A week with Mom and Tracie and her 3 kids

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    My dad and the Eggers all left on Sunday but mom and Tracie stayed for a week of fun. Monday we went shopping and then to the movie night at the school that evening.

    Tuesday we watched Gus and all went to visit the aunts. That night we went to The Greatest Showman with mom, Tracie, LaNell, Jana, Sean, Joel and Megan.

    Wednesday we played Nertz all morning with Erica and Becky and then we kept playing games the rest of the day. I went to Pack Meeting with Packer and Ben and Benji went to their meetings.

    Thursday: More games and books. Tracie got her hair done. Mom spent time with her sisters throughout the week also.

    Friday we cleaned a little and waited for everyone to fly in for another weekend of fun. Dad, Christy, Josh, Mal, Brady and John. We met up with Shannon and Tommi in Salt Lake for dinner.


    Saturday was a day at the temple and Sunday we cried cause EVERYONE left.

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