Month: December 2014

    Baby Shower

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    The 4 youngest kids and I got to go to a baby shower for Joel and Megan and Baby Karl!
    We ate yummy food.
    We visited with extended family.
    We delivered the group gift from all of the Robertson crew.
    And the kids provided the entertainment while I followed them around and tried to prevent messes.

    IMG_20141216_200949 IMG_20141216_201947

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    Netty Dinner and Gift Exchange

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    Sunday 12/14/14

    IMG_20141214_174356 IMG_20141214_174418

    We had soup and bread for dinner – everyone brought something to share and Jamie hosted and it was great. We had our get together a little early this year because of Diego’s surgery but it was kind of fun doing it that early.

    After eating we jumped right into the cousin gift exchange. It was fun to watch the kids give and receive and to see all of the personalities. This year we had Carter, Sydney, Lily, Caitlin, Kiah, and Ellie – lots of older kids. Our kids got a Hoverball, Remote Control Car, Frozen Book, Frozen Purse, Go Go Car, and Little Critter – – so much fun. Adults got to exchange gifts as well and Ben and I got a new game: RoboRally!

    IMG_20141214_181056 IMG_20141214_181104 IMG_20141214_181517 IMG_20141214_185713 DSC_0008 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0020 DSC_0022 DSC_0044 DSC_0051

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    Christmas Concert

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    The kids LOVED singing at school on Friday! Cali is a real performer. Pack was excited to learn all the words to the Grinch and Benji was embarrassed because they had to sing Santa Baby. and I was a very poor photographer with lots of babies hanging on my arms…

    DSC02257 DSC02264 DSC02269

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    Counting Down the Days

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    the kids love doing their calendars and chains and being excited for Christmas! They rotate through the different calendars and fight over whose turn it is supposed to be. Christmas Vacation has officially begun and excitement is in the air!!

    IMG_20141212_100244 IMG_20141212_100254 IMG_20141212_100313 IMG_20141212_100340 IMG_20141212_100404 IMG_20141212_100421

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    Ben finally went and got his eyes checked this month. He now has glasses to help him see distance and he is loving the new vision.


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    The 3 Munchkins…

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    My 3 Munchkins:


    I get up at 7am and send Benji and Packer out the door at 7:45. Ben leaves for work. I walk Cali and Mia to School at 9:00. Then it is just me and the 3 littles. Sometimes we watch TV, sometimes we nap, sometimes we don’t finish breakfast until 10am and then eat lunch at 11am. Lots of times we don’t go anywhere cause it’s to much work. Sometimes we color or paint or draw. Sometimes we play trains or cars. Lots of times they run around while I try and get chores done. Then Cali comes home at 12:00 and the day goes on.

    I love these little Cuties:

    IMG_20141212_091026 IMG_20141212_091032 IMG_20141212_091038

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    Baby Bennett

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    We got to baby sit the other day. Millie loved having someone smaller than her around – so did everyone else… Having Cousin Bennett over was lots of fun:

    IMG_20141209_101056 IMG_20141209_103720 IMG_20141209_103733 IMG_20141209_112630

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    once again the time is escaping me…


    Chewy the Elf showed up on the 6th! The kids love searching for him every morning.

    DSC02247 DSC02248

    Millie can’t get enough of the wiggle bikes – so so cute.


    The other kids enjoy racing around too, especially with wet and cold weather outside.



    Benji discovered the Michael Vey series.


    Raymond mastering the train with Dad and Grandpa.


    Packer being goofy, like usual:)



    I hope he stays this sweet…

    IMG_20141201_203735 IMG_20141201_203750

    We’ve been watching lots of Christmas movies!

    IMG_20141212_200119 IMG_20141213_184713

    We spent a weekend with my siblings. Games and Sushi.


    And little Spiderman has been on the loose!

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    Santa at Cabela’s

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    SOME of us met up for our yearly “off to Cabela’s” picture… Pete, Matt, and Emily met us there. Families are getting bigger and busier…

    IMG_20141213_113158 IMG_20141213_113644

    We stood in line to see Santa and all of the kids asked him for a few things that they really want this Christmas!

    IMG_20141213_115858 168December2014

    We spent a few minutes at the shooting gallery and in this huge Moose Chair.

    IMG_20141213_121130 IMG_20141213_121143

    And we stopped to see the fish!

    IMG_20141213_125210 IMG_20141213_125217


    Then we headed to Carl’s Jr for lunch. The kids played with cousins while adults chatted.

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