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    Raymond Graduated

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    Ray got to go to his Preschool Graduation for Waterford Upstart. He LOVED the attention. He loved that it was all about him for that hour.

    He is ALMOST reading. I think he’ll catch on quickly and Benji is helping him at nights when they read in bed.

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    Soccer Ray

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    Raymond!! Ray was very good this first year of soccer. He wasn’t afraid to get in and get the ball and he scored lots of goals every game.  He could almost score at will. One game he was tired and wanted to know when it was over. I said not until he scored 3 more goals. So, he went and scored 3.  His team didn’t practice much but he and Noah Drake started to become friends by the end, and the twins and coach Derek were fun to play with.

    Coach Derek, Brady, Corbin, Ivy, Lila, Max, Noah, Ray, and Will


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    Field Trip and Play Dates

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    Rose had her first field trip and school bus ride! They went to the children’s museum at Thanksgiving Point and she got to be with Ellie and Cammy and Jamie.

    Ray has always been a home body. He is content with the siblings and enjoys time with each of them. This month he branched out a little and played with Allie across the street and then went and knocked on the door at Noah’s house! It took all of his nerve but he did it and he had a lot of fun. There are 4 or 5 kids his age in the neighborhood so he could have lots of fun if he decides he wants to…


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    Ray Rider!

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    We’ve got another Bike Rider!

    He decided he was done with his training wheels. He saw Cedar adn Rose and Gentry doing it so … he did it. His bike was a little big so we borrowed this little one from the cousins and he took off. I ran up and down the street with him 2 times and that was it! Now he can ride his bike and he is learning to start and stop from a stand still because he learned by coasting down the driveway. I’m excited to get back out there with him! Hooray for nice weather and BikeS!

    and of course all the girls were riding bikes too:

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    Ray had a Bday Party

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    Ray had a Ninja Turtle theme:

    The Falabellas stopped by before the party!

    And then cousins: Wrights and Matt’s younger kids, and the Hancocks came over for a party!

    We had fun dressing up and dancing. Then We gave everyone Nunchucks and Ben taught them how to use them with some nunchuck training. After the training they got to find out who their Ninja Turtle Master was and do all of their new skills.

    We had cake and ice cream and opened gifts and watched the Ninja Turtles movie.

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    Ray had a Bday!

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    Monday February 13th!! Ray turned 5! Crazy Right? Ray is pretty chill. He likes to do whatever his older siblings are doing. He loves when Rose plays with him. He is already learning to read with the Upstart Preschool program that he does for 30 minutes every day. He is quiet and sucks his thumb a lot. Ray likes to read at bedtime, especially I Spy books. He is a mama’s boy and will choose to stay with me rather than go play some of the time. We love this little dude!

    Ray opened presents first thing in the morning:

    Around 11am we went to McDonalds with Tracie and Grandma, Bren, Cedar and Hadley. We let the kids play and got ice cream cones!

    Grandma and Grandpa Robertson gave Ray a Car Track and Candy. Then Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim stopped by to wish him a happy birthday and gave him a baseball glove.

    We sang and had cake before bed.

    and he went to bed wearing his glove 🙂

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    Soccer Fall 2016

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    I love this soccer family. Soccer dominates our spring and fall but we all enjoy it. We had practices Monday through Wednesdays and then games all day Saturday, literally 8am-5pm. Benji played on an older team this year with 12 and 13 year olds and still with a lot of his old team. Packer still loves playing on the same team as Luca. Cali got to play with goalies and with Mia, Anna, and Claira with Uncle Matt helping coach. Rose got to play with Ellie and Gentry this year. And Ray ended up being with our neighbors Noah and Ivy. They will stay with these same teams in the Spring. Ben loves coaching these kids and these kids love Ben as a coach!

    img_20161029_143414 img_20161029_112723 img_20161029_095455 img_20161029_094812


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    Soccer Season is here

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    we have 5 soccer players this year!!
    Ben is coaching 4 of the teams.
    Ray is on a team with a friend.

    img_20160910_084018 img_20160910_084034 img_20160910_090932 img_20160910_104701 img_20160910_151812 img_20160910_162645 img_20160917_104142 img_20160924_093219 img_20160924_115315 img_20160924_135548 img_20160924_141359 img_20160924_161008 img_20160924_161010 img_20161001_124921

    So our Saturdays usually start with a 9am game and we finish at 4 or 5 pm. They are full days but we enjoy watching and coaching and seeing cousins and friends and the little ones all love the different play grounds. Ben is a great coach. All the kids love him cause he’s so positive and fun. He spends Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights coaching! luckily it’s only a 7 week season 🙂

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    My HOME crew

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    when all the kids are off at school this is what I’m still up against:


    Ray is pretty easy. He does his Upstart Computer Homework every day after we take Rose to school. Then he gets a little bit of tablet time. He is self sufficient and doesn’t demand much. My biggest problem with him is that he will play the tablet and disappear = playing way tooo much.

    Millie still runs the house. I am trying to potty train but she and I are both lazy. She loves to snuggle with me and watch shows or kids Utube crazy homemade videos. I usually snuggle with her and rest while Ray does his homework.

    Tiago is ready for a nap right after we drop Rose off. He takes a good 2-3 hour nap every afternoon. He is learning to yell and use his voice and communicates a lot with his actions. He is so much fun to chill and laugh with.

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    IMG_20160827_093058 IMG_20160827_103427

    Ray is doing Waterford UPSTART preschool!  It’s the one Rose did last year. All at home on the computer. He is excited and so am I. He’s done 3 days and is doing great.


    Rose and Ray will miss each other in the afternoons but they are both excited about school!

    IMG_20160829_122318 IMG_20160829_122327 IMG_20160830_122710


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