’s day was awesome. I think it was awesome because Ben spoiled me as always  BUT it was also his birthday so I wanted to be doing things for him. So in the end we were both helpful and loving and there were lots of gifts given and meals cooked (by Ben) and cleaned ( by me – I’d much rather have that job) and it was just a good day. Ben was depressed to reach the next bracket in survey world – no longer part of the 29-34 group, but he is coping :). Ben and I also have such great moms. They are there when you need them. They are helpful but not nosy, bossy or pushy. They offer advice but only when asked for it. They are always anxious to see us and sad to leave us. They are patient and kind, they play with our kids and just love being moms and Grandmothers. We love them πŸ™‚

    P.S.-Tonight we get to go see the Jazz fight for their lives!

    pps – no pics of birthdays or mothers day πŸ™ hmmm

    ppps – The Hancock’s and Aunt Kathy came over for dinner. The food was excellent. I lost every game and the kids played great.

    pppps – this was the first year that my kids were old enough to make lots of mothers day stuff. I got a lot of tootsie pop flowers, a flower pot, a card, hand prints and foot prints and lots and lots of hugs – thanks kids. And Benji was the first one up to sing with the primary this year. He did great.

    pppsss – what does P.S. really mean and can you add multiple PS’s like i just did?

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    Ben is on a Scout Camp out tonight so I am eating Cheerios for dinner! He HATES the smell. He really can’t stand them and they are officially banned from our house so I took the opportunity tonight to buy Cheerios and eat 3 bowls for dinner. I really like them. LOve them. And what kind of kids never get Cheerios for breakfast?? I’ll be sneaking them some in the morning and then hiding them πŸ™‚
    I also made an appearance at my cousins wedding reception where we had a fun poop and chocolate experience – where was Ben for that one!? And then I hurried back for my Soccer game. And ran to Roberts and finally got a Photo Storage box (only 3$ – thanks to the wonderful mothers day coupon) I have needed this for many months now.

    Now I will pick up the kids from cousins night and get us all in bed πŸ™‚

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