Month: December 2017

    Christmas Break

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    December was packed.

    Benji went to the Draper Temple with the Deacons!

    We had to stop by and get a picture with Mater since we were killing time waiting for our snow tires to get put on the van. And Millie did fall pretty hard on both knees 🙁

    Tiago loving his new spiderman clothes and Millie refound her unicorn form last christmas:


    Ben got to see Star Wars with work!

    I stopped by the Rotar Christmas party in between basketball and soccer with LaNell.

    Boys had a tournament!

    YODA! Tiago keeps telling me that Yoda is in the bath rug!

    We took the kids shopping to pick a gift for one of their siblings. They loved shopping at Toys R Us except for the crazy employees that kept bugging them if they weren’t within 2 feet of us parents – bluhh!

    Ray combs his own hair and it just kills me! So cute.

    Just being silly in front the Christmas tree:

    Date night to Star Wars!!!

    Look at this bed head! LOVE IT!


    My new favorite Band!

    Playing with the tags that he asked me to cut out of his pants!

    Posing with the tree and with Chewy:

    Advent Calendar FUN:

    Tuesday the 19th was the Kindergarten Sing and last day of school for the year.

    And that same afternoon was the older kids Christmas Sing! Cali in yellow front row Santa hat. All of mine and Erica and Beccas kids being crazy! Rose is 2nd row white shirt.

    I couldn’t get a picture of Packer so I took this after:

    The kids refound their skates and skated all over the house for 2 days:

    and then Ben took Benji to Star Wars! so he has seen it 3 times!


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    Robertson Christmas 12/18/17

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    Shannon and Kelsey had the grand idea to invite all of our Robertson cousins and families over for a Christmas party! So we invited them and everyone came! Aunt Diane came. Aunt Susan came: Her daughter Jenny with husband Gerald and Emily, Josh and Katie. Uncle Russel and Aunt Karen came and 5 of their kids! Ian, Scott, Danny, Megan and Matt all came with their families. Alex didn’t want to go out in the snow and cousin Travis was sick. And we had our people: Joel, Shannon, Sean and Kelsey! We visited like crazy since we never see each other, snacked all night and had a white elephant gift exchange.


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    We had a fish named Goldie. He lived in a Mason jar. He ate whatever scraps we fed him. He was a happy fish for over a year until Tiago fed him cheese and he swam upside down and died. Now he is in fish heaven with Brownie who died a year ago!

    Millie was so sad when I showed her that Goldie had died. She cried for an hour. Big crocodile tears. She was so sad and couldn’t figure out “why”.

    Then Tiago actually realized what we were saying and he joined in on the crying.

    Losing a pet is hard, even if its a goldfish that you never really wanted or took care of!

    and the little kids and I had just gone to the pet store the day before, luckily it was before the passing of the fish. We looked at fish and bunnies, ferrets, and birds, and little swimming frogs.

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    my kids finally got sick. I think we’ve had a pretty healthy school year so no complaints from me.

    and i finally got sick of having my garage full of basement stuff so… I’ve started cleaning and organizing the garage, cold storage and new basement closet. Still a lot to do. This was just old electronics!

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    Ray Lost his First Tooth

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    Ray came home from wrestling practice with his tooth in his hand! It was pretty loose and just fell out during one of the drills. December 11, 2017.

    The tooth fairy brought a pack of bubble gum and 4 quarters!

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    We went and saw Santa at Cabelas! We hadn’t done this for a few years and it was fun! we took the Saturday off from sports and had fun as a family and with lots of our Netty family. Everyone went to Carl’s Jr. afterwards.

    Millie asked for Hatchimals, Tiago asked for Duckies, Ray asked for an R2D2, Rose asked for Descendants Dolls, Cali asked for an American Girl doll, Packer asked for a drone and Benji asked for a merge Cube cause he thought asking for a Nintendo Switch would sound selfish 🙂

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    SalesRabbit Work Party

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    The whole family got to go to the work party this year!

    Dinner at The Galivan Center and Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate and Cookies!! I was nervous about the ice skating but all of the kids surprised me and really just jumped out there and skated their best. It was fun and they are still talking about it.

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    St Nicks

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    St. Nicks Day! Santa came and checked on the kids of this house! We got lots of candy and fun little pillows. The Spicy Starbursts were fun to try and so much yummy chocolate! And our Elf Chewy is back!

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