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    More Visitors – Hancock’s Came to Play

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    Erica and the kids showed up Monday morning!!  I thought they were coming on Tuesday and hanging out a little bit here and there BUT we spent 5 days together! The kids loved it! They did not love that it was the first week of school for Benji and Packer but they made the afternoon hours count. So we’ve been partying with the Hancock’s all week!!

    IMG_20140819_142038 IMG_20140824_102017


    Erica was driving around in the new RV “Cousin Eddie” all week. The RV was pretty sweet. We might have taken 16 of us to sonic for Happy Hour… The kids loved the ride.


    IMG_20140820_151211 IMG_20140820_151218 IMG_20140820_151221

    The first few days we just hung out at the house. The kids entertained each other and then the Hancock’s would leave in the evenings to spend time with their REAL family. On Thursday we went to the park. And we got rained on AGAIN but we stuck it out and the kids had a blast. They mastered the zip line and climbed all over. After the storm we played in the river and we had to drag them away at 6:00 or so.

    IMG_20140821_163416 IMG_20140821_165133 IMG_20140824_102346 IMG_20140824_102408 IMG_20140821_165256 IMG_20140821_165258 IMG_20140821_165333  IMG_20140824_102432  IMG_20140824_102621 IMG_20140824_102715

    There was an amazing rainbow after the rain!


    IMG_20140821_171942 IMG_20140821_172711 IMG_20140821_173609 IMG_20140821_175233IMG_20140821_175025 IMG_20140821_175247 IMG_20140824_102227IMG_20140824_102508

    On Friday we went up to Deer Creek after school to help out with the DOXA THREELAY – that Than was racing in. (This was the main reason for their trip to Utah). So I watched all 11 kids on the horribly rocky beach while Erica tried to help with the Event. We came home and had dinner and a sleep over. Erica and I may have left in the wee morning hours to go volunteer for DOXA again but the roads were SOOO rainy and impossible to drive on so we turned around and slept at LaNell’s and went out for breakfast and  came home sometime before noon 🙂 It was a girls morning and it was wonderful. And then the Hancock’s said goodbye. They are always a ton of fun.

    IMG_20140822_174103   IMG_20140824_102759


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    1st Day of School

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    School started yesterday (August 19th)!
    Benji and Packer were not ready for summer to be over but they were a little excited for a new year.

    DSC01442 DSC01444

    Packer is in 2nd Grade. Mrs. Acker is a new teacher at our school. She seems really nice. I hope Packer has a GREAT year. This is the First time that Luca is not in his class with him but they did find each other on the first recess 🙂


    Benji is in 4th Grade. He was not excited to go to school BUT he has friends in his class – Seth, Brock and Austin, so that makes it ok. His teacher is Mrs. Durrant.


    The boys love walking with their cousins and neighbors. It looks like it’s gonna be a good year!


    DSC01451 DSC01452

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    Crystal Hot Springs

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    We drove to Honeyville on Saturday and met up with some of my family: Ryan, Joel, Brady and Shannon. We spent the day at the hot springs swimming and eating and chatting and playing with kids. We had been warned that Crystal Springs is pretty trashy BUT we fit right in 🙂 Everyone helped with our kids which was so nice and makes it enjoyable for Ben and I. It was great to visit with Shannon who just moved to Ogden. The water was perfect temperature – one pool was cool and the other 2 were at least 80 degrees. I didn’t get to try the hot hot tubs and the 3 different temperature water falls were neat but always crowded. The water had a gross taste to it if it got anywhere near your mouth. Don’t wear white in the water though, the kids white swim shirts are now copper brown 🙂 We didn’t pay for the slide – a few people did and said it was ok, not amazing but fun. On our way home Megan took us to one of their family favorite places to eat – Maddox. It was super crowded but the food was good… and That was our last Saturday of the Summer!

    IMG_20140816_172516 IMG_20140816_172657 IMG_20140816_172900 IMG_20140816_173045

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    Fishing with Grandpa

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    On Friday the 3 oldest kids got to go fishing with their Grandpa and their Dad! They went to Deer Creek and fished from the boat. This was Cali’s first time going. They got a few nibbles but Grandpa Netty was the only one that caught one. The kids weren’t too sad since they had talked about bringing one home for dinner and none of them wanted to do that. They loved the boat and loved the attention.






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    Eggers came to play

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    We had more company this past week. My sister Christy and Rob and all 5 of their kids came late Monday night. We went to the Timpanogos Temple with them the next morning and then they spent the rest of Tuesday getting Shae ready to enter the MTC and having some last family time. Tuesday night we got together at Wines Park in Lehi with lots of extended family. We got to see my moms sisters and my dads brother and lots of their kids. Shae had a few close friends come and lots of my siblings came. We ate and visited and let the kids run and play.

    DSC01405 DSC01408 DSC01409 DSC01412 DSC01417 DSC01418 DSC01421

    I didn’t take any pictures at the park 🙁

    On Wednesday we said goodbye to Shae and her family took her to the MTC! She will be a great missionary. She seemed prepared in every way. That night we got together with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and had dinner with them and the Eggers and Sean. and we capped off the night and their visit with a midnight game of Euchre and one more cousin sleep over.

    IMG_20140813_152123 IMG_20140813_181755 IMG_20140813_181800 IMG_20140813_182525 IMG_20140813_182534 IMG_20140813_223144


    SHAELYN is going to be a great missionary. She entered the MTC on August 13, 2014. She is going to the Czech Slovak Mission, speaking Slovak. She was already teaching herself some of the language and seemed prepared in every way. I am proud of her and her life choices and we look forward to receiving her mission emails.


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    Millie is 11 months old!! AHHHHHH!!
    She just got her top 2 teeth.
    She is learning to stand on her own.
    She can climb up the kids slide.

    DSC01396 DSC01397

    She still loves to eat and she’s not spitting it up like she used to. Seems that her stomach has adapted to most foods.


    Millie is always on the go. She doesn’t like to sit and be held – she gets very antsy.

    DSC01414 IMG_20140807_190011

    She is standing up all of the time now. She’s taken 1 step. She’s stood up without holding on. She does it all without knowing and its fun to just watch her learn and GO.


    Her sisters can be very TOUCHY and hands on. Millie usually cries and screams and wants them to put her down so that she can go explore on her own or be held by mom.

    IMG_20140814_091043 IMG_20140814_091128

    Millie loves to climb up the stairs. She will rarely stay down. If she see’s them, she will climb them.

    That’s my short update. Millie is a pretty easy 11 month old. LOVE HER.

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    Demolition Derby 2014 (August 9th)

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    This Year’s Demolition Derby was a success. We just took Benji and Packer again this year, (but Cali insists that she is ready next year). We met up with Sean and Erika and their 4 kids and Ben’s parents and Emily and her 3 kids. We tried our best to win the competition this year. Packer started off with some good guesses BUT Cooper Thal took home the trophy.








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    Girls Night

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    We couldn’t let the boys have all the fun so I took the 3 girls out on the town while they camped. We went shopping for FROZEN shirts and we found them! We actually found too many shirts so the girls got spoiled! It was fun to spend time with the girls and watch a girl movie and snuggle and stay up late. I love my kids.


    IMG_20140809_103431 IMG_20140809_103444 IMG_20140809_103702 IMG_20140809_103837 IMG_20140809_103847 IMG_20140809_104155

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