This is my family

    I sure love them a lot!

    This is my husband and me.

    He's pretty cute.

    These are my kids

    They are cool.

    Trunk or Treat

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    This year our ward did a Trunk or Treat instead of a carnival. I loved it. We decided to decorate the van as THE BAT CAVE! So Ben and I wore our Batman and Batgirl costumes. The kids had fun trying on our old costumes and getting ready.

    Benji wanted to be Captain America. Packer wanted to be Pizza, Cali was set on being Evie. Rose decided last Halloween that she wanted to be Judy Hopps – she almost switched over to be Mal but stuck with Officer Hopps. Ray wanted to be the wizard, since we had one just his size that we ordered by accident last year. Millie wanted to be Alice in Wonderland but when she saw the witch costumes she needed to be a witch. Tiago was supposed to be Boss Baby but I wanted to see him in the cute Spiderman costume and then he wouldn’t take it off 🙂 He is still walking around shooting pretend webs at us!

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    Finishing Fall Break

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    On Sunday we went to church and then hung out with Mom and then all my other Utah siblings came over for dinner 🙂

    And on Monday the kids just had a lazy morning while mom and I went and visited Diane and Susan and and then the kids and I went and met up with Ben for lunch. That evening we jumped back in to real life finishing up homework and going to soccer practice.

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    Fall Break, Day 2

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    My mom came to town!! and she took us to the movie on Friday Morning!! We all watched LEAP 🙂

    Then Mom went to spend time with her mom and sisters and we got to babysit Gus and Dagny! The girls LOVED playing with Dagny! and me too, I miss those baby snuggles.

    That evening Kelsey, Shannon and Tommi came to take care of Gus and Dagny and play games with Me and Mother! Ben stayed home and had movie night with the kids.

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    Fall Break 10/19/17

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    First day of fall break we went to Salt Lake City to work on some site seeing and touring for a Merit Badge that Benji was working on. We started at the STATE CAPITOL:

    We stopped by the car for a picnic lunch:

    And then we moved down the street to TEMPLE SQUARE:

    Ray found his name at the visitor center 🙂 and we loved seeing the Christus Statue, and learning and riding the escalator:


    and then we came home and rested for a couple of hours:

    and at 5:00 we got to go to Hee Haw Farms! Cali’s Orthodontist got us all in free and pizza dinner! All of the kids LOVED the different slides. Tiago LOVED the corn. We had a really fun evening:


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    Pumpkins, Hair, Headis and More

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    We went pumpkin Picking at the Maceys Pumpkin Patch 🙂 The kids LOVE climbing all over them and we found a few big ones for carving:

    Cali is still in braces 🙂 They put a spring on the tooth trying to push it over to the middle next to her front 2 teeth. I seem to be the only one that brings lots of little kids to the Ortho.

    We are having fun going to Benji’s Flag Football games! Such a fun sport. This night we all went to the game and then to Taco Tuesday, then we left the kids with Erica while we went couch shopping!

    CRAZY HAIR DAY 2017:

    BEST MOM AWARD: I’ve been letting the littles play with the Play Doh and they love it.

    Ben ordered a Headis Ball and Net from Germany! Now we just need a ping pong table!

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    Some Random October Fun

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    We had some fun in October!

    Ben took Packer to see THRILLER and eat at the Waffle House! They had a great time and loved the super hero and zombie dancers.

    Benji got to go on a trip with his scout troop to Provo to see an ancient tabernacle replica.

    Grandma and Grandpa came bearing birthday gifts after being gone in Wisconsin.


    Ben and the kids picked all of the pumpkins out of the garden!

    I spent the evening with the wedding planning crew!

    We visited Grandma the next day 🙂 and the kids enjoyed a little bit of time with Aunt Christy!

    The kids heading off to Piano Lessons. Definitely not their favorite day of the week but… I am still determined to send them.

    Benji helped Ray skate and I went in the freezing cold to one of Rays last soccer games!

    Tiago loves sports! Here he is being a big tough football player!

    Cali got to go to 7 Peaks indoor and play soccer at a United Soccer party. I got to go with and spend some time with her!

    and this is the reason we have kids 🙂

    BIKE RIDES! trying to get in a little bit of warm weather


    Cali had a stuffed animal party and HAD to bring BIG bear. I told her that she could take it if she could carry it so, she did. And they made convection ovens at school.

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