Day: February 4, 2018


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    I just wanted to document what the kids are reading.

    Packer – Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, Wonder. Got sick of Harry Potter on book 2.

    Benji – read every Brandon Mull book! EVERY SINGLE ONE. Better than HP even though he is a big HP fan!  He has also read Rick Riordan. He is reading the Beyonders now.

    Cali is trying to read all of the Battle of the Books books. She and I have been reading Mr. Poppers Penguins at night when we get to bed on time.

    Rose has started to like to read. She and I are trying to read together but I need more hours in my day.

    Millie just listens to whatever the girls are doing.

    Ray and Tiago have piles of books on their beds that they “read” at night 🙂

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    Liv and Maddie

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    Liv and Maddie. ALL of our kids were obsessed with this show during November and December.

    Who do you want to be? Liv? Maddie? Parker? Karen?

    Even Tiago was quoting Parker and his tunnels: Bam what? Mission accomplished.

    I am happy to report that the phase is over. Christmas vacation is great for switching up routines! and we got lots of new games to get out of the TV rut.


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    Ray and Wood Chips

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    Ray comes home from school with big wood chips -they are in his pockets, or backpack. He thinks they are so cool. Love this Kindergarten mind.

    He was so happy to finally get his wrestling singlet!

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    Hover Board

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    Why have we not had a hover board all these years?! We got one for the kids this Christmas and WE ALL LOVE IT.

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    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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    Thanks to LaNell and Erica and Becca we hiked to Battle Creek Falls on our day of no school. I ran into my old roommate Brittani King (Oliver)! Then the kids hot tubbed the afternoon away. Until wrestling practice anyway.

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    President Russell M. Nelson

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    President Russell M. Nelson: The 17th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was called and sustained on Sunday the 14th of January and then on Tuesday they had a broadcast from the temple to announce him and his counselors and then a news conference to answer any questions. It was such a great and uplifting morning! I thank God for a Prophet to guide us in these latter days! Dallin H Oaks and Henry B Eyring are the new counselors. President Monson will be missed.



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    Shae and Tyler got Married

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    I decided that I really wanted to be at Shaelyn’s wedding so I bought a plane ticket and met up with Kelsey and Shannon at the airport and had a great weekend with my siblings and extended fam! Millie was a little sad to let me leave. We flew out on Thursday evening and I had a blast with my sisters:

    Millie was also upset that I was going to get wedding cake so her dad got them cake! Mom picked us all up at the San Jose Airport and we went back to the Eggers house. We crashed the bachelorette party and had a fun pre-wedding evening.

    The wedding was Friday around noon. They were SOO Happy and SOO Excited. It was a beautiful wedding. Christy had food for everyone and I had some quality car time with mom, dad, Shannon, Kelsey, Tracie, John and Michael.


    The reception was at a golf course. We had mac and cheese bar and all you can drink soda bar. I’ve got to admit that it was nice to just enjoy the atmosphere, help out where I could, and not worry about my kids. Josh and Brady were security, the cake fiasco was dealt with and the place was packed. We danced until 9:00 and then sent the couple on their way. Clean up and then a big sleepover in Holister.

    On Saturday we had GIRLS day out. We went to lunch and to the outlets and to dinner! and celebrated Mal’s birthday.

    We hung out again Saturday evening and most everyone went home. This is where my phone stopped working so the pictures end… but we went to church the next morning and then to dinner at the friends house with all of the other friends and then Bryce took us to the airport. I had a BLAST.

    Meanwhile back at home:

    Ben stayed and worked from home on Friday! and then took the kids to the 4:00 movie.

    Saturday: Erica watched the kids all day while the boys went to their wrestling tournament and they finished out the night with Pizza Pie Cafe! Ben is the BEST! I think they even got to church on time. He made them roast and potatoes! The house was clean when I got home! amazing husband!

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    Some Cool Gifts

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    Carol and Larry made me a TETHER BALL!! They had one in their backyard so I’ve been begging for one. I told them I’m good for the money to cover the cost and they came through and delivered it the first weekend in January!!

    Ben wanted to build a workshop area in the basement but we never communicated that to the contractor doing the basement. Ben’s Dad got word of it and talked with Ben and HE BUILT IT! It fit like a glove and looks great. Ben was so excited to organize his tools like his dad does 🙂


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    Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Netty

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    We usually celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts with Rick and Kris the week before Christmas but this year Grandma Becker wasn’t feeling well and they were spending lots of time helping her and in and out of the hospital so… we celebrated after Christmas on Saturday January 6th!

    we had so much fun opening gifts and trying them all out. Eating some treats. Chasing Quincy. And Everyone enjoyed Soggy Doggy!

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    Donut Testing

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    Shae wanted a Donut wall at her wedding so we told Christy that we would go taste test the donuts at The Avenue Bakery in American Fork – DELICIOUS!

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