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    Summer is almost here! School is winding down. The weather has been nice. The kids have been giddy.

    This is a classic Millie look. She has quite the hair and the looks.

    These 2 will play games with me all day. They love it. And I love it when I don’t feel like I have 100 other things to do.

    Playing in the Hancocks backyard. Yes, Tiago did try to run away one Friday night when I left him over there to play.

    Everyone loves the little car. It’s been nice having this while the bigger kids ride their bikes. And I try to read a book…


    More Soccer practice: and a little Christian time and monkey bars:

    Shirtless Tiago and tired Tiago watching his favorite movie:


    Millie still gets worn out in the afternoons:

    Erica took Ray, Millie and Tiago to the birdcage park. I thought I was going with them until I realized I only had 3 diapers in the house. I went to Walmart instead.

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