Mother’s Day

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    I had a wonderful mother’s day. The kids (Ben) made me crepes and let me be lazy and hide out in my bedroom until 9:30! They showered me with gifts and tried to be good at church. I am a very lucky and blessed mom. In the evening we had Ben’s mom and dad and 2 sisters and families over for dinner!

    It was hard not to be selfish and self absorbed because I am surrounded by 7 amazing kids and my husband spoils me. But I did try to reach out to my mom and mother in law and grandma. They are AMAZING Moms and I aspire to be just like them.

    I thought Tiago might surprise me and go to nursery but he only lasted 10 minutes. Millie also had some great mothers day gifts including dumping the bread on the floor and spanking her booty in the aisle! MOTHERHOOD. I did have 6 of my 7 kids in the primary choir and that was lovely!

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