This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.

    Cali is 9!

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    We’ve got a 9 year old in the house again!

    We got up early to open presents before school; Twister Moves, Futsal Shoes and bag,sewing machine, HUGE cards, and New coat!

    After school they played cards and then Cali had 2 Futsal games and the boys had wrestling and they had scouts and young mens and Cali had activity days… Grandpa took Ray to his wrestling and then brought Cali a gift! So after a busy evening we had second round of homemade pizza dinner and milk shakes and ended the CALI DAY.

    We continued some birthday fun and enjoyed the new toys for the rest of the week.And got her gift from Gma and Gpa Robertson.

    I didn’t start her cake until Saturday and it was a disaster – stuck to the pan, crumbly, … so it wasn’t the cake of the year but Cali and Rose enjoyed practicing their frosting skills:

    On Saturday night she had her cousin party! They played and sang and danced and then we did a candy cane game and cake and gifts and then watched Despicable Me 3. It was easy and successful:

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    End of November

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    Basement Forts

    Christmas coloring

    The MOST AMAZING SUNRISE THAT I’VE EVER SEEN. It lit up the entire yard and was gorgeous!

    Nothing like falling asleep at wrestling practice. AND the excitement of little boys and Christmas!

    A couple of hours at the Hancocks and some Christmas art!

    Packer had a GREAT time at Clear Creek for one night! He loved it.

    The Deer are all over town lately. This guy was stuck on the way to wrestling practice.

    Sock Wars at pack meeting. Tiago cracks me up.

    Kristins cookies!

    The Mustache this November! so long!

    A quick trip to the Outlets for some Christmas shopping. I LOVE the JOY that you can see and feel this time of year.

    Tiago and his girlfriend! and Tiago is LOVING books!


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    o’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree

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    The day after Thanksgiving we went and found our tree at Beck’s! It was a nice warm year with dry ground ๐Ÿ™‚ We met up with Pete’s family and found it pretty quickly.

    We spent the day setting up the tree! and decorating! It’s such a fun day to be together and welcome in the excitement of the Holidays!!


    and we spent the evening watching Christmas movies! Frosty, Elf, Polar Express, and more that I can’t remember. We took a hot chocolate, egg nog and cookie break and then all fell asleep in the basement ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Thanksgiving Day

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    We had another great Thanksgiving this year. I love going to mom and dad Netty’s house and enjoying the day with family. Ben was on Bill duty this year. Grandma Becker didn’t make it because she was in a rehab facility and Grandpa was pretty confused the whole time ๐Ÿ™ We were grateful to be with family and grateful to be blessed with so much!

    The only little kids this year:

    The kids table:

    The big kids basement:

    and the college girls out back:

    Adults table:

    Chocolate and Pumpkin pie!!!!

    We taught some of the family how to play Augustus and that night I went black Friday shopping by myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Family From Out of Town

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    Kevin and Liz came the Saturday before thanksgiving to spend a couple of days with us! Then Grandma died and we all went to Kanab so we only got a day in with them but we had some fun.
    Tracie and John came on Sunday night and were going to stay a couple of days so we missed out on some time with them.
    We love seeing the Utah crowd when family comes as well so more time with Joel’s fam, Shannon, Kel, and Sean.

    and Josh and Mal and Ryan and Mary decided to come and stay a few days after the funeral so we got some extra days in with these families! It was great having the basement for the extra space and games.

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    Elma Owens Johnson

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    Elma Owens Johnson was my moms mom. She passed from this life on Sunday November 19th, 2017 in her room at Summerfield in Orem Utah. She was 90 years old.

    Gram with her daughters on her 90th bday.ย With Gramps in Kanab on HIS 90th bday.


    Gram with all 4 of her kids, Gram and Gramps with daughters and first grandchild, one of their last family pictures.

    ย ย 

    Oct. 10th, 2017 was the last time that I took a picture with Grandma. She was extra smiley and sarcastic that day and busted out her secret M and M stash for us. She walked Christy all the way out to the entry, she probably wanted to leave with us but she was a little confused.

    On Saturday November 11th I went and played Skipbo with Grandma and Kelsey and Shaelyn. She was chatting with friends at lunch and then walking around without her walker or cane.

    The Next morning is when she fell and hit her head in her bathroom. She had like 14 stitches in her forehead. She seemed to be ok and was doing well that evening. On Monday she started to get sick and by Tuesday morning she had pneumonia and seemed to be on her last leg. The Dr had said that she could have a brain injury with that type of fall and it would show in a day or two if she did.ย  I picked mom up from the airport on Tuesday evening and went with her to check on Grandma. Gram opened her eyes to see us and she said “Hi Annette” and that is the last thing we heard her say. I’m convinced that she did sustain injury to her brain and then it took 5 more days for her body to finally give out and her spirit ready to leave this world.


    The Funeral was on Tuesday the 21st in Kanab Utah. So, we drove to Kanab on Monday after school and we all stayed in the Hotel. We swam with cousins that evening and then stayed up late chatting with family

    On Tuesday morning we enjoyed Hotel Breakfast and lots of hot chocolate before heading over to the church for the service:

    This was the picture on the Funeral Program:

    I got to be one of the people to share a few memories ofย  my Grandma. Here is a little bit of what I shared:

    “Grandma Johnson. Loyal. Beautiful. Stubborn. Mother Heart.

    Honestly when I was little I sucked my thumb for the first 12 years of my life and Grandpa always had his pocket knife so I just hid from Grandma and Grandpa once a year when we would see them! They lived in Utah and we lived in CA so we didn’t get to see them much when we were growing up. But…

    I do have good memories of them coming and parking their trailer in the church parking lot and if we were being really good they would invite us into the trailer one at a time to get a werthers candy!

    Or when we would drive the 15 hours from Oroville to Orem so excited to sleep on the red shag carpet and stay at their house. Once there, Grandma would always make sure we had enough to eat and let us eat so many otter pops and drink gallons of milk. 12 kids can devour milk and otter pops but with the gross Utah water that we couldn’t stand to drink — we were really going through those!

    Along those same lines, I remember eating amazing Sunday dinner that Grandma would make. Roast, potatoes and gravy. I’m pretty sure we have Grandma J to blame for the most delicious gravy and gravy making skills getting passed down to mother. The gravy to potatoes ratio is about 1 to 1 in this family.

    20 years ago I moved out to Utah and I have lived near Grandma and Grandpa during that time. And at times during my college years they even let me live in their basement. I have enjoyed many visits with them in recent years. One of my favorite memories will be of Grandma holding my babies. She would always come over when we’d have another kid. A few times she even made it to the hospital to be one of the first to welcome the baby into this world. I liked to take my little kids for a quick visit and an m and m and a cookie ๐Ÿ™‚ when they lived in the basement at Aunt Di’s. We’d give lots of hugs. Gram loved those babies so much.

    I could go on about….
    Chuck a Rama
    Their beautiful flower garden that we tried not to trample
    Or Gram always looking her best but always refusing to get her picture taken
    Driving to CA with Gram and Gramps
    Trying to make her play Yahtzee when she just wanted skipbo
    Knitting, jacks, morning paper, 10$ birthdays
    Or the Mosaic under the side table

    But mostly I will remember Gram for being selfless and having a big mothering heart. ๐Ÿ’“ she loved her kids so much that she would do anything for them or for their kids. She was so stubbornly selfless and loyal. These qualities live on in her daughters today!

    I love you Grandma.

    Some of Grandma and Grandpa Johnsons surviving siblings:


    Carols family: Jer couldn’t make it.

    Diane’s family: Kiley couldn’t make it.

    Annette’s family: grand kids not pictured cause there are so many ๐Ÿ™‚

    It was a good day of celebrating Grandma. It was a beautiful day:

    ย  ย ย ย 

    After the funeral and Interment a bunch of us met at the park to eat lunch and visit before heading home:

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    The Basement is Finished!

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    We had our basement finished by Pine Canyon Homes. They started on August 23rd and finished November 3rd! It was so fun to watch them build what we wanted and to see it come together.


    Our house was out of control and FULL of arcades! We were definitely ready to move them all down stairs. All of our stars aligned, we got some bids and chose a company and they told us it would be 6 more weeks until they could do the job. They showed up August 23rd with the lumber to start framing!


    We made a mad rush to clean out the basement and get things organized and we had a Yard Sale on August 26th.



    We still have some things that we need to sell or get rid of but we did get a lot of things out of the house. This huge table took forever but it is finally gone. Ben even got rid of one of his broken arcade games.The Plumber showed up that week! And the Electrician!

    We ordered a wall bed from!

    And we added to the collection with Tempest!

    They insulated on Millies birthday – Sept 11th.


    and brought the huge sheets of dry wall in on the 12th:

    And a crew came and did all of the sheet rock on the 13th:


    Mud and tape and drying, and texture and drying:

    They hung doors on Sept 25th and we shopped for carpet and tile and paint that week.

    The very end of the month they built our shelves and benches and closets:


    Time for Trim and clean up:

    ย :ย 

    Stairs and Primer:

    A super messy upstairs and 2 more arcades!!

    Black accent paint:10/9 and prepping for paint

    10/10 they came in and painted the walls!

    touched up the trim and closets:

    and then prepped the floor and sealed some cracks:

    and then they painted the floor! 10/13

    and did the bathroom tile 10/16:

    We got excited and went furniture shopping!

    10/18 they installed the murphy bed and started the garage finish:

    Barn doors!

    And our Headis equipment arrived from Germany!

    High Score Outlet, movie screen, finishing touches!!

    They did the bathroom on the 19th and the hand rail:

    More final touches after fall break


    and then the carpet! 10/26

    ย  ย 

    One of the last things to figure out was the indoor garage door. We didn’t have the clearance/ceiling height that we needed so Dan had to figure out a way to get it done.

    On 10/27 we had one of the young men have his birthday party at the house – the basement was so close but not done ๐Ÿ™ And that same night Michael brought Moon Patrol from California!

    Making space for the soft water:


    October 30th – so close to done – just waiting on a piece to get the garage to close all the way!



    Nov. 2nd we moved the couch in straight from the marketplace ๐Ÿ™‚ and ALL was done! We even convinced him to hang our arcade sign and garage lights. The neighbor brought us a huge Darth that same day!

    And so on Saturday Ben and I spent the afternoon moving all of the games down stairs and setting up! It was hard but fun. Long but worth the final look. We even got a lot of the decorating done!

    And then we added the headis table!

    And we have been partying ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

    We love how it turned out. We love having the extra space. We love having our upstairs back to normal. We love having people over to enjoy it with us!

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    Current News – Middle of November

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    This week my kids rediscovered DISNEY BINGO!

    And the little boys found the headband and wrist bands and sang songs. Tiago copied everything that Ray did.

    My mom called on Tuesday because she needed a ride that evening from the airport to Grandma’s place in Orem. Grandma J. hit her head on Sunday morning and then on Monday night she stopped eating and got really sick and couldn’t get out of bed. The Dr thinks there could be bleeding on the brain because it was such a bad fall. Lots of blood and stitches. We think she got up to use the restroom Sunday morning and fell and hit it on the sharp edge of the shower wall. On Tuesday she threw up a lot and got worse and worse. When I got there Tuesday night her body seemed to be shutting down and she barely woke up enough to say hi to my mom. The Dr.s said she would /could pass at any time.

    I went back Wednesday morning and spent time with my mom and grandma. She has pneumonia and is getting meds every hour to keep her from coughing and clawing and hurting… so sad.

    And then I hurried home to be mom. The boys went to wrestling practice and we took Cali to her first Futsal game. She is on a team with Mia and Anna! They got to play a lot together. Cali assisted goals to both cousins. They all seemed to be having fun out there.

    That night after Activity Days and Scouts and Deacons and Teachers activities I went back over to be with Grandma.

    More Disney Bingo on Thursday Morning and Grandma was still hanging in there! Somehow. I stayed home Thursday and tried to get a few things done around the house.

    Ray was Mustang of the Month for his Class! He was excited to show me the awards on the back! And his teacher said he is always on task and helps the others to do what they are supposed to!

    Bath time. Rose is such a good helper with the younger kids!

    And now it’s Friday and Grandma is still holding on to this life. I don’t know how but she is. We are trying to get more of the grand kids in there to say their goodbyes and give her a hug. She received another blessing from Bracken last night and now we are hoping that she can go in peace when her body and spirit are ready. I spent the morning at home – with my shadow boy, getting chores done. Now I’m going to stop at Grandma’s before my basketball and soccer game.

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    The Weekend

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    Our weekends seem to fly by these days but we are packing them with fun and family!

    On Friday we sent Benji off to Goblin Valley with the Scouts. Then I took the kids to Erica who took them to their piano recital and kept them until late. I went and met up with Ben at Sundance where he had been for the last 2 days on a leadership work retreat. We had a fun evening with a bunch of his work “family”. Then we stayed the night and had Kelsey pick up the kids and take them home for the night.

    On Saturday, Ben and I got to sleep in! and we went wrestling shoe shopping and then home. Kelsey and Tiago were waiting for us and the rest of the kids were at Primary Program Practice. Tiago and I went with Kelsey to Provo. We had lunch with Shaelyn and her fiance Tyler. Then we visited Grandma Johnson and played Skipbo.

    We dropped Shae off and then went to Raymond’s wrestling tournament at Orem High. Benji was still on his camp out and Pack decided to do primary practice instead of wrestling this week so we just watched Ray. He had 4 different guys he had to wrestle and HE BEAT ALL OF THEM! He beat the 1st guy 10-0, then pinned the 2nd guy – which happened to be the kid that beat him and made him cry last week!, 3rd guy he pinned! and then he barely beat the last guy to get the 1st place medal.

    So we had to go out to ice cream for the first PIN of the season!

    Saturday night we got a few things done and prepped for Sunday, Benji got home from his camp out, Christian hung out with us and we all fell asleep to Star Wars #3 on the big screen. On Sunday our kids had the primary program at church. Kelsey came and watched. Benji thought it was fun to watch rather than be in it for the 1st time. All 5 of the primary kids did great! After church and meetings we had the Browns (LaNell, Dan, Sam and Amanda, Emerson and Andrew, Anthony and Caleb) and the Hancocks (Than, Erica, kids, Becca, Kyle, Eliza, Henry) and some Robertsons (Joel, Megan, Gus, Dagny, and Kel) and Kelsey Avila over for dinner! Everyone pitched in for Tacos, played arcades, taught them 7 Wonders and the kids PLAYED.


    and then I had to get a high score on Dr. Mario to prove to Than that he still has a lot of room for improvement ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Flag Football Champions

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    Benji loved learning football! He scored a touch down in the tournament and caught the extra point in the championship. He mostly played lineman but he just loved learning the game and doing exactly what coach told him to do.

    His team ended up winning their bracket. I believe they were the winner of the losers! so CHAMPIONS. We had the team come over last night after they won. Ate pizza and played arcades and celebrated the season.


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