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    Wrestling Season

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    Soccer ended on the 28th and Wrestling started on the 30th!
    The big boys go to practice Monday – Thursday – 4:30-6:30. Ray signed up this year and he goes Tues and Thurs from 6:30-7:30. So besides the lack of family dinner time its fun to have them pushing themselves and working hard.

    First Practice:

    After practice wrestling:

    Raymonds first tournament! Check in. Go. 2 point reversal. Get him on his back. He WINS!

    I like to come and watch and the kids come and “watch” or play toys, or color, or eat, or wander around and make friends…

    Ray’s 2nd match was really hard and he cried in the middle and didn’t want to finish but he stuck it out. And beat the next 2 guys and ended up with a 1st place out of the 5!

    Benji was at a BYU Pow Wow so he didn’t get to wrestle in this tournament.

    Packer worked hard but got beat all 3 times. He stayed tough and never got pinned! 4th place for him.


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    Little Buddies?

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    RAYMOND and TIAGO get along pretty well. They are starting to play with each other and off of each other.

    Ray ready for another school day 🙂

    Learning to write his name:

    Ray ALWAYS wants me to play a game with him. I need to say YES more often cause these boys are fun to play with. They actually have the patience to play and wait their turn and stick it out to the end!

    I love Tiago’s chubby fingers on the game pieces:

    we are trying not to watch as much TV but I love when they dance and sing along with the shows:

    These guys were my helpers when I put together a 12 drawer Ikea dresser for the boys room. I need to do a project that they can really help on. They loved the hammer!

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    The Friendly Grasshopper

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    Ray found this grasshopper at the Hancock BYU breakfast and he loved it. The Grasshopper stayed on him for an hour. It must have been injured. Ray loved holding it and showing everyone:

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    Kindergarten Ray

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    Ray had to wait a week after the other kids to start school and it about killed him. He was so ready to go and be big. He is in Mrs. Larsons afternoon class and he is liking it so far. There are 3 other Kinders in our culdesac but he’s not in class with any of them. He knows one kid from church and has made a friend or 2 already. As far as I know he just climbs on the monkey bars all recess and isn’t too worried about having a friend out there. I have him walking home with all of the neighborhood kids and that has been great.

    We posed the whole way to school! He was ready for the adventure 🙂 He walks with Noah and Era. William and Hawkin are also there. Here he is on day #2!

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    Raymond Graduated

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    Ray got to go to his Preschool Graduation for Waterford Upstart. He LOVED the attention. He loved that it was all about him for that hour.

    He is ALMOST reading. I think he’ll catch on quickly and Benji is helping him at nights when they read in bed.

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    Soccer Ray

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    Raymond!! Ray was very good this first year of soccer. He wasn’t afraid to get in and get the ball and he scored lots of goals every game.  He could almost score at will. One game he was tired and wanted to know when it was over. I said not until he scored 3 more goals. So, he went and scored 3.  His team didn’t practice much but he and Noah Drake started to become friends by the end, and the twins and coach Derek were fun to play with.

    Coach Derek, Brady, Corbin, Ivy, Lila, Max, Noah, Ray, and Will


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    Field Trip and Play Dates

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    Rose had her first field trip and school bus ride! They went to the children’s museum at Thanksgiving Point and she got to be with Ellie and Cammy and Jamie.

    Ray has always been a home body. He is content with the siblings and enjoys time with each of them. This month he branched out a little and played with Allie across the street and then went and knocked on the door at Noah’s house! It took all of his nerve but he did it and he had a lot of fun. There are 4 or 5 kids his age in the neighborhood so he could have lots of fun if he decides he wants to…


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    Ray Rider!

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    We’ve got another Bike Rider!

    He decided he was done with his training wheels. He saw Cedar adn Rose and Gentry doing it so … he did it. His bike was a little big so we borrowed this little one from the cousins and he took off. I ran up and down the street with him 2 times and that was it! Now he can ride his bike and he is learning to start and stop from a stand still because he learned by coasting down the driveway. I’m excited to get back out there with him! Hooray for nice weather and BikeS!

    and of course all the girls were riding bikes too:

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