Month: February 2017


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    Millie has been falling asleep every afternoon and just being totally tired out. I hope it’s a growth spurt but it seems like she’s sick, maybe still trying to get over the flu? anyway, she’s had me worried and she’s been a grouchy little lady but hopefully it’s nothing:

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    BYU basketball

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    We got to go to a BYU basketball game with Than and Erica!

    We watch all of the games at home but it was fun to be there and see them up close and personal. It was a pretty sad season after all of our hopefulness and expectations but we love the Cougars!


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    February! SLOW DOWN

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    OK Father Time – Please Slow Down! The weeks, months, and years seem to be speeding by uncontrollably. I would like to stop and enjoy the ride.

    window jumping

    Helping Packer get his Math done

    Ground Hogs Tradition

    Missing Tooth twins

    He FIXED Qbert

    arcades are taking over the house

    another snow camp out:

    Walking Rose to school


    And Shannon likes spicy chips so we all should

    Acting out Moana

    The Race Track has been a big hit

    Rose can draw Sofia the First

    Still nothing better than playing with a big box

    Aunt Karen turned 60:

    look how big TIAGO is

    No wonder I can’t keep a high score


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    Ray had a Bday Party

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    Ray had a Ninja Turtle theme:

    The Falabellas stopped by before the party!

    And then cousins: Wrights and Matt’s younger kids, and the Hancocks came over for a party!

    We had fun dressing up and dancing. Then We gave everyone Nunchucks and Ben taught them how to use them with some nunchuck training. After the training they got to find out who their Ninja Turtle Master was and do all of their new skills.

    We had cake and ice cream and opened gifts and watched the Ninja Turtles movie.

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    Valentines Day

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    The night before Valentines Day the kids all made their boxes. Cali got help from Grandma, Packer got help from me, and Ben helped Benji:

    We had a fun red dinner and played Pez Guess Who, then Ben and I snuck out and went to the movie at 8:30! I LOVE these people!

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    Ray had a Bday!

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    Monday February 13th!! Ray turned 5! Crazy Right? Ray is pretty chill. He likes to do whatever his older siblings are doing. He loves when Rose plays with him. He is already learning to read with the Upstart Preschool program that he does for 30 minutes every day. He is quiet and sucks his thumb a lot. Ray likes to read at bedtime, especially I Spy books. He is a mama’s boy and will choose to stay with me rather than go play some of the time. We love this little dude!

    Ray opened presents first thing in the morning:

    Around 11am we went to McDonalds with Tracie and Grandma, Bren, Cedar and Hadley. We let the kids play and got ice cream cones!

    Grandma and Grandpa Robertson gave Ray a Car Track and Candy. Then Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim stopped by to wish him a happy birthday and gave him a baseball glove.

    We sang and had cake before bed.

    and he went to bed wearing his glove 🙂

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    Oroville has had crazy amounts of rain. The lake got super full and then the spillway at the dam got a huge crack in it! No one knew what to do with the crack so they stopped the spillway to try and figure it out and then the lake filled up  and they couldn’t let it out fast enough and the water started coming over the emergency spillway! That had never happened since the dam was built in the 60’s. They finally got the water below the lake level and then started freaking out that the emergency spillway was eroding and could give way at anytime which would flood the entire town and everything down the feather river! They ordered everyone to evacuate on February 12th! Kevin and Ryan both left their homes! It was pretty crazy and chaotic. Obviously we weren’t there but we were watching and waiting all weekend. Everything seems to be fine now – there is still lots of water but most of it is further south in California. Grateful that everyone is able to go back home and hope the rain can slow down a little.

    Image result for oroville dam crack in spillway  Image result for oroville dam crack in spillway Image result for oroville dam crack in spillway

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    Mother and Tracie fam were here And Father and Michael

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    Mom and Tracie, Cedar, Bren and Hadley drove out on the 7th and stayed until the 14th! Dad, Michael and John came for the 10th and  11th. Mom spent lots of time with her mom and sisters but we also got to see her and play a bit of Nertz. Tracie and the kids just hung out with us most of the time. The kids played well together and some days we barely saw Cedar and Bren and Millie, Ray and Rose.

    Tiago and Hadley were pretty cute:


    One of the nights we were all busy playing NBA Jam and Tiago, Gus and Hadley made quite the mess!

    Ray and Grandpa!

    NBA Jam: the latest arcade purchase

    We all went to Walmart that Saturday morning:

    I love seeing all of these cars at our house! Family time is the best!

    And the reason for the visit: Grandma turned 90 on Thursday the 9th!! and we all had a party on that Saturday the 11th:

    Grandma with a bunch of her Grand kids and Great Grand kids

    a sisters and mom picture (just needed Christy)

    and a little gaming to end the night.

    These 2 at church!

    and my girls smothering baby Dagny:

    and 1 last game that wasn’t Nertz to end our time with Mom and Trae:

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    The beginning of February: we were cooped up and taking turns being sick and too cold to go outside but we had some fun:

    more doritos

    Singing and dancing together

    lots of snuggle time

    lots of arcade time

    and a little outside time

    and this must have been FHE but I’m not sure what we were doing.

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