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    Boring or Busy?


    My mom wants a blog update. She’s wondering if no posts this week meant BUSY or BORING… I’m leaning towards busy but I’ll let her decide. Here’s the update:

    We started the week off right by letting the boys sleep downstairs.

    Monday we had the Falabella cousins over after lunch and played and swam in the hot tub all afternoon. We had a simple Family Home Evening and called it a night.

    Rose has been grumpy this week. She is constantly moving her tongue over her 2 new teeth and she's started moving around on the floor a lot.

    Tuesday we had a chill morning and then we went to the “Beach”. It is a small pond, 5 minutes from our house with a little beach area. We invited Lucie to come so she met us there. We dug in the sand, put our toes in the water, learned the joy of burying our feet, and concluded the fun with a walk around the pond. That night was Scouts for Ben (and Benji) and Pack Meeting for the kids and I (because I am the new Wolf Den Leader!!) I had a 10pm soccer game in which I really agitated the 3 new blisters on my feet – we tied 4-4 after being ahead 4-1 at half 🙁

    Wednesday we went to play group in the morning and then I went to a late lunch with Amelia. We downed some Costa Vida at 3pm so I called that dinner and warned Ben that there would be nothing on the table when he got home. We took it easy the rest of the afternoon. We played video games and read books and just chilled as a family until my soccer game at 8:30. The kids all came to watch, but we still lost our first tournament game 🙁 We needed LaNell but she’s off in Kansas doing who knows what! My heals are covered in blisters at this point and it hurts to walk but my leg injury seems to be a lot better. Ben and I finally watched True Grit that night.

    Rose and Benji chillin on the couch.

    Thursday we chilled all morning and then went to Trafalga in Lehi with Jamie and kids. We rode the airplanes and the carousel. We did a round of outside bake in the sun miniature golf. We played at the playground then the big kids did a round of Laser Tag, Packer did “Glow Up” Golf and Cali and Anna, Moms and Babies watched him. We had to stop at Maceys on the way home for some dinner ingredients and this mom finally did the shop with ice cream cones in hand. I always thought that was a little crazy and it was BUT it tasted yummy and we got our groceries and everyone survived. Dinner was yummy. We watched to see where Jimmer would get drafted and Ben was on the phone all night trying to figure out what to do about Scout Camp cancelling their week.

    Friday, Today we got up and loaded the van for 7 Peaks! We got there and settled and in the water at 11am and it was PACKED. My kids always want the Lazy River first so we did that and Michelle and her kids were with us. We tried the slides kid area but Cali doesn’t do well in that one so we spent most of the day in the other kid area and in the lazy river. Benji was excited to be able to go with the bigger cousins on a few slides and by themselves in the lazy river. We lasted until about 2:30 and the little ones were exhausted. We love having a PASS this year but so does the rest of Utah. You can expect a crowd. I’m sure it being Friday and 95 degrees added to that but I did run into all of my Robertson Cousins! Ian, Scott, Danny, their wives and kids, that was fun. Now it is nap time. We have a ward party at 6:00 and then we’ll call it a night.

    Benj and Lalo floating the River, Carter is in front

    Diego and Cody

    Packer and Luca

    Mia and Cali

    grumpy baby Rose

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    Strawberry Days Parade!! If you live in PG then you know what I’m talking about and there is a good chance you were also there this morning 🙂

    all the kids waiting for the parade to start

    Ben and Rose in parade position - what a happy baby!

    After the parade we gave the boys a new challenge – 2 weeks ago was the freezing hot tub challenge and today was running in, through and around the sprinklers x-amount of times challenges. I guess we’re trying to toughen these guys up or atleast get them out and away from the computers. I don’t have pictures but I will note that Benji always made Packer go first and Cali insisted on doing whatever challenge the boys tried.

    This evening we spent celebrating Ben’s Father at a family barbecue. We had a great time visiting and eating. The Nettesheim “over preparation” definitely comes from their mother – we had enough food to munch all evening and still bring home leftovers. We love having family so close and are grateful for awesome Dads that love and serve and help. Happy Father’s Day!

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    An afternoon at the park in Cedar Hills with some cousins…

    PJ, Benji and Packer, Pack is mid jump and wearing winter clothes and boots in the blazing heat.

    Cali being pampered by all of the older girl cousins.

    Rose and Anna playing catch.

    My view from where I sat while kids played.

    Everyone loves to go UP the slides - Benji is growing up fast.

    Out of Control in a good way! Cali can be a crazy fun little girl when she chooses to be.

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    Cali is OBSESSED with Caillou! She asks for it morning and night and any time in between. This is her first obsession and it is kind of cute. I caught her singing the opening theme song word for word this morning…

    “I’m just a kid who’s four, each day I grow some more, I like exploring I’m Caillou,
    So many things to do, each day is something new, I’ll share them with you I’m Caillou. My world is turning, changing each day..with mommy and daddy and finding my way. Growing up is not so tough, except when I’ve had enough but there’s lots of fun stuff I’m Caillou, Caillou, Caillou, I’m Caillou. That’s me!”

    I think she likes it because the little sister is Rosie just like Cali's little sister!

    And I need to document the setup cause it is out of control. In order to watch Caillou she needs all 6 of her blankets and her 2 pillows and then they have to be placed in the exact right spot topped with her sippy cup of milk! This is how it goes…

    one happy Cali

    The little pillow goes down first and then Ladybug goes on top of that pillow. Basketball blanket and butterfly blanket go on first, then Pink, then green. Frog and tabby have to go up by her face but not touching her. Then you hand her the milk and she is the happiest girl in the world for the next 23 minutes while she watches her show.

    P.S. we all slept in until 8:30!! It’s gonna be a good day 🙂

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    BUSY Wednesday

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    We were invited to Brinlee’s 3rd birthday party at the Clearfield Aquatics Center so we gathered all of our pool stuff and drove up there. We met up with Ryan and the girls and swam all afternoon. Tara brought cupcakes and snacks at just the right time and some of her family showed up and we ended up staying and playing until 5:30. They had a really fun slide, I took all of my kids once but the line was too long to do it a lot. And the little lazy river was a hit for us.

    It's hard to take pictures at the pool - Benji is up by the slide, Packer was taking a break with me and Rose. Ryan and Brinlee were on the slide, Marlee was playing with her Grandpa and Cali...

    Cali was having a blast playing in the water and then coming and telling me to watch her tricks.

    Rose was worn out after 2 hours in the pool in her Whale Floatie but she still hung in there - She is the best.

    We got home right in time for me to change some diapers and get changed and head to my 7:45 soccer game. It was our last 3v3 regular season game. We won 5 and lost 1 – not bad for a bunch of “old” ladies. I have LOVED playing with my sister in laws and we adopted LaNell into the sisterhood so that we could win 🙂 We play a tournament next week and then we are done. I don’t want it to end!

    After the game I went down town to meet up with Ben and the kids at the Strawberry Days Carnival. He had all 4 of them and they were loving it. They rode 3 or 4 rides and then we got some strawberries and cream and came home around 9:30. I was exhausted. It was a full/fun day.

    Benji on the motor bike! He still enjoys the kid rides but is starting to be interested in the BIG ones!

    These 2 are the perfect age for this. Cali waved at everyone as they "drove" by.

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    My Baby has Teeth!

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    Michelle came over today and showed me that Rose has two little teeth just barely cutting through on the bottom! I kept looking for them and thinking she should be getting them but they were not there and today THEY ARE!

    I tried to get a picture but they are barely there and she was not cooperating.

    Diego leading the skateboard Races!!

    6 cousins in the hot tub - love it - and I love that I took Rose "swimming" just she and I, earlier in the day.

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    The Challenge

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    Last Saturday I cleaned out the hot tub and added fresh FREEZING COLD WATER. We were all out back so I put the challenge out there – “Whoever gets in the water all the way gets 3 ice cream sandwiches”. To my surprise both Benji and Packer ran in and got their swim suits on and jumped in to earn their ice creams! It was fun to see them be brave for once. And I had to do it – I couldn’t let my little guys be braver than me already 🙂 I was going to put the video on but that just hasn’t happened all week so a picture will do.

    the freezing cold challenge!

    Where did this week go anyway?? It’s already the weekend! One week of summer gone just like that. We had Dentist appointments, I called around on Sump Pump options, We spent Wednesday at Amanda’s house having a backyard water party. I got to meet my new niece Ellie, hair cuts for the boys, a Wednesday Night soccer game, a night at the temple, a little babysitting, watching the NBA Finals and Zombie’s in our down time. Saturday was PJ’s baptism so we spent the day with family and ended with a campfire. Before that we got to have Ryan’s kids spend the night on Thursday and Friday! Today Benji went to Laser tag with all of the cousins for PJ’s birthday. Tomorrow we are going to brave 7 peaks! I LOVE SUMMER.

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    8 Months


    This Girl is growing Up! I think I would freeze her right now if I could. She is happy, plays toys, loves to sit up but can’t move yet. She likes to snuggle. She falls asleep in my arms but still transfers to her bed. She sleeps through the night (about 12 hours). Her paci is a quick fix. And she has an adorable laugh and smile.

    I love her smiles! and bright Eyes!

    Cali left the bag within her reach, we knew she liked bags, now we know she likes cheetos too

    Good Morning! I love this age!

    trying to be big like her sister

    She loves to eat at the table with us! I am done nursing as of this week. Now we are figuring out the bottle/food schedule.

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